Bermuda’s Carifta Team Traveling To Curacao

April 11, 2017

Bermuda’s Carifta Team will be leaving on Thursday, April 13th to travel to Curacao, with BNNA President Donna Raynor saying the athletes will give 100%, and “represent themselves and Bermuda very well.”

Ms Raynor said, “The Carifta Team will be leaving Thursday April 13th at 8:52am to head out to Curacao. We have the 18 athletes, four officials [Devon Bean, Rohaan Simons, Gina Evans and Terry Lynn Paynter], myself and Norbert Simons will be traveling, and we will meet up with Suresh Black and Tiara Derosa in Miami. Dr. Freddie Evans has been requested as an official and he will be leaving Wednesday.

“We are looking forward to a successful competition, and even though we have several newbies, we are very excited with this team and find it to be well rounded.

“Of course we have high expectations for Sakari Famous who has been a medalist at each Carifta she has attended. Tiara Derosa has been putting in some good throws while at university, and should be ready for the competition as she has been competing over the past several months and her throws have been steadily increasing.

“I believe we will have several surprises with this team as well. I surely will be looking forward to the Boys U18 4X100m relay as I have seen the boys in the last two meets and their relay baton exchanges are looking pretty good. I have no doubt these athletes will give Bermuda 100% and represent themselves and Bermuda very well.”

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  1. clearasmud says:

    I wish the team all the very best although rumor has it that they each had to pay for the privilege of representing their country. Surely we can find money in the budget for this type of positive activity!