MP Dunkley: “Time To Bring The Party Together”

October 1, 2018

Michael Dunkley will not put his name forward for the position of OBA Leader, he has confirmed, saying that “now is the time to bring the party together, to build the party and to bring renewed energy and enthusiasm to the important work that must be done.”

There had been speculation that Mr Dunkley, the former OBA Leader and Premier, might stand for leader in the OBA’s internal process, with nominations due in at noon today.

The Smiths North MP was not one of the eight MPs who moved to replace former leader Jeanne Atherden, who was “invited” to resign last month, after eight MPs threw their support behind Craig Cannonier, who is also a former leader of the OBA.

The leadership change is one of many the OBA has had over the past year, with the party making multiple changes since the election in 2017.

Leah Scott is currently serving as the Acting OBA Leader and Craig Cannonier has already been sworn in as Opposition Leader, as while they are generally regarded as the same thing, the OBA Leader and Opposition Leader are not, technically speaking, exactly the same thing, as the OBA leader is selected by the party, while the Opposition Leader is officially appointed by the Governor.

As only OBA MPs can stand for leader, it is now extremely likely that Mr Cannonier will be appointed as OBA Leader by acclamation today.

Mr Dunkley said, “There has been a great deal of speculation on whether I would put my name forward during the nomination period to be the leader of the One Bermuda Alliance.

“After a great deal of pressure, support and consideration I have decided not to submit a nomination.

“The OBA has gone through a difficult period since the last election- many opposition members have not been effective to this point and there has been a leadership change.

“Now is the time to bring the party together, to build the party and to bring renewed energy and enthusiasm to the important work that must be done. Now is also the time to demonstrate to the people of Bermuda that no matter how difficult the challenge, the OBA will stand together for the betterment of our people.

“I have served in many leadership positions and with my experience and at this point in life it is not always necessary to be the focal leader.

“I can use my experience, ability and enthusiasm in other ways and I am willing to work with my colleagues to do what is required for the OBA and Bermuda.

“We can and must hold all our leaders to account in their service with transparency, responsibility, accountability and integrity. These values must transcend words and promises.

“For the many who have expressed concerns about leadership past and present I encourage you to be an active part of ensuring that the leadership consistently actions these values.”

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  1. Alicia says:

    I was wondering how long it would take him to wade in. It’s always been all about Michael which is a big reason why the OBA is the size it is…

    • Loanne says:

      No, it’s because the OBA is full of useless and lazy saps. Dunkley isn’t my pick but he works at least.

  2. Time Shall Tell says:

    So you’re interested in bringing the party together since you’re the part of the party that certain segments of your own party wants to distance itself from? You guys need to have an official press secretary that does all of the public address for your party. The fact that different segments of the party are all publicly expression different directions that the party should move forward does nothing more than exposing how much in shambles the party really is. Sort out your affairs internally then come to the public, if you can’t keep your own party in order then how do you expect confidence from the public to put you in a position of running the country?

    • Not exactly says:

      Dunkley needs to stop talking. He is not on Party Executive nor does he hold a Leadership position so he should not speak to Party matters.

      • question says:

        So on that basis perhaps Chris Famous could STFU.

  3. Loanne says:

    OBA is doomed if Cannonier (Fahy) is their only option.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Saw an old clip of Fahey last night on the news and had a nightmare in my sleep that he was back in action.
      Was very relieved when I woke up knowing that it was just a terrible dream.
      I wish the news would not do it again.

  4. Rocky5 says:

    Mr. Dunkley has never won an election as a Party Leader. He should have taken the hint and retired from politics back in 2007.

    • Wow says:

      He has not won based on his color now we put Craig Trump in as leader, May the gods help us. From the fire pan into the fire.

      • dualpower says:

        Good grief. It’s frying pan, not fire pan. If you can’t even get that right, why on earth are we trusting you to vote?

        Interesting though that you admit we are already in the brown stuff.

  5. Vote for Me says:

    Game on….. best of 7. Cannonier vs. Dunkley

    now is the time to bring the party together, to build the party and to bring renewed energy and enthusiasm to the important work that must be done.”

    After a great deal of pressure, support and consideration I have decided not to submit a nomination.

    Does Dunkley really believe he had a chance in beating Cannonier in an OBA leadership contest??

    Cannonier 2, Dunkley 0

  6. Not exactly says:

    Stop talking. Why does Dunkley make everything about himself?

  7. sandgrownan says:

    DDS is in full view today.

    (Dunkley Derangement Syndrome)

  8. Wrong says:

    You mean “Dunkely’s Delusional Syndrome” – he just can’t admit that he failed! The more he talks the more stupid he appears to us all!

  9. craig says:

    he is a legend in his own mind

  10. Hello OBAubpers says:

    True the pressure out on Dunkley prevented him from putting his name forward….

    But Dunkley wants a post in a ministry,..his ego is big,,
    But he might take on the role of pulling the strings from behind…lol…

  11. Kathy says:

    Time for Dunkley and Gibbons to step down. They are old money, white Bermuda and no one will see them as anything else. Time to pass the torch to the young talent of Bermuda who might possibly be able to see an integrated Bermuda that everyone is looking for!

    • Just Say No says:

      Gibbons did. Both by the way are relatively new money, made in the last century. Gibbons Co made its name during WW1 as other merchants enlisted.