OBA Senators: Marcus Jones, Dwayne Robinson

November 2, 2018

[Updated] Marcus Jones and Dwayne Robinson have been appointed as OBA Senators, the One Bermuda Alliance announced this morning.

“Marcus Jones, who stood for the PLP in the 2012 election, is joined by Dwayne Robinson, one half of ‘It’s That Type of Party’, a political and social commentary content creating platform, who has also been appointed to the Senate by Party leader Craig Cannonier,” the OBA said.

“I can appreciate the diversity of the OBA,” said Mr Jones. “My ideas for economic prosperity are also more in line with the OBA than the PLP. A big part, also, is Craig Cannonier. His passion and vision for this country got my attention and prompted me to offer my assistance.”

Dwayne Robinson and Marcus Jones

OBA Senators Bermuda Nov 2 2018 (1)

The OBA said, “Mr Jones has filled the role as Director of Finance for several hotels locally, one of which was Elbow Beach Resort and overseas at the Novotel Toronto Centre in Canada. But his crowning achievement was being responsible for opening three hotels on the island – The Wharf Executive Suites, Grape Bay Beach Hotel and 9 Beaches Resort in the capacity of General Manager.

“He was educated at West End Primary School, Warwick Academy and at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, where he earned his B.A. Degree in Economics. He started his own hospitality consultancy business, Covenant Hospitality Solutions Ltd and one of the assignments he undertook was as a Project Leader for the Economic Empowerment Zone Agency, where he was instrumental in launching an EEZ designation in the East End.”

He added: “I am concerned for the future of the next generation, having a strong economy that can create jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities and paying off our debt. Despite the challenges facing us, Bermuda has a great future and I see opportunities for Bermuda to re-invent itself, diversify its income streams and reform its immigration laws to satisfy the wide cross-section of its residents.”

Nick Kempe, Dwayne Robinson, Marcus Jones and Craig Cannonier

OBA Senators Bermuda Nov 2 2018 (2)

The OBA said, “Mr Robinson, 24, has spent five years in the hospitality industry and has worked for the last two years in the grocery business.

“He has a background in advertising and marketing being the co-founder of ‘It’s That Type of Party’, a political and social commentary content creating platform, as well as the co-founder of the newly founded production team ‘Superbia Productions’, and the founder of ‘Neo Apex Productions’ a content creating team that deals primarily in fashion and modelling.”

“I wanted to get involved because I believe I can bring a different perspective to the political arena and can advocate for the under-represented younger generation and the arts community,” he said.

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said: “The OBA is a diverse party that believes in inclusion and I welcome Marcus with open arms. He is an experienced and astute person.

“I have known Dwayne for many years and I have been greatly impressed by his knowledge, enthusiasm and ability. Alongside Nick Kempe as Senate Leader, Dwayne and Marcus gives us a very talented Senate team.”

Audio: Mr Jones speaks first, then Mr Robinson

Update 12.08pm: Alexa Lightbourne, Chair of the PLP Women’s Caucus said, “The PLP acknowledges the selection of new OBA Senators. Marcus resigned from the PLP in 2016, we wish him well as he serves.

“It is unfortunate however, that the One Bermuda Alliance, under Craig Cannonier, have made Senate appointments which show a lack of gender diversity.

“One must wonder if there are no qualified or willing women to serve under Craig Cannonier in the Senate as his return to leadership has cut short the political careers of three promising young women in Nandi Outerbridge, Robyn Swan and Victoria Cunningham.

“In 4 1/2 years the OBA doubled our debt and 2000 jobs were lost. Public services from buses, to trash collection, and schools were left to suffer while over $100 million was spent on the America’s Cup.

“The PLP was elected to transform Bermuda’s economy for the future, and our policies which will put development and investment in Bermudians which will yield long term benefits.

“The PLP is committed to building a better and fairer Bermuda and our diverse Senate team will ensure that message is carried in the Upper house during the next Parliamentary session.”

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  1. Onion Juice says:

    Nice choice of Surrogates, nice to see that Cannonaire preaching diversity, but your policies cater to your base.

    • Craigtrump says:

      Really OBAUBP…



    • Wahoo says:

      Diversity scares you.

    • LOL says:

      He pump up Marcus Jones in his entire speech but didn’t say nothing much about Dwayne Robinson. It’s not hard to see which one is just a fill in to help them look diverse. Craig Trump will be out next election and Nick will be leader thus kicking out the UBP. What BS the oba is the UBP.

    • Wow weeeeeee says:

      I can’t wait to hear the young Senator comment on a Bill without reading a prepared text.

  2. Onion Juice says:

    All the best.

    • Real talk says:

      The oba (UBP) will place a black face as the head of their party to try and flipflop black voters back, then fire them for a white person whenever they regain power, and the cycle will continue. They literally only have one strategy.

      • question says:

        The PLP/UBP put a Ewart stand-in in their ministerial ranks in order to disguise Ewart’s continued influence. His lapdog will make sure regular $1.2m remittances go off to the overseas millionaire. In the meantime we have taxes on food, rising medical costs, our children wait for buses that don’t come, and the island is over-run with rats.

        • Ok says:

          So I guess the oba/UBP doesn’t desire to have all the black voters return that help the UBP remain in power all those years. Why didn’t you just we are not wanted. So the next election can be worse than the 25 to 11 beat down.

          • Question says:

            One of the political parties is racially diverse, and the other one is not. One cares about diversity, the other one does not. It’s simple really.

      • Heineken says:

        Are you happy that your party are taking you, or haven’t you even noticed?

      • Question says:

        The PLP/OBA put a white face in as their minister for transport. They literally only have one strategy.

        • Onion Juice says:

          The only reason why some white people dont openly support PLP or the Union is because they will be ostrisized and excluded from the undeserved privileged circle.
          Just like Dr.Barbara Ball and others.

    • Swing Vote no more says:

      These 2 men need to purchase Jim Woolrridge book.

      As stated in his book “those little white boys don’t mind you being in charge as long as they can tell you what to do – “The House That Jack Built” by the Hon. C.V. (Jim) Woolridge.

      As of today not one person in the OBA aka UBP has denied his words. Craig Trump says that the party is (d) = diverse but all I see is (D) desperation.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Another quote . ‘We had to deceive you’

        • Wow says:

          But yet you don’t even make a remark about Jim’s book and you wonder why so many voters like me and my family departed from the oba.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            Jim Woolridge was a good man right to the end. He called things as he saw them and I have no qualms with that at all.

          • Wahoo says:

            Jim was a great man and would likely regret that you would use his line. You did not depart Oba and he was never even a part of the oba.

            • Ok says:

              Oba UBP is the same party if 25 to 11 seats didn’t teach you Lolol. Jim already told us how you use the PEOPLE. Same message you sending now by fronting these 2 men in a party that’s 97% white voter base. You kick the smartest man/ Dunkely out as leader to replace him with Craig Trump.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        You can all say what you want after you get yours. Jim never heard a peep until he retired an was out of the game. All politicians tell you want you want to hear while they’re making money off you.

  3. watching says:

    Oh Geez. This is hilarious.

  4. watching says:

    Even Kempe is laughing at how ridiculous this is!

  5. DeOnion says:

    Fascinating – I wonder how many more PLP people will follow?

    • watching says:

      he long since resigned from the PLP. This is hardly new.

  6. tearsbeforebedtime says:

    I’m enjoying the concerted and clearly organised attack by the other posters in this thread. Each one is attacking the choice of black Bermudians, and disparaging them, indeed, disrespecting them, by calling them surrogates. Would you say that to their face?

    Would be be ok for the OBA to call Zane DeSilva a surrogate? No, of course not, and they would not even stoop so low as to do so.

    If that’s the best you can come up with for people who just want the best for Bermuda, then more fool you when the PLP continue to drive YOU into the ground.

    Try looking at policy, you may find a few interesting areas of debate within your own party.

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    You know when Craig Cannonier is doing the right thing by the noise coming from Alaska Hall telling him how wrong he is.

  8. sandgrownan says:

    “..In 4 1/2 years the OBA doubled our debt and 2000 jobs were lost. Public services from buses, to trash collection, and schools were left to suffer while over $100 million was spent on the America’s Cup…”

    Yet another disingenuous PLP crap. No idea, no plan, no clue. And the economy continues to slide deeper into a hole.

    • Double S says:

      The truth doesn’t matter. Only the fact that their supporters will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

    • question says:

      The fact that the PLP has to lie about this every time they speak makes you wonder what kind of a bunch of morons they actually are.

    • Stop says:

      All true statements! My company had 3 business proposals to hire 260 Bermudians in front of OBA for transportation projects and all were shut down because of AC because Bob Richards said “we have no money” yet he found 100,000,000 to bring their friends to a sailing ⛵️ event! **** the OBA!

  9. Bermy Believer says:

    Mr. Cannonier you get back in and put your son’s friend into the senate. Are you even interested in forming a strong Opposition? Please tell us the people who foot the bill for the senate, what level of political experience does Mr. Robinson bring to the table?

    • Hmmmm says:

      OMG Lololololol. Thought I had seen him before in a few videos bashing the PLP. Another confuse man. He will learn later but than again with Craig there acting like the parties diverse dammm we all know the truth. Have fun getting a extra paycheck for the losing team.

  10. Bermewjan says:

    Wow! Talk about a friends and family plan.

  11. Me says:

    The PLP are worried as they keep spending theirway out of a hole and getting us nowherethe OBA will be stronger next election all theplp can do is tell mistruths and divide us

    • Important says:

      The only way you will be strong is if black voters Flip flop back to this oba or Ubp club,Its not going to happen if your 95% white voter base keeps knocking down blacks in the PLP saying they cant get the job done. When you under the history of what black people had to deal with by whites you might just win using a different approach Your bloggers only add fuel to a black persons fire.

  12. Let's Keep It Real says:

    They speak about the OBA leadership. Is not Zane(PLP) a Premier/Deputy Premier in waiting? Who would Ewart vote for? Let’s wait and see.

  13. Somebody's momma says:

    Where are the women in the new OBA Senate team?

  14. ondarock says:

    Looks like OBA LOST ME ALSO. he is a kid with no political experiences PLP DID NOT WANT SO HE RUNS TO THE OBA