Events To Mark The “Walk Together” Initiative

March 17, 2018

In response to the Global Campaign to “Walk Together”, a number of events will be held in Bermuda over the coming days.

Glenn Fubler said, “The group, “The Elders” formed by Nelson Mandela 10 years ago, is promoting a global campaign leading up to the 100th birthday of Madiba – July 18, 2018. The initiative, called “Walk Together,” is geared to engender a greater sense of community around the world, in the face of an increase in the tendency towards polarization.

“A diverse group of local residents is responding to this call from that group, which includes the likes of Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan, with a plan of action leading up to the July 18th celebration.

“On Sunday, March 18th beginning at 4.00pm, we are staging Bermuda’s maiden “Walk Together,” starting on the steps of the original Supreme Court; where Ben Adamson – Human Rights Commissioner – will provide an overview of the story of 1835 in which Bermudians acted with vision to transform the lives of several fellow humans who at the time were American slaves.

“This stroll down memory lane will include other highlights in North Hamilton, which likewise had a transformative impact on our shared history; such as Dr June Hill summarizing the story of Sunshine League, and Dr Clarence Maxwell explaining the tremendous vision of the founders of the Berkeley Institute.

“This stroll will not be only informative, but is geared to remind us in a small place like Bermuda, that we are all neighbours. The underlying aim is to encourage and strengthen the ties that bind us as a community.

“On, Tuesday, March 20th, we will hold a community dialogue at the Spinning Wheel on Court Street from 6.30pm  – 8pm. The goal is to further nurture the fabric of our society in a process that will be facilitated by Aderonke Bademosi Wilson.

“Those volunteering to get the dialogue rolling are Sandy Butterfield of Focus, Tulani Bulford, 30-something entrepreneur and community activist, Bishop Nick Dill, Kristin White – another young entrepreneur – and Gladwyn Simmons, veteran community activist.

“On April 4th, we are planning an event to observe the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr Martin Luther King, with details to be finalized.

“On Sunday, April 8th we will hold another “Walk Together” from 2 – 4 pm, starting from Victoria Park. Further details about this stroll will be forthcoming.”

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  1. David Skinner says:

    Went on the maiden walk through North Hamilton yesterday. It was informative and also created an opportunity for all to begin to get to know each other. It’s amazing how a simple event can bring people together and encourage dialogue. Looking forward to the discussion on TUESDAY, MARCH 20.