Family Finds Dog That Escaped From US Airport

October 27, 2017

A family who moved to Bermuda recently were devastated when their beloved dog escaped from workers when they were getting ready to load her on a plane at Tampa International Airport are now celebrating after their dog, Brady, was located.

The couple told ABC Action News that they had relocated to Bermuda for work and “The airlines would not fly their dog down until it was less than 85 degrees outside, so the dog has been staying with their friend in Tampa.”

Finally, on October 11, everything was set to bring their dog to their new home. However, they were contacted by officials telling them that their dog ‘Brady’ had chewed through her crate and escaped Tampa International Airport.

Family for Dog

According to Fox 13 News, “since then, an army of complete strangers has stepped up to search for her missing canine.

“They’ve been posting flyers in the area, checking out reported sightings, even hiring search dogs to try and track Brady’s scent. But in the end, the breakthrough happened where the whole ordeal started, at Tampa International Airport. The Hillsborough County Animal Control set fresh traps on the property Wednesday night, baited with cat food.”

The next morning Christia Pennell was reunited with Brady.

“She kind of looked at me and she just got right up and started jumping on me,” Pennell told Fox 13 News. “Her mouth’s all mangled but she’s trying to lick me, and just, she hasn’t let me leave her side since. It was the best moment in the whole world.”

Fox 13 News added that “Brady survived 15 days on her own with alligators, coyotes, rattlesnakes, and clearly not a lot of food. The canine is down about 17-pounds, has bug bites and scratches, and a lot of damage to her mouth.”

Pennell plans to stay in Tampa until Brady is healthy enough to fly and the family is looking into options to make sure the dog successfully makes it to Bermuda this time.

A post made this morning on an the ‘Bring Brady the TIA Dog Home’ Facebook page said, “I am searching for a Private Charter Plane to bring Christie and Brady home to their family. There is no way Christie is going home without Brady being on the seat right next to her.

“I am currently working with Exclusive Charter Service & I will know more by the end of the day. If they have a flight already going to Bermuda, we will be able to get a discount but if they don’t, we are looking at 20 Grand. Please, please if anyone knows of a private airline that can help them get home SAFELY, please post their names below so I can work on getting costs and coordinating their flight.”

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Comments (20)

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  1. Real Onion says:

    20 Grand….oh this sounds more like a con job each time it’s in the media…

    first.. a dog that can chew through METAL.
    second..20 Grand for a flight.

    • Real Onion says:

      and another posting…

      Brady’s surgery costs are $3,200.00

    • frank says:

      $20,000 to fly a dog to Bermuda sounds like a scam to get
      people to donate money news flash Bermudians are not stupid

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Well , I suppose if you take all the ones that still get suckered in with the telephone microsoft wondows calls , the Nigerian mail scams, the ‘give me your money now and I’ll come back and paint your roof later’ and pyramid schemes out of the equation I guess there’s a few left that aren’t stupid .

    • Mia Richardson says:

      privates jet start at $15000 per hour

      • Real Onion says:

        errr,no they dont…

        and IF this is a true situation,then fly out and fly back with the dog on a regular flight.

    • Onion Jiuce says:

      Dis dog de PLP mascot? Only dem byes sposed to get dat type of money and pampering!

  2. Suggestion says:

    How about coming in on one of the container ships? Maybe they have extra rooms on the boat for a passenger and their dog.

    • Onion Jiuce says:

      Uh, uh, one of de dock workers might get a parking ticket, den Dey have to turn de ship back round.

  3. Sima says:

    20 grand to get back to Bermuda? Wouldn’t a private jet cost about that? It’s her dog let her pay for the transport! Now Bermuda does dog charities to catch planes… you can’t just make these things up!

    • Onion Jiuce says:

      Don’t tell Walton, dis pooch is an immigrant, wiv poochie doggie rights.

  4. Micro says:

    Or a sturdier kennel and actually taking the time to let the dog get used to being in a kennel for an extended period so it wouldn’t try to escape again.

    • Onion Jiuce says:

      Cujo heard about Walton and din wanna come to a place wiv no poochie rights.

  5. Say What? says:

    I setn my dog to California for less than $2,000 on US airways I beleive it was. I think you need to stop miling it. Also, it’s very suspect to me that I never see the breed mentioned. Most liekly because it’s some form of Pit bull. My family dog’s life was threatned for being Pit but here we are brining yours in? Doesn’t add up. THIS is called privelage. enjoy.

  6. Tired and jaded says:

    Un-effin-believable. This whole story is just pitiful. WTF is wrong with these people???

    • Onion Jiuce says:

      He ain’k got no choppers lef, an if de PLP wanna fly Im in, s’okay, s’only tax dollas….

  7. Nick says:

    Looks like it has some Pitbull in it……

  8. VJ says:

    What a bunch of heartless people!! Personally, I’m thrilled to see that Brady has been found. My dog must have been frightened by all of the activity when we were moving house, and ran out the door when the movers came. It was heartbreaking moving to another area and leaving him behind. I spent hours traveling back to the old neighborhood and looking for him on a daily basis. I wouldn’t rest until I found him, and eventually I did. So I know what this family went through, and I’m glad that it had a happy ending.