Zoe Hedstrom Wins Masterworks Twizy Contest

August 9, 2018

Zoe Hedstrom created the winning design in the Current Vehicles and Masterworks Twizy Design Competition, with the artist saying her inspiration for the “design came from Charles Demuth and Albert Gleizes – two artists in Masterworks’ fabulous permanent collection.”

Masterworks said, “Since 2017, Bermuda’s roads have been populated with small electric vehicles, better known as Twizy. We can see them zipping by, usually piloted by visitors more comfortable with a steering wheel, but can occasionally be seen being driven by locals on a stay-cation.

“With the introduction of these mini cars, the parent company, Current Vehicles has partnered with institutions across the island to beautify the vehicles, hosting competitions to find the best design. The latest of these competitions, was held in conjunction with Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, and took to social media to select the best of the best.

Wrapped Twizy

“Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art houses the island’s most comprehensive collection of art inspired by Bermuda. The competition was to inspire Bermuda’s artists to reinterpret one of the pieces held at the museum, or utilizing the beauty of the island, to create an original work of art that would be used to decorate a Twizy.

“Five finalists were chosen by collaboration between Masterworks, Current Vehicles, and Sponsors with input from Signworx. ”

“The Twizy Design Competition, goes along with our mandate of encouraging Bermuda Art;” shares Tom Butterfield, Creative Director and Founder of the 31-year-old institution.

“We had over 20 submissions from local artists who created some inspired pieces that closely identify with items inspired by pieces in our collection, Bermuda’s Culture, heritage and identity. It was certainly a difficult task to select only five to be featured.”

Monies raised from this contest will be donated to a charity and used to provide Masterworks summer camp bursaries to deserving children.

“We are very pleased by the quality of the submissions and had a very difficult task of choosing the top five,” said Piers Carr, Owner/Founder of Current Vehicles.

“With our sponsors we had to select not necessarily the most attractive designs on paper, but those that would translate well onto a vehicle. This aspect also added an element of difficulty to the competition.”

The five winners were then sent to social media for the general public to cast their vote for their favourite design. After all was said and done, the winning design was created by Zoe Hedstrom.

“I particularly enjoyed this competition for the Twizy car design,” Zoe said. ”I would like to thank Masterworks and Current Vehicles for providing me with a few days of fun as I worked on the design.

“The fact that my car was chosen as the winning car is so exciting – just ‘beyond’! My inspiration for this design came from Charles Demuth and Albert Gleizes – two artists in Masterworks’ fabulous permanent collection.

“Thinking about the Bermuda landscape as one drives around I felt the cubist style was an appropriate way of representing the passing views and colors on a Twizy car.

“Just stand outside Waterloo House and look across the harbour before the sun sets and that hillside to the left of White’s Island is like a cubist painting in the distance. Was it this view that inspired my subconscious?

“I created a couple of gifs of the car – even one driving on the moon. I even mocked up a paper model of the car. This competition was really the most fun I have had on a project in a long time! To be a winner makes it all the more special.”

The winning Twizy can be seen in the Baggage Collections area of the L.F. Wade airport.

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