Marsh And Guy Carpenter Donate To Charities

November 15, 2016

Marsh and Guy Carpenter made $2,000 donations to the Scout Association of Bermuda and Teen Haven.

The Marsh and Guy Carpenter donation to the Scout Association will go toward the creation of new Scout packs, which includes the purchase of books, badges, and camping equipment. There are currently 125 Scouts [aged 11 to 14 years], Cubs [aged 8 to 11 years] and Explorers [aged 15 to 18 years] in Bermuda.

Scouts and Teen Haven Bermuda Nov 14 2016

“I would like to thank Marsh and Guy Carpenter for their support of the Scout Association of Bermuda,” said Geoffrey Rothwell, Chief Commissioner, Scout Association of Bermuda.

“In addition to a $2,000 donation, two employees, Nic L. Plianthos and Tim P. Smith, are valuable volunteers to the Scouts in Bermuda. Nic serves as our Treasurer and Tim heads the 19th Bermuda Cup Scout troop. We are grateful to them and to the companies for their help in growing our presence on the Island this year to involve more young people.”

Teen Haven provides counseling and a residential treatment programme for pregnant teens/teen mothers and at-risk women between the ages 16-25 years. The Marsh and Guy Carpenter donation will specifically help to support the charity’s outreach programme in public schools and residential programme that teaches life skills.

Scouts Bermuda Nov 14 2016

“On behalf of all the women we serve, I would like to thank Marsh and Guy Carpenter for their donation to Teen Haven,” said Michelle Wade, Director, Teen Haven.

“Thanks to the generosity of companies like Marsh and Guy Carpenter, our mission has grown over the years from assisting young pregnant women to including at-risk women in need of counselling, life skills, and educational and vocational training.”

“The Scout Association of Bermuda and Teen Haven are two valuable organisations that provide positive services to children and young people in our community,” said Jill Husbands, Country Corporate Officer of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Bermuda and Chairman of MMC’s Bermuda Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

“We are particularly proud of the hard work that Nic and Tim do in their capacity as volunteers for the Scouts. In addition to financial support of local charities, at Marsh and Guy Carpenter we always try to encourage our employees to give back to our community as well. Whether it’s offering a talent or volunteering their time, every little bit helps.”

Teen Haven Bermuda Nov 14 2016

For more information about the Scout Association of Bermuda, call 505-1948. To start a new pack, a minimum of two parents and two children are needed. To learn more about Teen Haven, visit here or call 292-4598.

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