Temporary East End Dock To Be Removed

August 28, 2017

Bermuda’s boaters are being advised that the temporary floating dock installed by the ACBDA for the America’s Cup on Kindley Field Road, opposite the L. F. Wade International Airport is to be removed in accordance with the permissions granted by the Department of Planning.

The dock was installed in May this year for America’s Cup marine traffic with the condition that it be removed, post event.

Floating Dock Bermuda, May 16 2017 (6)

ACBDA CEO, Mike Winfield said, “We installed this dock to facilitate the large number of air passengers coming in to witness the America’s Cup, including private jet passengers staying on private yachts. At the time, the planning approval was specific that it be removed.

“While the ACBDA has had discussions with various entities that may take future ownership of the dock and its maintenance on an ongoing basis, there has been no definitive agreement and as a result, we have no option but to remove the dock at this time. We retain the hope that it may be replaced in the future for the benefit of Bermuda’s local boaters and visitors.”

A spokesperson said, “The public is advised that the concrete piles supporting the dock will remain in place and will be marked with reflective material for the safety of marine traffic. In addition the piles will remain in place so as not to disrupt marine life and to allow for a floating dock to be replaced should there be a decision to do so.

“Meanwhile, the dock structure will be stored for safekeeping. The removal is expected to be completed by the end of August.”

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    This is nuts.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Good to remove it before a storm trashes it but should be returned each spring.

  3. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Should just keep it there…

  4. sage says:

    Remove a useful structure leaving piles in place and store it for safekeeping=stupid.

  5. puzzled says:

    Just leave it the hell alone.
    Did not cost that much and comes in handy.
    Just freekin leave it and move on.
    Cut the stays and tow it away …no more than 1 hours work.

  6. TB says:

    Very sad to see this dock removed. We have picked up several visitors since it was installed and to this day they said that it was the highlight of their trip! Is it not possible for the airport to maintain or have it funded by the resorts in the west end who can collect guests by boat? What better way to be introduced to the island than stepping onto a boat in our gorgeous turquoise waters? As the pillars are already installed I don’t see there being a huge maintenance cost involved? Hopefully someone shows some interest?

  7. The Original Truth™ says:

    Renowned sports economist Andrew Zimbalist view on the AC, “The people who projected the benefits in the first place, they’re the ones who come out and say it was very good for the economy,”

    As time goes on we will see the expenses of upkeep left behind.

  8. on de rock says:

    What a shame! It is great for picking people up at the airport.

  9. ConcernedBermudian says:

    Please don’t remove this. This is a wonderful addition to the Bermuda airport…being picked up and dropped off by boat is such a lovely way to get to the airport.

  10. nerema says:

    It’s a reminder of the success of the AC and therefore must be removed.

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      How can AC be called a success before seeing a profit margin from it? At the moment Bermuda economically has spent more than earned on AC. The country still has a massive debt. The parties over and the guest have gone home. You need to wake up if you think they will be back without this one hit wonder making an encore.

      • Double S says:

        “How can AC be called a success before seeing a profit margin from it? At the moment Bermuda economically has spent more than earned on AC”

        So, without the profit margin and or other economic reports, how can you make such a statement?

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          There will never be a way to figure out the profit margin because OBA was not forthright on the full amount spent. Without knowing the net profit there’s no way to be exact. Regardless of the lack of full transparency, with the cherry picked economic reports that were released by the OBA the math done on those shows so far that the cost is more than the revenue which leaves us in the red.

          • nerema says:

            “math done on those shows so far that the cost is more than the revenue”

            Links, or you’re full of BS.

          • Double S says:

            It was never meant to make Government a profit. It’s objectives was to stimulate the private sector and get us back on the tourism map.

            So I ask again where are you numbers that show the objective was not achieved?

  11. MYOPIA says:

    The BTA…. should step up as it provides a great amenity

  12. Bermudian says:

    The OBA signed off that after the AC was over it would be removed, what part do you people not understand?

    • sage says:

      Didn’t the OBA say all those duty free boats had to go too?

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      The OB who..? Whatever…This island is F#@ked.

  13. It's not that complicated says:

    It’s not that complicated folks, simply drop two mooring weights and if a named storm comes then part of the preparations are to disconnect the dock, separate the two pieces and attach one piece to one weight and the other piece to the other weight. That being said, if they’re rated to stay together then just need one mooring weight. The gangway can be lifted onto the shore and lashed down. How much could this possibly cost as an enhancement to our tourism product? Are we going to wait until the new terminal is finished to have this again?

  14. Sargasso says:

    You all would be singing a different tune if a category 2 plus hurricane came along which is capable of carrying that makeshift dock across to Grotto Bay and then what? Let the government be responsible for what they got to do… And if you taxi and boat operators want to keep it in place for your benefits, you should all take on the cost of maintaining it.

  15. Warrior says:

    Craziness as per usual. I have seen just recently persons delivering speaker and sound equipment to trucks to be taken to the airport and families enjoying the area while fishing on numerous times. Guess if you don’t enjoy it, you will never know the pleasures and convenience of anything.

  16. Time Shall Tell says:

    With the Causeway bridge being the only way to get to the airport from the west. This would serve as a perfect “plan B” to get people to the airport should (when) the Causeway fail again.

  17. Triangle Drifter says:

    It would get little use during the winter & be a high risk to damage from winter storms if left in place. Once damaged it would never be replaced.

  18. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    The OB who..? Whatever…This island is F#@ked.

  19. Watching says:

    It was part of the planning consent that it be removed after the AC. Where’s the problem? Piles are being left in place, if someone wants to come forward and offer to maintain it then go for it.

    • Warrior says:

      Why not turn it over to St. George’s Corporation.

  20. Colin L says:

    Sage is correct take it’n store it but airport absolutely should have water taxi service to and hotels island wide it would be a step in the right direction…… But in truth a cannel sould be dug to the taxi or entranceway…. No one thought to design it in?

  21. Coffee says:

    It looks very expensive .

    I bet it is .

    Did we get our monies worth ?

    Did we impress the rich and famous with it ?

    What good use is it to us now ?

    Should we save it ? Should we toss it ? Should we put it up for auction ?

  22. King curly don says:

    Was a nice fishing spot for kids and kept real clean

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Shouldn’t have been fishing off of it , period !

      • sage says:

        Why not? There are signs on the bridge, no one cares including fisheries. I didn’t see any no fishing signs on that dock.

        • PBanks says:

          Not like it matters – when’s the last time anybody got prosecuted for fishing from a dock where it was prohibited?

  23. Common sense not so common says:

    Another stupid decision by the new govment!

    • Bermudian says:

      Lol your OBA govt signed off on it NOT the PLP sorry!!!

      • fu says:

        “Lol your OBA govt signed off on it NOT the PLP sorry!!!”

        Are you also sorry for the mess the PLP left this island in the last time?

  24. Bermudian says:

    OBA supporters still upset over the landslide PLP victory I see, Smh!!!