Dellwood Video Goes Viral, Impresses Many

March 3, 2018

Brought tears to my eyes, gave me goosebumps, very powerful, well done, moving, awesome, heart-wrenching, talented students with a united voice, proud of our young people, touched my soul, and left me in tears.

These were just a few of the comments left by people who were highly impressed by the ‘SOS Save Our Sons’ video produced by the Dellwood Middle School M3 drama team, which was officially released on Thursday as part of their stop the violence campaign.

Dellwood SOS Save Our Sons Bermuda March 1 2018

Since the video’s release, it has attained some 35,000 views across various Facebook, Youtube and Twitter accounts, meaning that statistically speaking, the video viewership exceeded 50% of the island’s population within the first 48 hours of release, which is a very impressive reach.

Widely shared by Bermudians, the video has also been praised and shared by people overseas who said the message applies to their own communities as well, with shares and comments seen by people from the United States, Caribbean and the United Kingdom.

The video was arranged and directed by Dellwood Middle School Theatre & Drama Teacher Nishanthi Bailey, and the video production and editing was done by Lamone Woods of Crimson Multimedia, while the audio recording was done Jason “Jugglin J” Ford.

The talented students who make up the Dellwood Middle School M3 Drama T.E.A.M. [Taking Edutainment Above Mediocrity], are Te’syah-Mahlé Astwood, Keanu Ball Severin, Zanai’A Bascome, Nyindae Berry-Hollis, Jahni Darrell, Camajé Easton-Smith, Makai Furbert, Nanami Ingram, Elijah Samuels, Kimahja Smith, Anthony Sousa, Njeri Thomas and Nyoaki Williams.

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  1. Overboardhope says:

    What an excellent video. Let’s listen to our students.

  2. Kathy says:


  3. joseph kopec..........montreal says:

    wow..very strong…hope it will sink in…joe kopec…ex dellwood class of 1947..

  4. Bill Ingham says:

    Well DONE!!! Special praise to Nishanthi Bailey who set the students up to win big.