Codfish And Potatoes & Shakespeare Books

November 6, 2017

Atlantic Publishing House is releasing two books, including The Legend of Codfish and Potatoes and Shakespeare was Really a Bard from Back-A-Tarn who frequented Hubie’s and Jamaican Grill.

The books are in bookstores now and will be officially launched on November 18.

A spokesperson said, “The Legend of Codfish and Potatoes has been out of print for five years and returns with colour illustrations by Rhona Pedro. This very popular book contains Easter traditions from around the world, adds to our general knowledge, and provides children with an opportunity to compare and contrast not only our traditions of old but also those of other countries.

“This outstanding tale raises numerous issues and brings to the forefront the dastardly tales of The Wicked Witch of North Rock, who puts a curse on Chief Gumba. Only one young man can remove the curse that has restricted the Chief from growing a beard. Get the book and find out how back-a-tarn pond water plays a part in this exciting tale.”

Atlantic Publishing House Bermuda Nov 6 2017

“The second book is entitled Shakespeare was Really a Bard from Back-A-Tarn who Frequented Hubie’s and Jamaican Grill. Completed in 2012, the book is illustrated by Emma Ingham; it almost ended up remaining in the computer.

“Now thrust on to the national stage with the Bermy Version given first for 22 plays, then a synopsis of the real play, you will hear nicknames and ask “did shakespeare steal our Bermuda shorts?

“As a bonus you will learn to speak Bermudian and also receive a second set of nicknames. These books follow last year’s hit “The Book of Bermuda Nicknames.

“The books are in bookstores now and will be officially launched on Saturday, November 18th from 9 to 12 noon at The Nubian Nook on Court Street next to Jamaican Grill with the author and from 10 to 4 p.m. at BUEI. Additional signings are being arranged for Brown and Co [Bookmart], the Bermuda Bookstore and the Craft Market Dockyard. The books are $20 each.”

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  1. Wake up says:

    Um gonna get mine now before Ras Mykal’s book comes out with photos of people and how they got their nickname. This little country is producing a lot of literature lately and this is fantastic.