Motorcyclist & Pedestrian Suffer ‘Serious’ Injuries

August 12, 2017

[Updated] A female motorcyclist and a male pedestrian have been transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital with “serious” injuries sustained in a collision this morning on Middle Road in Warwick.

A police spokesperson said, “First responders attended a report of a road traffic collision that took place around 9am this morning [Saturday] on Middle Road in Warwick just east of Lindos.

“It appears that a 28 year old female was traveling on motorcycle when she collided with a 76 year male pedestrian. Both individuals have been taken to the hospital with injuries that are classified as serious.

“Traffic presently is being diverted while the scene is being processed by the relevant police officers.

“Police are appealing for witness to please contact the Roads Policing Unit on 29-50011.”

Update 1.23pm: Police confirm the motorcyclist sustained a head injury and received stitches to her lips and chin and is expected to be discharged from KEMH later today, while the pedestrian sustained chest and pelvic injuries, and will be admitted to a general ward.

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  1. mrs smith says:

    Was it on the crossing? I have had to run for my life from that crossing.

    • Antlee says:

      No, it wasn’t on the crossing. It was between Spring Hill and the Warwick Academy entrance before the bus stop on the way into town. That’s a blind corner but there are full-width sidewalks on both sides, so I’m not too sure how the pedestrian managed to be in the road there.

    • whatever says:

      Agreed, although I would go further and say that you take your life into your own hands at EVERY pedestrian crossing on the island

  2. MarkO says:

    Many crossings should now also be speed bump to force traffic to slow down.

    • seascape says:

      The speed bumps do not deter people from speeding. When I slow down for them, there are always bike riders speeding over them.

  3. Can't believe it says:

    What the hell is going on. So many traffic accidents and deaths for the past few weeks.

  4. X says:


  5. Lone Wolf says:

    People also need to stop running and walking on the road when they are right next to a sidewalk.

    I’m not saying that is what happened here because I don’t know, but I do see it almost every day.

    And bicycles need to stop riding two abreast or even in large groups holding everyone up. I’m surprised more of them haven’t been wiped out yet.

    • Timbuc says:

      100% agree with Lone Wolf here. Individuals riding two abreast is a big issue with me and these pedestrians have a button at the crosswalk and don’t even use them to give use drivers ahead up.

      • PBanks says:

        Honestly, many people ignore the flashing beacons as well. It’s just another reflection on the state of our driving culture.

        Regarding riding, single files of cycles can be just as problematic for drivers in cars. But riding two-abreast is probably the best way to go when you have a younger or less experienced cyclist.

    • X says:

      The rule for cyclists is that it is actually safer to ride two abreast, so that it is a shorter distance to over take. I get why drivers think this is not right, but it is legal and safer to do that. A long string of riders is more risky as cars are overtaking for a longer time … just saying.

      Believe me the cyclists are only too aware of the nutty drivers who scrape past them and cut in sharply, but hey, everyone is entitled to use the road – not only in a 10 ton missile.

    • Realist says:

      Lone Wolf. The roads are for everyone, not just inconsiderate you. Bicyclists should only be passed when the on-coming lane is free of traffic and it is safe to pass. Two bicycles are easier to pass safely if they are side by side and the on-coming lane is clear, than riding in a long row. Cars should not pass bicycles driving well left, unless the on-coming lane is clear. The Police are recommending that bicycles ride in the center of their lane so that inconsiderate drivers don’t believe that they are ok to pass regardless of on-coming traffic. Lone Wolf, please learn the rules of the road and slow down and be considerate of other road users. Unless you know the rules of the road and are considerate, you are part of the problem on our Bermuda roads.

  6. Peter says:

    Road accidents and crime on the rise hmmm what’s going on ?

    • PBanks says:

      Please don’t tell me you’re another one of those who are going to attribute this to the election results.