Video: Fox Feature ‘Bermuda-Inspired’ Home

February 6, 2018

Fox Business recently featured a Bermuda inspired home they called a “love story,” as publishing mogul Rance Crain took his bride to Bermuda for a honeymoon, fell in love with the architecture, so asked an architect to design a home to keep them on their “honeymoon forever.”


The couple met in 1965 on a blind date arranged by Mr Crane’s brother, and they were married eight months later, and remained happily married until Mrs Crane died in 2012.

During the Fox Business Property Man broadcast segment, they said, “This home is a love story. Media Mogul Rance Crain took his bride to Bermuda for a honeymoon, fell in love with the architecture.

“He hired the world-renowned architect Taylor & Taylor and gave them one task — build me a home and keep me on my honeymoon forever — and he did.”

Mr. Crain, 78, is the president of publishing company Crain Communications founded by his father in 1916. The company’s publications include AdvertisingAge, Automotive News and Crain’s Chicago Business.

However, after his wife’s death in 2012, Mr Crain decided to sell his honeymoon-inspired home in Florida, telling the Wall Street Journal that the 13,519 squarefoot home is now simply too large for him.

As of 2017, the sale price was listed at $15 million for the seven bedroom property, which includes a pool, waterfall, guest house, private dock and even incorporates the sound effects of “frogs croaking” in a special room built for their grandchildren.

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  1. 6mbs says:

    Lol only thing ‘Bermudian’ about that architecture is the gable end on the front entrance. Nice try though Taylor x2

  2. Do She says:

    Wow, what a comment. It doesn’t look Bermudian to you? That’s funny, because it sure does look Bermudian. Where do you live? This is a nice gesture towards Bermuda and you turn it sour with your attitude? What a loser.

  3. Patricia says:

    Not impressed.

  4. Kathy says:

    Green roof????