Video: Dellwood School ‘SOS Save Our Sons’

March 1, 2018

Dellwood Middle School officially launched their M3 Drama T.E.A.M.’s Stop the Violence campaign ‘SOS Save Our Sons’ this morning [March 1], with the extremely well done presentation impressing all those in attendance.

M3 Drama Team with Drama Teacher Nishanthi Bailey and Dellwood Principal Tina Duke

Dellwood SOS Save Our Sons Bermuda March 1 2018

Everyone who spoke today expressed exactly how impressed they were by the students efforts, with Director of Public Prosecutions Larry Mussenden calling the video “one of the most powerful messages he has ever seen”, while Nicole Fox, the mother of a murder victim, praised the students for their efforts and said everyone needs to see this video.

Lamone Woods produced the video, and he told those in attendance today that not only did the students make his job very easy, the young people actually inspired him.

The students and Ms Bailey received well deserved certificates from the Bermuda Police Service for their efforts, and the police expressed their support for the initiative, saying they are “one thousand times behind it.”

Dellwood’s anti-violence video which they hope will be a catalyst for change:

The video credit roll states it was written and performed by Dellwood Middle School M3 Drama T.E.A.M. [Taking Edutainment Above Mediocrity], consisting of Te’syah-Mahlé Astwood, Keanu Ball Severin, Zanai’A Bascome, Nyindae Berry-Hollis, Jahni Darrell, Camajé Easton-Smith, Makai Furbert, Nanami Ingram, Elijah Samuels, Kimahja Smith, Anthony Sousa, Njeri Thomas and Nyoaki Williams.

The video was arranged and directed by Dellwood Middle School Theatre & Drama Teacher Miss Nishanthi Bailey, and the film, video production and editing was done by Lamone Woods of Crimson Multimedia, while the audio recording was done Jason “Jugglin J” Ford.

The 54-minute live video replay of this morning’s presentation:

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  1. Mary Lodge says:

    I am so moved by this heart wrenching video. My appreciation and congratulations to Ms. Nishanti Bailey and her students.
    I hope they show the video on TV.
    Mary Lodge

    • Onion Juice says:

      Very POWERFUL.
      But I dont think Black Men are an endangered species, because endangered species are protected by LAW.
      There are a handful of young Black men that decided not to live a productive life which escalated into a tit for tat, but no one has addressed that how these weapons entered our island (with only two ports, excluding the hundreds of boats and yachts that enter our jurisdiction) and how do we not monitor our young men who have anti social behaviour traits in their pre teen years.
      Whats is noticeable is are certain boys in Bermuda living too comfortable without social and economic preasure for them not to have an anti social life or they have wholesome families that teach them how to be productive citizens?
      But their counter parts living in America and Europe are causing havoc.
      Something wrong with this picture.

      • northR says:

        “young Black men that decided not to live a productive life ”

        OJ, you’re writing your biography?

        • Onion Juice says:

          Hey troll, this article is about young people doing something positive to address a serious problem in our island and out of all the things that we can find to help solve or dialoge to find a solution, you decide to attack me.
          You dont comment on the wonderful work these students have done or why we have this problem, but decide to come against me for no reason.
          And this is what these brilliant young people are using their artistic talent about.
          You missed the whole point.






    WHAT A MOVING MESSAGE to reach OUR YOUNG people and awaken our society to the impact of Gun Violence.


    I am moved by this presentation and emotionally blown away!!!!!

  3. DBL says:

    This video presentation needs to be shown in the Movie Theatres, outside of City Hall, West Gate, St. Georges Square and anywhere crowds gather. So moving.

    Well Done!!! Dellwood Middle School

  4. Paradise Reclaimed says:

    Wow! Is it dusty in here?

  5. Rocky5 says:

    Excellent message and great talent. There is hope. Just like the USA with gun control, we now need our Leaders to take action!