Cybersecurity Group Warns Of “KRACK”

October 18, 2017

The Minister of National Security Wayne Caines is warning the public of a “weakness in a security protocol that Wi-Fi devices rely on has put wireless-enabled devices at risk of attack.”

A Ministry spokesperson said, “The Key Reinstallation Attack, or “KRACK” can allow an attacker within range of a Wi-Fi network to gain access to unencrypted traffic sent over the internet.

“The Government’s Cybersecurity Working Group is advising the community to take the following precautions:

For the Public:

  • 1. Ensure all your devices remain up to date. It may take some months for fixes to be available so turn on automatic updates for best protection.
  • 2. Where possible plug devices into a network rather than using Wi-Fi.
  • 3. When sending information online such as personal or credit cards information check to make sure the website address starts with ‘https’ or the lock symbol is on in the corner.
  • 4. When possible turn Wi-Fi off when not using it. This includes appliances, webcams TVs and baby monitors.

For Corporate users:

  • 1. Follow best industry practice and guidelines. Double check intrusion routes to ensure Wi-Fi does not leave core networks vulnerable.
  • 2. Update all machines, servers, devices and Wi-Fi routers when advised to do so by manufacturers.
  • 3. Minimize public Wi-Fi use. Avoid core IT systems using Wi-Fi if possible.
  • 4. Mandate Virtual Private Networks [VPNs] for corporate Wi-Fi users and ensure VPN software is updated too.
  • 5. Monitor networks for intrusion. If possible authorize access by Media Access Control [MAC] address.
  • 6. Once all the fixes have been delivered, switch off the old insecure Wi-Fi modes and replace devices that are no longer supported.

Minister Caines is the chairman of the Cabinet’s Cybersecurity Committee.

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