Court: 40-Year-Old Admits Using Stolen Card

March 23, 2017

Appearing in Magistrates Court, a 40-year-old man admitted entering a house, stealing a wallet containing bank cards, then using the cards to dishonestly obtain items.

Ernest Smith admitted that on 10th March 2017, he had entered a Warwick residence and stole a wallet containing bank cards; and then used the cards to dishonestly obtain items.

The Crown’s evidence was that Smith had entered the lower floor of the residence whilst the owner was upstairs carrying out renovations. On coming downstairs, he noted that his wallet, which had been left on a coffee table was missing. Police were called.

After being found, arrested, and questioned by police, Smith admitted the entry and the thefts.

Citing Smith’s record, the Magistrate ordered that Smith attend the next sitting of the Drug Treatment Court on 28th March, and remanded Smith into custody until then.

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