Photo Set #4: BHW ‘Last Lap’ Parade Of Bands

June 21, 2017

Massive crowds made their way to St. David’s on Monday [June 19] for the Bermuda Heroes Weekend ’Last Lap’ Parade of Bands, with the east end filled with the sounds of soca music and a carnival atmosphere. The streets of Southside were lined with spectators and participants who came by the thousands to take part in or watch the Parade of Bands.


Bermuda Heroes Weekend got underway with the ‘Five Star Friday’ event at the National Sports Centre on Friday [June 16], continuing with the Raft Up at Shelly Bay on Saturday [June 17], and the Pan in the Park at Victoria Park on Sunday [June 18].

The J’Ouvert celebration took place from 3.00am until 8.00am on Monday morning [June 19] at Bernard’s Park. Our first set of photos from the Parade of Bands can be found here, second set here and third set here. You can see all our coverage of BHW here.

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  1. the original swing voter says:

    BERNEWS PHOTOGRAPHER on point!!!!!

  2. Johnny says:

    So we don’t allow thongs on our beaches and too conservative for gay marriage.. but have you seen the amount of flesh people are showing?! I think some of those costumes go TOO far, it’s disturbing and unnecessary- keep it in the bedroom people. you know some of these costumes cost up to $1000?! Maybe that money should go to the mortgage, the Belco bill or children’s uni fund.

  3. Imagine that says:

    Breathe Johnny

  4. kim says:

    just shows how boring Bermuda is , we have to adopt other countries culture and bring it here, even guys who sing or dj reggae music try to talk or sound Jamaican, all Bermuda has are the gombeys to call their own , or is that even Bermudian?

  5. kim says:

    locals are bored beyond belief so they jump at any opportunity to be a part of something even if its just to ben seen or noticed, even if it means the men put on makeup and dress in pink feathered customs, lost bunch

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