‘Tourism Forward’: Attracting Film Productions

August 5, 2016

[Part of the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s ‘Tourism Forward’ series]

Bermuda is on the short list of locations for a major motion picture.

As the certified film commission for Bermuda, the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] assisted the film’s producer with location scouting on the island during previous visits and helped facilitate conversations with local hotels.

“We’re obviously looking at other places, but we’re hoping we can make it work on this amazing island,” Guy Heeley of Shoe Box Films said of Bermuda.

Since August of 2014 when the BTA joined the Association of Film Commissioners International, it has been working to grow Bermuda’s attractiveness to filmmakers.

“Increasingly we talk with film and television crews about shooting their productions in Bermuda because they know our picturesque landscape and geographic location sets us apart from other destinations,” said Tiffani Cailor, the BTA’s director of public relations and content management.

Film productions generate direct on-island spending in hotels, with ground transportation operators and creates work for local production companies, carpenters, caterers and others. It also generates marketing exposure for the destination.

During Mr. Heeley’s visit he scouted locations in St. George’s, St. David’s, Dockyard and several other places around the island. He says Bermuda has easy logistics and visual appeal well covered but the expensiveness of the jurisdiction is an obstacle.

Mr Heeley said: “What you’ve got here are all the things a film needs: high quality transport, high quality hotels, high quality food and a safe, secure and comfortable, lovely place to be. That’s essential. But the reason why Bermuda hasn’t attracted movies is because it’s expensive. There needs to be something to offset the expensive cost.”

The BTA is working with the Ministry of Tourism, Transport & Municipalities and other government agencies to determine strategies that may ease the cost burden for filmmakers while at the same time bring a healthy economic impact for the local economy. Some productions could spend as much as seven figures in a jurisdiction, which could represent a sizeable return for Bermuda’s economy as a result of a relatively modest incentive package.

In other jurisdictions competing for film productions an incentive package may include waived government fees, tax concessions or rebates.

Watch the Tourism Forward video series online at the BTA’s Vimeo channel. Tourism Forward also airs on cable on Channel 82.

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  1. be realistic says:

    This is an excellent idea…what better way to advertise Bermuda than in a feature film. Well done BTA et al

    • Terry says:

      Cheaper version would be to obtain permission from who/whomever owns the rites to The Ivory Ape.

      Edit it and add a bit.

      Kill two Lion fish with one spear……………………..

    • Onion Juice says:

      For $1000 a day CEO, I agree.

      • hotcrossbuns says:

        Look at the numbers OJ…the man’s worth every penny. 14 increase in air arrivals. More Bermudians working…I know you can appreciate that.

      • justin says:

        Ewart Brown got paid much more than Hanburry while he was the Premier, Minister of Transport and Minister of Tourism . All we got was a mountain of debt, more hotels shutting down than I can count and a few expensive ferries . I think Hanburry is a bargain compared to that! Lol

      • Thinking says:

        OJ why don’t you go take the job and get that 1,000 a day and stop writing stupid s#!t then again you are stupid sorry to even comment

  2. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    What movie they thinking of filming?

  3. the real Terry says:

    Hey @onion juice how about your ace boy Chris Furbert he probably akes home more in a year than Hanbury does for doing nothing

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Rest assured, Chris Furbert’s salary is no where close to Bill Hanbury’s. If you were a BIU member you would know.

      Plus, Ewart Brown’s salary when he was Premier was no different from what Michael Dunkley’s salary is today, or then it was before he handed over his Ministry to Jeff Baron. Premiers don’t get paid extra if they also serve as a Minister.

      Check your facts people!!

  4. the real Terry says:

    seems to me LaVerne that the figures you guys showed in a 2009 financial statement showed salaries of $3.1 million, so someone made a lot of money, was it you? and as a matter of fact the members probably do not know the true facts, especially when your computer was down for 4 yrs. lol

  5. the real Terry says:

    LaVerne it would be interesting to know how the members would know what salaries are paid as it appears that the last financial statement was in 2011. Surely they are not that gullible as to take your word for it