Minister Congratulates U17 Ladies & Flora Duffy

August 28, 2017

Today [Aug 28] the Minister of Social Development and Sports Zane DeSilva extended hearty congratulations to Bermuda’s world-renowned triathlete Flora Duffy and the Bermuda Under 17 Women’s National Team for their triumphant victories over the weekend.

On Saturday, Flora claimed another win in the World Triathlon Series, her fifth victory of the season, crossing the line first at ITU World Triathlon Stockholm.

The Bermuda Under 17 Women’s National Team recorded their third consecutive victory at the weekend beating Aruba 13 – 1 in the CONCACAF Caribbean Under 17 Qualifiers taking place in St Lucia.

Minister DeSilva said, “I am extremely pleased to celebrate the continued success of Bermuda’s athletes. Flora’s unwavering success never ceases to make Bermuda proud; what she achieves – time after time – is absolutely astounding.

“She is proving that even though we are but a dot on the world map, if our people work hard, there is no reason for us not to reach world class status. As only the second woman to record five first-place finishes in a season, she has made an indelible mark on the sport worldwide. I wish her all the best at the WTS Grand Final in Rotterdam on September 16.

“The Under 17 girls once again showed that hard work will produce positive results. Bermuda — who has already defeated St Lucia 3-0 and Antigua and Barbuda 5-0 — put on an impressive battle during this tournament at the weekend, winning all three games. We are so proud of our young ladies.”


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  1. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    You could care less tbh…

  2. Real Onion says:

    Pathetic…just using Flora to get some media attention for himself.

  3. Backtrack says:

    Okay 13-1 is a big scoreline but nothing to congratulate. It is typical in football for a stronger team to ease off the opposition if the goal margin is +4/5. If the girls were coached well they would have had empathy for the other team…Team BDA will be on the receiving end of that scoreline against better opponents one day and will understand why their recent victory was excessive.

  4. John Rastafari says:

    Actions speaks louder than words… something

  5. Isaac H says:

    Congratulations to all… From me to you we can all achieve yada yada… Yada yada…