Centre Celebrates National Philanthropy Day

November 15, 2016

The Centre on Philanthropy is today marking National Philanthropy Day [NPD], which celebrates the charitable work that everyone does to make a difference and create impact in their communities.

The Centre said, “Whether you’re a donor or a volunteer [or both!], young or old, no matter how much you give or what causes you support—what you do from the heart makes a difference! And you make a difference every day! Your generosity and commitment doesn’t take time off. NPD is recognized worldwide on Nov. 15, but we celebrate your giving throughout the year!

National Philanthropy Day 2016

“According to the NPD official website, National Philanthropy Day is the special day set aside to recognize and pay tribute to the great contributions that philanthropy – and those people active in the philanthropic community – have made to our lives, our communities and our world.

“This year marks the 23rd anniversary of this special day. Why do we celebrate philanthropy? Consider the impact of the charitable sector and the increasing role it plays in our societies and countries around the world.

“In Bermuda, the non-profit sector employed 826 persons or 2% of the labour force in 2015. The non-profit sector generated $66.9 million in value added or 1.1% of GDP in 2015 [Labour Force Survey Report, 2015].

“As we reflect on the history of ‘Giving’ in Bermuda, we must recognize that we are truly a giving society. We give as donors, individuals, volunteers, we truly give of our ‘time, talent and treasure’ as a community.

“This is evidenced by our responses to disasters, each others needs, corporate and individual giving, social giving [crowd sourcing], the requirement of school community hours for graduation, etc. As a society millions of dollars and time has been given over the years. A unique aspect of our philanthropic landscape is our corporate giving sector.

“Corporate donors are some of the biggest donors in our society. They have embraced the aspect of corporate social responsibility in our community with a consistent passion. However, they have also become wiser as the social and economic climate has changed.

“They consider the impact of their giving more carefully and they want to see the impact of their charitable giving. And so should you as an individual. Do your homework, go to the Centre on Philanthropy’s website and review the profile of charities. Check in with charities through the year that you have given to. Ask them about how your funds have been used. I think you will find that charities are just as passionate about how the funds are being used as you are.

“The Future of Philanthropy – We dream of a world and our community in Bermuda where, philanthropy is a way of life for everyone. Where families and individuals consider how they can give to the greater cause of a better Bermuda for everyone, especially those who have less than us.

“Wouldn’t it be great if when a family considers Christmas gift giving this year, that they would consider pooling that gift money, and giving to a charity that can utilize the funds to impact the lives of those in their charge?

“And wouldn’t it be meaningful and simply worth it to do this every year, changing the cause according to a charity that pulls on a different family members heart string? We challenge you to test the returns on your investment!

“You are Philanthropy – Bermuda is not another world. We are a part of the global impact of Giving. And the needs have never been greater. As we celebrate National Philanthropy Day, please consider how much we really need as individuals, and how much of that we can give to others.

“And it is not always your finances. Giving three mornings a week to a charity to answer their telephone translates to a measurable financial contribution. Making charitable donations isn’t simply a feel-good thing. If you do it right, your contribution can drive change in our community that will be measurable in the future of Bermuda!

To contact the Centre on Philanthropy please visit their website at: www.centreonphilanthropy.org or phone 236-7706.

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