‘These Times Show Best Of Us & Our Strength’

October 16, 2016

“These times show the best of us, and our strength as a community as we work together to see Bermuda through this period,” Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said following the direct hit from Hurricane Nicole.

Despite the fact that Hurricane Nicole was one of the strongest storms on record to pass over Bermuda in modern times with the maximum wind speed recorded being a gust of 118kt [136mph or 217km/hr], the island was back in business in short order, with roads cleared, the Causeway and airport re-opening, a cruise ship arriving, and businesses back serving customers.

1-Bermuda-Flag-TC Roban Oct 16

Mr Roban said, “The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, like all of Bermuda, is relieved that despite the strength of Hurricane Nicole, Bermuda has fared well and is busy getting back in form.

“We are relieved that there has been no loss of life nor any irreparable damage, as instances such as these remind us of how delicate life can be.

“We encourage the Government to waive dumping fees so that things can be disposed of quickly and easily for all people.

“We thank the Royal Bermuda Regiment, BPS, BFRS, BELCO, BMOC, telecommunications companies, and the Bermuda Weather Service.

“The PLP would also like to thank the staff at Works & Engineering and the Parks Department, as well as their families, who have worked tirelessly despite having their own families at home and houses to manage.

2-hour live stream replay showing conditions deteriorating as the hurricane approached on Thursday:

“Finally, we thank the Department of Child and Family Services staff, and volunteers at the CedarBridge Academy shelter for their service to the Community.

“These times show the best of us, and our strength as a community as we work together to see Bermuda through this period,” concluded Mr Roban.

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  1. Pointer for life says:

    Imagine that the word togetherness coming out of the hot air vent.

    • Really Really BETTTY says:

      Thanks For your true words. …..the strength of Love for all. ……and coming together is key…….I could not have said it any better. ….

      Thanks so much…..

      • Really Really BETTTY says:

        Well said Walter Roban. ……excellent indeedy

  2. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Thank you very much Minister Roban for those very Factual and encouraging words to all Bermudians .We are all grateful and relieved at the storms passing.We have the heart of a Lion ,but the Resilience of G-D Fearing people in the face of all trials and tribulations when faced with them ,no matter from whom , or what.Peace.