BELCO Update: 294 Customers Without Power

October 16, 2016

[Updated] As of this morning [Oct 16], there are 1,112 customers without electricity — down from a peak of 27,431 customers who lost power due to a direct hit from Hurricane Nicole.

BELCO said, “As of this morning, Sunday, there are 1112 customers without electricity. That is down from 2,734 yesterday morning. Crews will be working throughout the Island today.

“Many of the remaining customers are in small pockets, many are single calls, however there are several areas where there are still double digit numbers remaining to be restored.

“Some of these areas include

  • Southampton Railway Trail and Camp Hill areas
  • Spring Hill Warwick
  • Spanish Point – several locations
  • Ess Hill
  • Fractious Street
  • Bostock Hill West
  • Mullet Bay
  • West Park Lane
  • Princess Estate
  • Happy Valley Road
  • Bluff Lane
  • North Shore Devonshire

“This is not a complete list but does highlight some of the larger pockets that crews will be working in. They will also be assessing and restoring customers in areas that aren’t considered large as they make their way through the restoration process. BELCO is providing regular updates via the media and Facebook.”

Update 12.24pm: BELCO is requesting that those customers who remain without power and have not already done so, please call 955 or send an email to including your account number, contact info, address and the outage issues [i.e. full outage, partial power, dim/flickering lights, etc.]. Customers can also access restoration updates on BELCO’s Facebook page..”

Update 4.52pm: BELCO said, “Restoration is continuing as we make our way through two and a half days since the passage of Hurricane Nicole when crews could begin restoring power to over 27,000 customers or approximately 90 percent that lost electricity.

“As of 5pm today – Sunday – less than 2% remain without power and all schools have had power restored as crews continue to work to quickly to restore the remaining 537 customers. Crews will work through late tonight.

“We expect we will need at one and a half days more working on restoration to get everyone back on Tuesday. Some areas are requiring extensive work due to over grown vegetation.,where we are having to do extensive cutting to get to our equipment to make repairs.

“We are asking customers who may not have already done so, to please report your outage by calling 955 or emailing

“We recognize this is a difficult time for those still without power and are committed to continue putting all our efforts to this as we get everyone back on supply.”

Update Monday, Oct 17, 6.30am: BELCO said as of this morning, 294 are without power.

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  1. sachin says:

    Please don’t forget Fairvale Lane, Warwick! We always last

    • Aquarius says:

      Palmetto Mews, 21 palmetto Road, still out of lights. So close yet so far.

  2. Jrsmith says:

    Belco really needs an outage map and a detailed list of where the main lines run. They could provide much more information to their customers in real time. We pay extremely high energy bills and we expect better service from management prior during and in th aftermath of a hurricane. Much respect to the men and women in the field working to get their customers back on line.

    • Blind Sheep says:

      Give it a rest.. We just had a storm and somethings take time. I have planned to be with out power for several days, with a young newborn in the house. No generator as well. Just have to be plan for everything it is not that hard. Be thankful Bermuda is not Hatti and carry on.

  3. I thank the worker’s for doing a wonderful jod in the island off bermuda. Because i have families there my’s aunt’s uncle granddaughter. In the warwick area that need the power on. So i can call my families.

  4. Sally C says:

    No power for 12 days
    No tel no cable no land line. Help
    Tree took down next doors power line

  5. my people says:

    There’s people in freeport,bahamas still without power. Won’t even talk about Haiti. Yes it sucks and its an inconvenience but we will recover and your power will return.

  6. Ringmaster says:

    Firstly and mostly thank you to the BELCO crews out there getting the power back on.

    However, BELCO needs to do much more to keep customers updated. Without power there is radio but EMO was off air the day after the hurricane. Why can’t BELCO have a regular update saying where they are working? To say “we are systematically restoring” means nothing. They know where they are working on the main lines. Just let customers know. If I’m in Flatts or St George and they are working there at least I know I may soon have power. If they are in Somerset or Pembroke I’ll have to wait but there was no information and it is very frustrating.

  7. Karen says:

    Sooo happy to see the fantastic men in those green trucks this morning! And…they provided the service with smiles while one still did not have power at his own house. Thank you once again.