Justin Mathias Resigns As OBA Chairperson

September 25, 2018

[Updated] Unofficial information suggests that Justin Mathias has resigned as the Chairperson of the One Bermuda Alliance.

Party officials have thus far not issued any form of official statement, however multiple people with knowledge of the situation have confirmed that Mr Mathias has resigned his position.

He is the second person to resign from a position from within the OBA in the past few days, following after the resignation of Jeanne Atherden, who resigned as OBA Party Leader after eight MPs passed a motion of no confidence in her, with former leader Craig Cannonier being sworn in as Opposition Leader  earlier today.

Mr Mathias is pictured on the far left at yesterday’s swearing in ceremony at Government House, at which point he was the OBA Chairperson. He is pictured with, left to right, OBA MPs Sylvan Richards and Scott Pearman, Deputy OBA Leader and Acting OBA Leader Leah Scott, newly sworn in Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier, and OBA MPs Susan Jackson, Ben Smith and Cole Simons.

New Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier Bermuda Sept 24 2018 (5)

Update 10.57am: Speaking with Bernews, Acting OBA Leader Leah Scott confirmed that Mr Mathias has resigned, having submitted his resignation as Chairperson last night, with the resignation taking effect today.

Ms Scott noted that Mr Mathias remains a party member, and will remain as Chairperson of the Future Bermuda Alliance, the youth wing of the OBA.

Asked if any more resignations are expected, she said not that she knows of. She also confirmed they will be holding elections for Party Leader and Chairperson next month, and said “change is good, we are excited about the future of the party.”

Update 11.34am: Nandi Outerbridge is now the Acting OBA Chairperson, which marks the second time she has served in this capacity, as Ms Outerbridge, one of the two Deputy Co-Chairs, also served as the Acting OBA Chairperson for a short time after Nick Kempe resigned as Chairperson last year.

Update 11.53am: This is the latest in a series of changes within the OBA over this past week; Jeanne Atherden resigned as OBA Party Leader, Craig Cannonier was sworn in as Opposition Leader, Leah Scott is the Acting OBA Leader, and Justin Mathias has resigned as OBA Chairperson.

Asked if there were any constitutional issues with Mr Cannonier replacing Ms Atherden, Ms Scott said, “No, as Ms Atherden resigned when she realized she didn’t have the support of the majority of MPs, therefore creating a vacancy.

She also added, “Contrary to information circulated, all MPs had been invited by email to a meeting with a stated purpose of discussing leadership and strategy, and while eight MPs were able to attend, Ms Atherden, Mr Dunkley and Mr Moniz were not in attendance.”

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  1. Onion Juice says:

    And I thought that Trump’s administration was a popcorn eating event.

    • inna says:

      Trumps administration is the government.. the OBA is an opposition party?

      • Onion Juice says:

        So is Rudy Giuliani Trumps side kick?
        And did OBA invite him to speak at their conference?
        Gotta love it

        • Wahoo says:

          Who cares what you and trump do? Meanwhile your friend Walton just hired a foreigner to fight the hate agenda because he does not think a real Bermudian lawyer is capable. Just like a real Bermudian is not capable of leading us in prayer.

          • Bermudian says:

            Your X leader Jean said the party was coming together numerous times to the media. I think she wanted say it’s coming apart. LOLOL. Looks like the surrogates in the oba/UBP told her to walk the plank.

            Now they need to kick the rest of the UBP out and Wahoo you need to join them.

            • Wahoo says:

              That is what makes you and I different, I do not have a leader and never will. People with leaders are followers.

        • LaV says:


          you really love to prove your stupidity. every. single. time.

        • Truthertz says:

          Can you provide any evidence Giluani spoke at an OBA conference?

          From what I recall Bloomberg did, but not Giulani.

          Sounds like more fake news as usual from your side.

  2. mixitup says:

    And the Sh*t Show continues…

  3. hmmm says:

    Great, start a new party with Kemp! Im tired of the old and never changing PLP and UBP

  4. Vote for Me says:

    It seems as though Matthias ‘hitched his horse to the wrong cart’.

    He does deserve credit, however, for doing the right thing and resigning. He is clearly not on side with the ‘new 8′ of the OBA. His thesis on the news last night about an alliance being the weakest word in politics speaks volumes – he reads books but does not necessarily understand the application.

    If he truly believes what he said, he would have to undertake a renaming of the One Bermuda Alliance if he remained as Chair. It also prompts us to wonder how long he thought that the Alliance was mortally wounded.

    To paraphrase… a quick assent is only matched by a quicker descent… perhaps Michael Fahy was right when he questioned the unusually swift rise of Matthias within the OBA.

  5. Retro says:

    I do feel sorry for Mathias. Hopefully, the breakaway group of the OBA can find a role for him. It’s not good , whatever your political affiliation , to disenfranchise young people who are willing to serve. It’s not as though Bermuda has an endless supply of politically engaged young people.

  6. Time Shall Tell says:

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand” — Abraham Lincoln. OBA please sort yourself out, Bermuda needs a leading party as well as a strong opposition to function properly and maintain international credibility.

    • Harsh reality says:

      Actually that quote should be credited to Jesus Christ. Abraham Lincoln borrowed it from him in his speech but it was Jesus who first said it.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Thanks, for the correction. Always willing to learn something new of value.

  7. red rose says:

    I am glad Mathias has gone – I don’t think it possessed the necessary gravitas that such a position needs. Yes it was great to have a young person there but at the end of the day, you need the right person and I don’t think – at this point in time – it was him.
    His day might come again, but not now. Now the party needs a steady hand and I would honestly encourage Kempe to come back whose stock – due to the actions of others – has risen considerably

  8. Bye bye bye says:

    Good riddance! A child trying to do an adults job! Let’s get the grown ups back up the table versus this “I am young and know everything” attitude! He acted like a scorned child in this situation. What would have been his reaction to true adversity or when the going gets rough? Go back to school or the streets as you can’t learn how to be an adult that comes with time, sacrifice and experience.

    • Got Milk? says:

      you mean like Burt?

    • In With The New says:

      As opposed to the “I’m older so I know everything!” attitude that has created the economical situation that we are currently in?

      • Anbu says:

        Bye bye bye is prob a baby boomer. No surprise as they r mainly responsible for the way every economy is today.

        • question says:

          Most economies are doing great. Unemployment is low, stock markets are at record highs, inflation is under control, and GDP is rising.

          It’s only here that we’re entering another recession.

        • Bye bye bye says:

          Yes I am over 50 but I got my house, my pension and money in the bank! Best wishes to all you younger people who have no future other than waiting for us baby boomers to die! I am spending my money and none left for you! Run the country any way you want.

  9. JohnBoy says:

    He’s looks a tad underdressed to be at Government House I would say.

    • red rose says:


    • Bye bye bye says:

      Disrespectful to be frank! Not old enough to understand that you must dress the part too! Looks like he came from a boat party!

      • Anbu says:

        Aint no pleasing u old farts is there? Lol. Funny enough judging by the way hes dressed, he looks more “bermudian” than anyone else in the photo. Lol

        • sage says:

          No boring old farts (x3), will be there. Bob Marley.

        • Bye bye bye says:

          Looks like a bum! Please…

        • JohnBoy says:

          I’m sure he wouldn’t dress like that to meet the Queen so why would he if he is meeting her representative in Bermuda?

  10. Rocky5 says:

    I think the OBA has now hit the bottom. Just have to work on shedding Moniz, Dunkley & Atherden and replacing with some new liberal, bright, energetic, articulate, MPs.

  11. puzzled says:

    I would freeekan resign to if they put my photo out at a ceremony at Government House wearing shorts, sneakers, et al.
    Man’s an idiot.

    • question says:

      Would you ‘freeekan resign’ if you plastered a movie of yourself on the internet sexually harassing a couple of girls behind a shop counter?

      • Wahoo says:

        Titty milk! Haha! I want my titty milk titty milk titty milk.

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          Funny how the very people who claimed to be so outraged by the comment have no issues making countless jokes in even worse taste about it. Or does the same rules don’t apply to you?

  12. rodney smith says:

    The party needs you . Otherwise you become a flash in a pan . Loyalty is to the Party not a person or leader . You where set up to fail. It’s alright to move fast, but you must have a message otherwise you appear undress for the party . Former leaders and party executives meant well by promoting you but the kitchen gets hot and only one of grand ma’s old aprons can protect you . Don’t feel bad . Craig would still be premier today had he listen to me . You live and learn . He had Shawn and Mark to throw under the bus . NOT HIMSELF . Bad move . So keep your head up . P.S. We could not afford to lose #25 . We needed an older more established person to bring the victory home for the Party .BUT WHOSE’s LISTENINNG ?

    • Coffee says:

      “Loyalty is to the Party not a person or leader .” Rodney , you are so irresponsible. If a PLP hardliner would have said that , every UBP/OBA hack would’ve jump all over that statement…. Loyalty should be to country first ! Get over yourself Rodney .. We would think you , of all people should know better.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Why are we as a people swing voters, knowing the History of your party and what they legislate.
      We have the “his ice is colder” mentality and whats in it for me (personal gain). But we see what they did to Dr. Barbara Ball and anyone else that was of their kin. But we still choose to be used as Surrogate puppets to fight against what our Forefathers fought for.

      • PBanks says:

        If it wasnt for swing voters, PLP wouldn’t have got in in 98, and OBA wouldn’t have shocked the world in 2012. And swing voters were responsible for taking the PLP from a close victory to a massive triumph in 2017.

  13. Dunkley's comments says:

    It was reported that Dunkley was not informed about the purpose of the meeting, now MP Leah Scott says that all OBA MP’s were informed of the purpose of the meeting. If Ms. Scott is correct, than OBA discipline Dunkley so he might finally resign. The information circulating is from Dunkley’s statement. Call him out and get this man under control Ms. Scott he speaks like he is still in charge. He should have stayed on the island if he wanted to attend meetings and you know – do the job we all pay him for, what he thought he should be the Leader again lol?

  14. Onion Juice says:

    He didnt resign because of his dress code, he resigned because the new leader is suspect.

    • PBanks says:

      and OBA supporters wouldn’t have said boo about his choice of footwear if Mathias didn’t resign from the chairperson role.

  15. After ALL of the horror that oba imposed upon BORN BERMUDIANS, through mean, sneaky practices, later for him and his wretched group
    If OBA disintegrates, they will be most deserving of that!!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      It’s totally beyond me how your posts even make it through with all your false hyperbole .(That’s a nice way of saying ‘outright lies’)
      We’re still waiting for an explanation from you on how the OBA smashed people up .

    • wahoo says:

      I am a born Bermudian and if you ever said otherwise to my face I would probably get arrested for assault.

    • Justin says:

      You have no idea how right you are! Vindictive, nasty people, especially to their own when they figured they could get away with it, in the true UBP two faced style. Which is why in the last election, a small but significant number of white folks like myself (probably about 5%) voted PLP. This was a major shift and probably the final nail in the coffin of that classic UBP strategy – assume you take 100% of a high turn out of white voters and do everything you can to encourage a low turnout of black voters by spreading misinformation.

      • Wahoo says:

        You have no idea how unbermudian you sound. Tell me please what the UBP did that would make you say what you say. You are plp and have always been that way.

  16. stormy daniels says:

    Well cannonier got his travelling woes out the way already, our current administration always away. With NOTHING to report, i mean one of them went to a space expo. Earth to mars.

    • I would say PLP hit a snap election to take them rite out and get another mandate to run the Country

      • PBanks says:

        That would be absurdly petty and a waste of time and money. Get an additional guaranteed year in power and the chance to print 32-4 shirts for what?

  17. drunken ursula says:

    Justin how can you leave us (chairman) poor empty Nandi as chairperson Lord help us all ! Craig please remove Nandi from the Senate she has proven herself useless… we all welcome Nick Kempe back.

  18. Nabba says:

    I see all Somerset colours there…