Photos: Bermuda Heroes Weekend Raft Up

June 17, 2017

The Bermuda Heroes Weekend line-up of events continued today [June 17] with the BHW Raft Up held at Shelly Bay Beach this afternoon.

The Raft Up saw boats anchoring in the area and people either gathering on the beach or making their way by swimming to get closer to the floating barge that housed the sound system. The event which was free to attend had food vendors, a cash bar and parking.


Tomorrow, June 18th, will see Pan in the Park take place in Victoria Park in the City of Hamilton starting at 3.00pm. The event is due to feature local and international Steel Pan artists and bands. Pan in the Park which is a family event is free and open for everyone to attend.

The J’Ouvert Celebration will be held from 3.00am until 8.00am on Monday, June 19th at Bernard’s Park in Pembroke. The Parade of Bands will be held on Monday at Southside starting at 2.00pm and travelling to Clearwater Beach & Park.

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  1. Congrats says:

    Thank you Bernews for the excellent photos and story which were exhilarating. Thanks to the organizers for making the event so colourful and lively.

  2. Mad dog says:

    Thank you PLP for coming up with this great idea more to come for the people of Bermuda when they win the election

    Look like more boats then at the American cup!!

    Hope a certain group of people show up for the dinghy race tomorrow

    • .am says:

      Isn’t Jason Sudeko responsible for BHW?

    • Reuben says:


      The PLP had nothing with this, this is all based on the Carnival activity and the hard working event planners of that. The PLP only made “Heroes Weekend” cause they wanted to get rid of the Queen’s Birthday holiday as a step to independence which they failed at.

      Looks like more boats?? you need to check your eyes or stop trying to lie for the PLP. Yes there are a lot of boats but I doubt that there are more boats then AC, even being generous one might say that there were at least as many boat as an AC day.

    • Micro says:

      Not sure what the PLP had to do with this.

    • Zevon says:

      The first time it happened was 2015.
      So I’m sure you will admit your mistake, apologise, and thank the OBA for coming up with this great idea for the people of Bermuda.
      It was nothing to do with the PLP.

    • St. D says:

      This was the Jason Sudeko and company with seed funds from the BTA making lemonade out of a non-holiday.

    • Up D Hill says:

      Something very wrong with your eyes dude! 30 boats if your lucky their. Non Mariners has 10 times that let alone AC 35!

  3. kim says:

    that ”one” yella ,,,,,wow

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