Live On Thursday: New BTA CEO Kevin Dallas

November 15, 2016

Bermuda will have a chance to ‘meet’ the newly appointed Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] CEO Kevin Dallas, as he introduces himself to the public during a live video chat on Bernews Facebook page at 12.20pm this Thursday [Nov 17].

Mr Dallas, a Bermudian, is going through a corporate transition process as he prepares to take over as chief executive in January 2017, once current CEO Bill Hanbury completes his contract.

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In making their selection of Mr. Dallas as CEO, the Board of the BTA said they were “keen to ensure that given the evolving global tourism marketplace, for Bermuda to stay ahead of the curve it had to move beyond traditional marketing.”

“In the new digital tourism game, the BTA needs to know how digital platforms like AirBnB, Expedia and Google really work, so we can play to win,” said David Dodwell, Chairman of the BTA.

“Kevin Dallas is a proven leader in cutting edge digital marketing and strategy at an innovative global technology company where he learned the inner workings of the online travel industry. We are thrilled that he is bringing this expertise to the BTA.”

On Wednesday, Mr Dallas is expected to meet tourism industry stakeholders at the annual Tourism Summit, and on Thursday he’ll engage with the wider public via social media.

You can watch the video live on Bernews Facebook page from 12.20pm – 12:30pm on Thursday, and we will post the replay here on our website on Thursday afternoon.

If you have a question for Mr Dallas please feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page and we will try and have them answered during the chat, and any we cannot get to during this initial chat we can ‘save’ for a following interview, as he is expected to give in-depth media interviews once he takes on his new role early next year.

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  1. I hope you do much better then de other $1000,00 a day guy with an $80,000 bogus bonus and $75,000 housing allowence.

    • someones says:

      Yes! Those impressive increases in tourism numbers where shameful! /s

    • somuchless says:

      Onion. You do know that this new guy is getting the same salary and benefits as the old guy right?

      • The Real Onion says:

        Onion Juice just complains to complain. He never has anything positive to say unless it comes from a PLP or BIU members mouth.

    • The Real Onion says:

      Onion Juice, despite the fact that you have issues and despite the fact that he wasn’t your PLP pick you relally can’t deny that he and his TEAM have done a good job. We have seen hotels updated (Fairmont Hamilton & Ariel Sands) others being built instead of being knocked down (Pink Beach & Regis. Tourism arrival figures are up. We have Sports Tourism developing, Cruise ships returning to St Georges as planned and Casinos coming. In my opinion , and based on the RESULTS he earned his money.

      A ask you take a look at his salary/bonus and costs verus those of the former Minister of Tourism and GlobalHue and see which cost more and which got the best results. Or perhaps you liked the Faith Based Tourism project that ended with prosecution. Or compare his salary for the YEAR against the 4 Million + that was spent on Beyoncé concert. A concert that was supposed to get people to travel her form the same cities where she was already performing.

      I and others are waiting….but not holding our breath.

      Mr. Dallas, welcome and good luck.