Elbow Offers Valentine’s “Romance Package”

January 29, 2015

Elbow Beach Bermuda today [Jan 29] announced a special Valentine’s package for guests to celebrate romance during the month of February.

“The package includes one-night accommodation for two, dinner for two from a special menu at Lido and a $100 spa credit. The hotel invites guests to take advantage of this special offer any night in February for $429,” a spokesperson said.

“Guests will stay in one of the property’s lanai rooms, with lush floral views and a private terrace. These spacious rooms are a short distance to the resort’s private beach and feature open-beamed ceilings, attractive furnishings, elegant bathrooms, large screen TVs, in-room Nespresso machines and iPod docking stations. Connecting rooms are available.”


Rehanna Palumbo, Director of Sales and Marketing, Elbow Beach Bermuda, says: “February is the month for romance. The luxury of our lanai rooms, the romance of a gourmet dinner at Lido and relaxation at our spa are the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And since this package is available for any night in February, romance is not just restricted to one day.”

Tax and resort levy are not included. For more information on this special offer, call 236-3535.

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  1. stunned... says:

    included in a room costing $429 per night is “…iPod docking stations” – wow, i’d choose Elbow beach over any hotel because of this…sad

    • Irritated at your stupidity says:

      Out of all that all you see is the ipod docking station?? Really??
      The rooms alone can cost that price, yet you have $100 spa credit and dinner. Get a life please. Clearly you have nothing else to do.

    • Um just sayin' says:

      Stunned, are you serious?…did you read the whole thing…dinner for two, $100.00 Spa credit,not to mention the normal cost of one of those rooms. I have stayed in one of those rooms….this is a steal mate, do the math.

    • smh says:

      $429 is the price of the package, not the room. Pay attention!

    • Love a Deal says:

      You obviously don’t understand “value add” packages. $429 is a steal for this package – dinner and a spa plus a room!! Sweet!!!

    • Wow says:

      Well included in the $429 is $100 spa credit and dinner for two, which is $200 right there. So technically the room is $229, which is good for Bermuda’s rates.

      • Really says:

        The Reefs is much better value for locals. Plus there rooms don’t smell like mildew.

        • JUNK YARD DOG says:

          MOLD / Mildew.

          Bermuda like many other paces on the planet does have a problem with mold or mildew,as we have had a very wet summer, very few homes are mold free, however the good news it is can be dealt with by MISTING AND WIPING for a happy home.

          Where does mold come from and how does it get into your home and what is mold’s favorite drink ?

          I am not a biologist, but, this I do know ,mold is plant life, that being the case mold’s favorite drink is water / damp space / humidity.

          On the down side mold can affect the respiratory system in some people , so can a cigarette smoke polluted room in you favorite get away, yes ! they smoke in non smoking hotel rooms.

          Bermuda at times is very humid especially when the wind is blowing from the S.W. this promotes mold spores to grow giving off an unpleasant odor while doing damage to virtually every thing from shoes to curtains.

          Back in Biblical days the used to burn tainted clothing.

          Do go outside and look at the underside of vegetation where you will find mold spores which are carried by the wind into your home, you may have to trim back away to 10 ft some overgrown vegetation.

          Knowing which windows to open or close and on what days doing this may partially deal with the problem controlling the interior humidly level ranging from low 50 % to high 90 %, is most helpful, here is where you will need to check the weather forecast on ideal days the humidity will be at its lowest from 10.00 AM to say 4.00 PM .

          It is not for me to tell you what to do under the circumstances.

          I will tell you how I combat the problem in the safest possible way and avoiding the use of Clorox.

          The tools of the trade are a misting sprayer; sponges. 3 ” paint brush ; paper towels; standard bucket;hot water; micro cloths, do not forget eye protection and my secret weapon CLEAR WHITE VINEGAR ,not the Apple Cider Vinegar which has other uses.

          100 plus years ago they did not have all those fancy cleaners that are available at the supermarket, they had vinegar soap and hot water and elbow grease.

          What is Vinegar ? it is Acetic acid available at your supermarket or at the Box store , 5 % from full strength which can be further diluted 50 /50 with ONLY WATER.


          Use your adjustable misting sprayer for many of the applications.

          I use vinegar VERY SPARINGLY you do not need a tidal wave and I allow Vinegar to do its job during its 10 minute of working life, there is the absolute need to apply some physical effort for the removal of mold.

          The procedure starts with full strength vinegar by cleaning the mold off all exterior windows , frames and blinds and doors, next comes interior windows and doors, this is where the paint brush come handy.

          Double mist all fly screens.

          Using a new pad paint applicator on a broom handle I treat all ceilings and walls, vinegar does a fantastic job on tiled floors also using the same paint pad applicator .


          DO NOT USE on marble or granite counter tops , good for the entire bathroom but not near or on electrical and electronic equipment.

          The hardest space to clean in the house are closets.

          Some clothes and pillows can go in a clothes dryer others may need to be washed or go to the dry cleaner or aired and brushed off in the hot sun.

          Its throw out time ,mold attaches to paper or cardboard boxes which sucks up water and may be disposed of on Monday morning pick up.

          Other cleaning using the 50 % / 50 % solution

          M & W = Fine Mist and Wipe

          Crystal glasses. M & W
          All GLASS M & W
          Curtains. FM
          General dusting FM & W
          Mattresses and pillows FM
          Carpets and rugs. FM
          Air purifier or air freshener and smoke deodorizer FM
          Shoes. belts. coffee pots. FM & W
          Ceiling fan blades. FM & W
          Books. FM & W
          Mist trash bins. M
          Mirrors. M & W
          Some furniture not all M & W
          Car, wash first then M & W
          Bird poop on CAR M & W.

          I know it is hard work so is going to the Gym

          Final note :
          Vinegar will kill mold vegetation, till next time.

  2. Gail Severini says:

    Elbow Beach is one of the most beautiful properties on the island and the staff are truly amazing – world class. We have stayed there a couple of times and will think hard about this offer.

  3. 4SM says:

    Has everyone missed the “Connecting rooms are available.” Very forward thinking going on over there.

  4. MAKE MY DAY says:

    All things considered this is not a bad deal – because the Island is expensive!! Too bad they could not offer this “deal” all year round – or something similar!! Then more stateside people might come to BDA for for a visit in the future!!

    Most people are watching their vacation $$ expenses a lot more closely these days!!