Bermuda Runners Finish New York Marathon

November 8, 2016

Bermuda runners joined thousand of people on the streets of New York for the 2016 New York City Marathon.

James O’Shea was the 479th runner to cross the line leading the Bermuda runners with a time of 2:54:15, Manual Lopes was the next Bermuda runner to cross the line, he was 2,499th recording a time of 3:18:17.

Geoffrey Blee finished 2,743rd with a time of 3:19:57, Kristen Palmer crossed the line 3,514th with a time of 3:25:07.

Laura Wright finished 3,946th stopping the clock in a time of 3:27:32, Allison Schindel clocked a time of 3:29:27 finishing 4,370th, stopping the clock with a time of 3:45:17 saw Jose Lopez finish 7,953rd.

David Mchugh was the 9,142nd runner to cross the line with a time of 3:49:14, while crossing the line 15,285th was Steve Ortiz with a time of 4:05:42.

Finishing 26,310th was Andrew McComb with a time of 4:33:13 and Marsha Burrows clocked a time of 6:49:13 finishing 50,174th.

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