‘Testament To High Standards Of Construction’

October 15, 2016

Colonial Insurance have received 22 claims so far, and said that as a comparison, they had over 400 claims after Hurricane Matthew hit another island last week, saying the variance in claims is a “great testament to the high standards of construction in Bermuda.”

Juanita Coley, Claims Manager, Colonial Insurance, said: “We have had very few claims come in so far. It’s very early still so we do expect more as people inspect their property and have time to contact us. But so far we have received only 22 claims.

Slideshow of the aftermath of Hurricane Nicole:


“The majority of these [13] are for personal property [buildings/contents]. We also have a few for vehicles [6] and just 3 commercial building claims,” she added.

“Surprisingly we’ve had no marine claims yet. But we did receive a lot of warning before this storm so boat owners had sufficient time to get their boats out of the water.

“As a comparison, we had over 400 claims come into our Bahamas office after they suffered a direct hit for Category 4 Hurricane Matthew last week. This variance in claims is a great testament to the high standards of construction in Bermuda.

“We’ve seen many comments on social media praising the quality our Bermuda built homes. And we have to say we agree.

“However, for those who have sustained damage, they will be more than pleased that the majority of the expense incurred will be covered by their insurance and not have to come out of their own pockets.”

For our ongoing live updates on Hurricane Nicole click here, and for all coverage of Nicole click here.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    When people who don’t know Bermuda or how we build, get told that we stay at home for hurricanes & we don’t have any real storm shelters, they stare at us in disbelief.

    Yeah, we have a storm shelter. It is located ontop of one of the highest hills.

  2. Unus sed leo says:

    This islands firt residents were pigs…
    N’az such…were cauz for three little pigs nursery rhyme…one built straw,one sticks,one brick…carter house is three hundred years old…hell…my pagoda top of tribe rd three right hand side is eighteen years old…unimpeeded view…but then…i see houses with patroleum prodeuct (tar shingles ) on roofs in U.S….then they have fireworks on forth of july….who is the fool that permits builds below twenty feet of hogh tide full moon equinox neip tide?

  3. jt says:

    How do the premiums compare?

    • IslandTeacher says:

      I would have thought that the actuaries need to adjust their calculations so th th pay less.

  4. sialar says:

    You got to love this island. There definitely is no other country I’d rather be in the world during a strong hurricane than Bermuda. Great people and great architecture here for just that.

  5. Tom C says:

    As a contractor. .. be nice to have a little damage…. lol…

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    No wonder the houses are pricey as f#x! They built to last.

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    How well Bermuda stood up in the face of a cat 2-3 storm is worthy of a network news piece all by itself. Far less shuts even so-called developed USA towns right down.