30th Skippy Kick Martial Arts Tournament Results

November 6, 2017

The Skippy Kick Tournament celebrated its 30th edition on Sunday [Nov 5], with a long list of competitors taking part in a number of categories.

Winners: Kentaro Bean, Dominique Brown, Enzi Johnston with judges Geoff Rothwell, Garon Wilkinson and Princeton Bailey

Skippy KICK winners

From left: Amiel Trott, Skye Young, Massanda Vaughns, Khwai Mendoza. Behind: Chief judge Geoff Rothwell, judge/referee Garon Wilkinson

Skippy KICK novice forms winners

The full results follow below:


Black Belt Women

  • 1-Andrea Mckey

Advanced Men

  • 1-Kent Bean
  • 2-Charles-Anthony Fox

Advanced Men 40+

  • 1-Andre Joseph

Advanced Men Grandchampion

  • Kent Bean

Novice Boys Under 10

  • 1-Amiel Trott
  • 2-Skye Young
  • 3-Massanda Vaughns
  • 4-Khwai Mendoza

Intermediate Boys Under 10

  • 1-Shane Smith
  • 2-Davonte Richardson

Advanced Boys Under 16

  • 1-Kentaro Bean

Novice Girls Under 6

  • 1-Amarriah Vaughans

Novice Girls Under 10

  • 1-Diamond Spence
  • 2-Fancie Bower-Tucker

Novice Girls Grandchampion

  • Diamond Spence

Intermediate Girls Under 10

  • 1-Callahj Simons
  • 2-Kianna Aguilar-Vaughans

Intermediate Girls Under 16

  • 1-Dominique Brown

Intermediate Girls Grandchampion

  • Callahj Simons

Girls Weapons

  • 1-Dominique Brown

Boys Weapons

  • 1-Kentaro Bean

Junior Weapons Grandchampion

  • Kentaro Bean

Black Belt Women Weapons

  • 1-Andrea Mckey

Black Belt Men Weapons

  • 1-Kent Bean

Black Belt Men 40+ Weapons

  • 1-Andre Joseph

Black Belt Weapons Grandchampion

  • Kent Bean



Boys 12-13

  • 1-Kentaro Bean

Girls 8-9

  • 1-Enzi Johnston

Girls 10-11

  • 1-Dominique Brown

Boys 8-9

  • 1-Davonte Richardson
  • 2-Shane Smith

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