Marc Bean: “Our Unity Will Remain Our Strength”

September 5, 2016

“In the face of calculated moves to halt and diminish our progress, our unity will remain our strength,” Opposition Leader Marc Bean said, adding that Labour Day “serves as a sobering reminder of how far we have come, and how far we still must go to ensure the dignity of our people is upheld.”

Mr Bean said, “The labour movement is one that highlights the strength, resilience, and determination of our people. Throughout history equality, economic parity, improved benefits and better working conditions have had to be fought for, vehemently, so that we could enjoy the benefits in the workplace that we do today.

“The position we currently find ourselves in, characterized by a struggling economy, a deteriorating social fabric, and often a devaluing of labourers, requires us to rethink our approach going forward. Simply put, the urgency of now requires a new type of labour relation with both government and the private sector.

Marc Bean Bermuda TC September 5 2016

“Even more than pay rises and increased benefits, our people must also be empowered so that they can begin to help and do for themselves.

“The truth is that legislation cannot change the attitudes of many within the private sector, and to have the opportunities we so desire will require us as a community to come together and provide opportunities for ourselves.

“In the face of calculated moves to halt and diminish our progress, our unity will remain our strength. Our ability to look out for one another will be what carries us through, and our ability to stand in the face of adversity continues to increase our abilities.

“As leaders, we must also recognize the responsibility that is upon each of us to ensure that our progress continues. Clean hands, a pure heart, integrity and wisdom are the minimum that are required from us all, and these virtues are what will carry us forward.

“With stagnant wages, continued job losses, and the suffering of our people continuing, Labour Day serves as a sobering reminder of how far we have come, and how far we still must go to ensure the dignity of our people is upheld.

“To every union member, and each of us that now enjoy benefits bestowed upon as a result of the labour movement, I wish you all a happy Labour Day, and urge that we continue on in the spirit that has brought us to this point.

“Be blessed and continue to look out for one another,” concluded Mr Bean.

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  1. Zaob Yob says:

    Heeeeee’s back!!

    A little clarity may help to understand some of the veiled innuendo.

    Who is calculating the alleged moves to halt and diminish our progress (in fact, who’s progress do you mean)?

    Define what you mean by “Unity will remain our Strength”? Who’s unity?

    Who are those with “Clean Hands and Pure Heart”. More importantly, who does not have these “minimum” requirements.

    • 2000 job promise says:

      You need to stop worrying about Mr. Bean and think about how you’re going to convince 15% of my people to vote for the UBP again. Sorry I mean oba, you did change the name.

      As a swing voter my relationship with the OBA is like a new phone with crappy service.

      It looks good until you fall out of signal range with the people. :(

      • Mary says:

        And so the PLP will sort it all out I guess LOL we saw the mess left after the last “new Bermuda” in fact we are still trying to fix that smh

      • Just the Tip says:

        So as a ‘swing voter’ what is the PLP to you then?

      • Ring Ring Hello says:

        At least a new phone with crappy reception works well in some areas. It beats what we had with the PLP during their 14 years. I guess you were part of the PLPs phone plan – the friends and family plan, with a direct line to the top for those on the inside while the rest of us were sold a plan, with minimal data leaving us with a bill that will take us forever to pay off. At least you got a new phone. All we got during the PLP years was a large bill.

      • Ring Ring Hello says:

        By the way @2000 JOB PROMISE, you do realize that the only reason why the PLPs own employment figures where not even worse that they were when the OBA took over is because they “created” jobs that were not needed and hired 2,000 people into the civil service.

        We are not stupid. You might be, but we are not.

      • Point boy says:

        You mean the same UBP who were in power 20 years ago? If so, there was no need for 2000 jobs. There were plenty of jobs. The economy was great. Anyone who WANTED to work, could.

        It’s certainly not OBA’s fault the PLP squandered all our profits and ruined our economy and reputation.

        This can’t be fixed overnight. (It takes time to save a $100 only a second to waste it)

      • Jones says:

        Wow a we have to Bermudas and both sides really dislike the other.

        We are so divided and the Premier continues to refused to address this publicly. Not a good thing as leader thinking it will go away. Bermudians are so divided on racial lines neither side knows what’s right or wrong anymore.

        So what do we do vote on color!!

      • aceboy says:

        Who are “your people”?

        You want a new phone with no service at all then go ahead and vote PLP. Because that is what you will get.

      • Anbu says:

        Hilarious that u deem yourself a swing voter. Lies. Flat out lies. All one has to do is read your post to see that u are and have always been a plp supporter, oops i mean ubp. Half of your electorate were at one time part of the ubp afterall

    • mixitup says:

      Let me guess, one of two people. An expat or one of the many new Bermudians.. if you have any real connect with this society you won’t be asking those questions.

      • Zaob Yob says:

        What a presumptive and ill informed statement! I wonder what unity looks like in your mind? Sounds like a somewhat exclusive club which I wouldn’t want to be a part of, regardless of my race, nationality etc etc.

        • mixitup says:

          Then why troll and comment? you have no interest in what Marc Bean has to say nor do you care so let’s not pretend.

      • Ring Ring Hello says:

        Funny how you call yourself Mixit up

    • Mr disInfran Chised says:

      OK Capitalism or. Socialism ? Which do you support? Bermudians or only your race. I’m not talking human race . why can’t we get along ? Cause its the History of Bermuda . exploit yuh own . So ? I’m waiting for an answer ! Not Mr.Bean but all the Haters !!!
      Signed Charlly X

  2. bee says:

    Unity? the PLP are the most un-unifying group out there. and don’t bother applying if your gay, right Marc?

    • mixitup says:

      Funny, many think the exact opposite..

      • Zevon says:

        Funny, many PLP MPs won’t even be in the same room as Bean.

    • drunken ursula says:

      huh, have you ever heard that abrupt Sen. Lynne Woolridge speak the most un- unifying of the OBA gov’t members …
      milkman get rid of that girl..!

    • Keep it Real now says:

      Actually last I checked the oba had the majority of seats in the house.They had the power to do what’s right in you’re book! Guess they real don’t want to upset the large percentage of voters on the Island who don’t perform that type of nauseating act. Yuck!!!!!!

  3. Yes, Marc. You are correct.

  4. Lois Frederick says:

    Functional Unity?

    • jt says:

      Indeed. As opposed to dysfunctional unity.
      Have to agree with the calculated moves to halt and diminish progress though.

    • Rodney says:

      A bee this is for you.If you are a member of the OBA/UBP or if you even voted for the most LYING DECEITFUL DISHONEST,AND don’t have the black BermudIan people in their thoughts shame on you.One thing about the PLP They work for ALL BERMUDIAN’S ALL NOT like this government that is clearly trying to make sure we black BermudIan’s stay way behind the rest it’s a crying shame. And if you don’t believe me look at their policies need i say more

      • jt says:

        Until you’re lucid, please don’t.

      • Ring Ring Hello says:

        What exactly did the PLP do for ALL Bermudians? Enlighten us!
        We know what they did for their members and friends? Who got the contract for Berkeley – a construction company with NO TRACK record – a company with PLP ties that went $60 million over budget? Who got the TCD contract? A PLP member! Who got the dockyard pier (that had to be later rebuilt) a PLP member! Who was given the Port Royal contract that went way over budget – a PLP member. Maybe you are referring to the Bermuda Cement Company that had the company TAKEN from them and handed to others? The PLP pushed away foreign investment and companies that moved elsewhere. Rememeber these companies didn’t close their doors – they MOVED!!

        Fact: there are over $800 million that are unaccounted for during the PLP watch? FACT: the PLP put is billions in debt with ZERO to show for it! What was the money spent on? Was it you and your family, because it certainly wasn’t my family.

      • Hmmm says:

        Brainwashed? Or is your head stuck in the sand

      • aceboy says:

        A couple of weeks ago Bean was saying a coup almost killed him. Now he is sprouting on about unity.

        Who is lying and being deceitful and dishonest again?

  5. rodney smith says:

    Marc, As a leader in Bermuda, you must help to make Labor Day , one that brings all of Bermuda together. As of today, its a black event . I’ve told the Premier the same thing. It’s wrong . While it’s an Union event, it need not be all black. No invitation was sent to the government to attend , Why? And whites must be encouraged to attend . We as a nation are divided along racial lines, that seem to profit some people . Let’s remove this divide and make of our two communities, one people.

    • Smh says:

      PLEASE. Nobody is stopping white people from going and nobody needs to beg white people to be there either. If people choose to go that’s their choice.

    • Onion Juice says:

      White people dont have interest in Labour Movements in Bermuda,look at your History. When whites are in UK,Canada or U.S.A. they are Labour and when the get to Bermuda they are anti-Union.
      And um tired of hearing from….

  6. Mary says:

    How can anyone believe that this bunch of unprogressive folks will unify anything let alone fix or issues

  7. O.M.G says:

    That’s why Bermuda will never unite. Do you ever hear the OBA devide the people the only devide is by the comments of certain individuals and it is done over and over again. You all talk about how bad the black people have it and the mark beans and other don’t look like they are suffering. Stop pulling your people down and start helping them to feel better about themselves just like someone did to you back in the days when you were down and out. Until you unite as people things won’t charge for your race. I have seen some bad apples on both sides of the coin but I have told them until you help yourself things will never change. Try and make things better no matter how small it is. And by the way the union is supposed to be for all races Right.

  8. rodney smith says:

    We need to start relating better towards each other, because the PLP could be the next government. It is a zero sum game ,If your black, “Your PLP and Labor “. If your white,” Your OBA and big business”. Bermuda does not allow for a middle position .Like today, I was questioned as to why I was at the Labor Day event, ” You’re OBA, Why are you here? ” . That was from one of the PLP executives ( —-). Will the PLP talk to Front Street or International Business when they become the government again ? We must work together . Mr. Premier and Mr. Bean , You must start telling to each other.

    • O.M.G says:

      And you are black so what does a white person chance turning up to a labour day parade aren’t they labour to. Give me a break. Stop the racist BS please. Yes how will they hand the running of this country again having such racist hatred. Very very sad.

    • Eyes wide open says:

      You was PLP some years back and after you evicted your tenant without going through the legal process the story was all in the media.

      The PLP gave you the boot just before they won the 1998 election that’s the only reason you went UBP and OBA.

      Now you on here asking for the Premier and Opposition Leader to talk. Look mate the election is coming talk is over voters want their say.

      By the looks of things one side needs to 10% of black voters to win.The question is can that side do it!! The drums are beating BOM BOM

    • drunken ursula says:

      playing both sides Rodney…same ole a_$ kissing from you !

  9. wondering says:

    OUR is a moniker used loosely by some with a flippant air about it

    WE seemed to be unified in everything but business and I mean REAL business, not these little small time hustles that WE are good at running

    let’s open a REAL grocery store because obviously Mr. Hunt isn’t part of US for his venture to fail

    let’s not open up gambling dens that are SURE money makers for the proprietors…..

    let’s not open a bar or two to make money with liquor……

    an older gentleman told me a story that was relayed to him by an individual who was in the company of others at one of our prominent yacht clubs who said words to the effect of “all we need to give THEM is sports and rum and they’ll be happy”….

    sports to give a sense of acheivement at something and rum to keep the remainder ‘feeling nice’

    take a look at the UNITY of SOME – they have their wealth but very seldom make an effort to keep it in THEIR own community by hiring each other or having the work ethic to be hired by EACH OTHER in order to do so……….

    empty words from some of our leaders (take a look at their foreign employees too – hire Bermuda ha!!!)