Video: 60 Years On The Job For Shirley Hunt

March 27, 2017

He has been working at the Elbow Beach Resort for 60 years, and Bell Captain Shirley Hunt says that he still enjoys what he’s doing and has no plans to retire yet.

Bernews recently had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Hunt, and guest interviewer Charles Webbe introduced him by saying, “During the ten decades that this hotel has been in existence, there have been many changes. But, one thing that has remained constant over the past 60 years is the Bell Captain, Shirley Hunt.”

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Asked if retirement was on the horizon, Mr Hunt said, “Far from it,” and laughingly said “the horizon is far behind me.”

In describing some of the changes he has seen over the decades, Mr. Hunt said, “In those days, the hotel industry was more formal. At a certain time, you had to have a jacket and tie. Now, we’re very casual. The guests were much different.”

During the interview Mr Hunt, who has been with the hotel since the mid 1950s, also spoke about some of the other changes he has seen, ranging from physical changes to the hotel itself, the impact of the Union, costs, some of the other staff over the years, and more.

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When asked by Mr Webbe if is still gets as much fun out of being in the job after 60 years, Mr Hunt replied, “I have fun. I always have fun.”

Mr. Webbe said, “You’ve been here 60 years, you’re still a young man. Have you contemplated what’s for you in the future? Did you want to try another branch of service, for example? ”

Mr. Hunt replied, “No. I just like what I’m doing. That’s all, that’s it. I enjoy meeting a lot of people who come in here.”

Charles Webbe speaks with Mr Hunt:

The veteran Bell Captain received a Queen’s Certificate in the 2008 Queen’s New Y‎ear’s Honours, and in 2015 he was honoured for his over half century of service by Premier Michael Dunkley, His Royal Highness ‎Prince Abdullah bin Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and the management and staff of Elbow Beach.

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  1. Geateful says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Hunt 23 years ago when I was the midnight front desk agent. He was so helpful and pleasant and still is. All the best Mr. Hunt.