Minister Baron Thanks Fire Service After Bus Fire

March 9, 2017

Minister of National Security Jeff Baron joined those in the community in thanking the bus operator, the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service, and those members of the public who assisted following Tuesday morning’s bus fire in Warwick.

Last evening [March 8], Minister Baron stopped by the Fire Services headquarters in Hamilton to personally thank some of the fire officers who responded to Tuesday morning’s bus blaze.

Minister Baron and Fire Service Bermuda March 9 2017 (1)

Minister Baron said, “The men and women of the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service continue to make us proud. Tuesday’s bus fire by all accounts was a very harrowing and unnerving experience, especially for the young school children who were on board.

“Thankfully there were no injuries or loss of life sustained in this fire. In that regard we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the bus operator for his bravery, courage and swift action in getting the children to safety.

“We are also incredibly grateful to the assistance of those individuals in the immediate vicinity of the bus fire who rushed to assist the students and the driver.”

Minister Baron and Fire Service Bermuda March 9 2017 (2)

Minister Baron continued, “We often take for granted the dangerous and perilous situations that our emergency services personnel must engage in on a daily basis.

“However, it’s reassuring to know that their rigorous training has prepared them to protect the public during incidents such as these. In that regard, Bermuda can be immensely proud of the emergency services that provide safety and security for the Island.”

Bus driver Mr Stacey Simmons — who has himself been widely praised for his quick action in ensuring all the children got off the bus — also had words of praise for the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Services, telling Bernews “the firefighters are heroes.”

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  1. Say Whaat? says:

    Thank them with updated equipment.

  2. Yaaaawwwwnnn

  3. No apology for east broadway says:

    I would also like to commend the BFS and the bus driver for their quit thinking. To the OBA government, why was there no apology to the students and parents from Warwick Preschool when they bus was involved in an accident. Just asking….maybe I missed it.

    Does Somerfield and Warwick pay to have a bus for only their students?

    • Point boy says:

      No apologies needed back then. That driver was under the influence.

      Apple’s and Oranges

  4. Terry says:

    Fahy apologize’s when he is 20,000 miles away and Baron turns up always with a photographer……………………..

    I need a rum.

  5. What went wrong says:

    Never met a Camera he didn’t like.

  6. Chris Famous says:

    So why does he need cameras there beforehand if he wants to thank BFRS?

    • Toleratate says:

      Yes… why ARE they there for every brain fart politicians have?
      “And in today’s news a press conference was called by….. oh forget it”

  7. Photo opp says:

    Election time is about kissing the cheeks.

    I guess he forgot that’s part of their job. Now go around and thank all the other government workers who show up to work under the UBP/oba.

    Anything for a photo opp you’re starting to be just as bad as the current UBP leader. Call the election after America’s Cup lets say July or August.

  8. Sickofantz says:

    Today I was in the pro shop and a young footballer (12) came into the shop with his Granny and Senator Jeff Baron. Jeff obviously had a close relationship with the young lad and their respect was mutual. Mr Baron bought the little guy a pair of Football boots (at significant cost and then after doing his good turn left the shop!) I am sure mr Baron would be embarressed that there was someone watching him do this. But it was obviously a natural and spontaneous gesture.

    • Blk Cedar says:

      The term buying votes comes to mind jeff

    • Nothing compared to supporting legislation that will ultimately effect that young boy and presently effecting his granny with his anti-Bermuda policies.

    • Point boy says:

      Wow! Some people dislike this.?

      Here is a man doing a good deed for a young boy.

      It’s a shame we have so many haters out there.

    • sage says:

      Never let a politician grant you a favor, they will always want to control you forever…”

  9. How wonderful for baron…such professionalism and expertise, especially after the pepper spray issue.
    Good work, baron!

  10. Average Bermudian says:

    what a waste of film

    this guy is a joke