Jan – May: 649 Visit Hospital Due To Collisions

July 4, 2018

649 people visited the hospital’s Emergency Department from January 1 to May 31, 2018 due to road traffic accidents, according to the latest statistics from the Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB].

BHB said, “Bermuda Hospitals Board road traffic accident statistics show a marked increase in Emergency Department [ED] visits in May. It appears the increase is due to increased numbers of tourists on motorbikes.

“A total of 159 people were seen in the ED in May – 22 of them were tourists. In April 135 people attended ED – 8 were tourists. In January and March the totals were 115 and 134 with only one tourist seen each month.In February no tourists were seen in the ED for road traffic accidents but 106 residents attended.

“Our statistics for the period 1 January 2018- 31 May 2018, show the following:

  • 649 victims required the Emergency Department [32 were tourists]
  • 47 victims were admitted to the Acute Care Wing
  • 6 victims were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit
  • 5 victims 18 or younger were admitted to the hospital and,
  • 4 victims were discharged to an overseas medical facility, following road traffic accidents

The full BHB 2018 statistics from January to May follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Question says:

    This is despite it being fine for certain people to drive around Hamilton hanging out of their car window having a conversation with the motorcyclist alongside them. No consequences for that whatsoever.

  2. Channing T. Seymour says:

    Time to clean up the sides of the roads
    - Roads sides are losing at least two feet of road in some places.
    - Pots holes
    - Tree hanging
    - Loose Walls
    - ETC

    Time to get our public transport in working order for all
    - Hourly Buses between 12am to 6am
    - Must have one Catamaran Ferry taking care of Dockyard – Hamilton – St. George’s
    - The small ferries do all other routes
    - Put the many mini buses to use help the small business owner at the same time.

    Change the age limit for drinking to 21 years of age as well the clubs.
    - I would rather see the youth Football clubs turn into parish community centers for ages 25 and Under.( Take the bars out and let the promoters pay for liquor licenses when there is a event )
    - Pay the mini buses to carry children to and from youth night events
    - Project ride incentives for the children turning the age of riding.
    e.g. For Curfew Keepers, Community Services and of course academics Etc.

    Each solutions should help at least two or more services become more efficient and safe for all to use.

  3. Mobile phones should drop all calls that are not static I don’t care where you make a call…just not while you are driving.
    Jokers texting and driving should be flogged on the spot.

    • PBanks says:

      Nice idea, but remember that passengers make phone calls too. So it’s probably an impractical policy to enact.

  4. Police have to check cell phones registered to drivers to see if they were in use at the time of accident !!!
    I don’t see one case follow up.
    Name and shame.

  5. A person driving and calling/texting is an impaired driver!
    Same law should apply.
    Further…these genus are doing it with intent…that is due care and dui…driving under the influence of stupidity.
    Piloting a car down the road and not looking is dangerous driving.
    This behaviour is rampant…and I suggest any one viewing this behaviour should take your phone and get that video and send it include the licence plate.
    Send it to public prosecutions as it appears this is the route needed to have it addressed…I don’t know…something has to be done…also police need to utilise more video evidence as it substantiates what transpired and eliminates court proceedings and cost.
    Plea deal and court cost can also assist in cost. ..take the plea pay the fine take the time etc or …pay court cost…you did the deed you pay the cost!
    In this way you will have a proper deterrent.