OBA: No To DPA & Casino, Yes Decriminalisation

December 12, 2017

The One Bermuda Alliance confirmed their Senators plan to vote against the Domestic Partnerships Act and Casino Gaming Amendment, while planning to support the Cannabis Decriminalisation Bill.

All three Bills have already passed in the House and now head to the 11-member Senate, where the five Government Senators, three Opposition Senators and three Independent Senators will cast their votes.

The stated position of the OBA Senators is a similar position the OBA MPs in the House took, where they generally supported the Decriminalisation of Cannabis Amendment, voted against the Casino Gaming Amendment, and mostly voted against the procedure of the Domestic Partnerships Act, with 10 of the 12 OBA MPs voting no in a procedural vote to move the Bill forward.

In response to our queries, an OBA spokesperson said, “Our position is quite simple. The party message is that we don’t not support taking rights from people so we will vote against Domestic Partnerships Act.

“As for cannabis decriminalization we will support but will ask for Government to highlight some of the misinformation surrounding its passing.”

“We are not going to support the Casino Gaming Amendment as we believe that it should be free from political interference.”

The Casino Amendment, following amendments made, will allow the Minister to provide direction in written form, and “revoke an appointment based on the inability or unwillingness of a member to perform their duties, or in such other circumstances as may amount to misconduct, breach of best regulatory practice or are likely to bring the Commission or the Government into disrepute.”

The Domestic Partnerships Act seeks to replace same-sex marriage — which is currently legal following a Supreme Court decision in May of this year — with a domestic partnership arrangement, while the Decriminalisation of Cannabis Amendment seeks to remove criminal sanctions for possessing under 7 grams, with clauses allowing the police to seize the cannabis, and also to provide for drug education or treatment.

The Senate is next scheduled to be in session tomorrow [Dec 13] and all three Bills are listed on the official Order of Business.

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  1. Wassup says:

    It only matters depending on what the independent senators do. I think the Ssm vote will be close and I imagine a fair bit of lobbying is going on right now

  2. sage says:

    What makes people think ganja smokers need ‘drug education’ or treatment? When someone is convicted of DUI they aren’t subjected to the same treatment. Where are the “I refuse to live in a country that doesn’t respect equal rights” folks on this clear case of biased discrimination, based on an obvious lack of drug education by the lawmakers/enforcers themselves?

    • Aware says:

      Maybe because ganja is illegal?

      • sage says:

        It is illegal for no good reason, not health or morality. Prior to 95′ when homosexual acts were illegal, was it justifiable to arrest and imprison gays, or when slavery was legal was it just to own humans? The law is an a**. Laws are created to serve us not the other way around and the beauty of laws is that they can be amended or repealed and abolished like the anti ‘drug’ laws should be.

  3. frank says:

    are political system is crazy we elect members of parliament
    to pass laws but the final say is done by a group of people that are
    not elected by the people but are appointed by both political
    parties and the governor just stupid

    • Aware says:

      It’s called the Westminster system. The Senate is there to prevent a crazy bill being passed by a majority Government with no scrutiny.

  4. Coffee says:

    The NO BA speaks !

  5. Pastor Syl says:

    Elected politicians nowadays vote to appease their constituents, which doesn’t always equate with what is best for the country. Independents don’t have the same constraints, so they can vote according to their judgement of what will benefit us all.
    May wise and just heads prevail.

  6. Frank says:

    That is what they are suppose to do

  7. You had your turn. Obviously, oba’s “unsuccess” has minimized their vote/ voice power. Oh well.
    Karma is powerfully at work here
    Enjoy your NEW positions!!

  8. Izzypop says:

    And the senate appointed by the plp will vote for what the plp wants and sane with OBA.
    It’s in the hands of the Independents

  9. hhhmmm…that report card for the P.L.P. Unfair!!
    Where is the report cart for the notorious, disruptive, unsuccessful O.B.A.??
    100% poor!!!
    How is that for ya!!