Video: Interview With OBA Cannonier & Scott

October 10, 2018

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier and Deputy OBA Leader Leah Scott are speaking with Bernews this afternoon [Oct 10], sitting down for a live interview with journalist Don Burgess.

Mr Cannonier, who previously led the Party stepping down amidst the ‘JetGate’ matter back in 2014, returned to the leadership position after Jeanne Atherden was “invited” to resign last month, with eight of the eleven OBA MPs having expressed their support for Mr Cannonier.

After being appointed as OBA Leader, Mr Cannonier said, “The time has come for the OBA to stand as a party in its own right. While we cannot, and should not, ignore past successes, the OBA has to change course and carry on what it started in 2012.

“This OBA will be the Loyal Opposition that our country needs and, in time, we will be the Government that our country expects,” Mr Cannonier added.

Bernews Interviews Live Video TC Craig Cannonier and  Leah Scott Bermuda Oct 10 2018

Mr Cannonier just announced a new Shadow Cabinet which he said “serves to emphasise the One Bermuda Alliance’s change in course,” with the new format seeing Trevor Moniz, Jeanne Atherden and Michael Dunkley no longer serve in the Shadow Cabinet.

Scott Pearman was named Shadow Minister of Legal Affairs replacing Mr Moniz, Nick Kempe was announced as the new Shadow Finance Minister replacing Ms Atherden, and Ben Smith added National Security, while also keeping Social Development and Sports, replacing Michael Dunkley.

The changes to the Shadow Cabinet were the latest in a series of changes for the OBA. The party also recently changed their Chairperson, with Justin Mathias resigning and being replaced by Simone Barton, and Mr Cannonier also announced a new Senate Leader, with Nick Kempe returning to the Senate.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 32-minute replay is below

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  1. Bermuda and Bermudians are no longer of the old mindset as many in our distant past, so everything said here today sounds genuine, but the proof comes when you live according to what you have spoken, Politics is a nasty arena, but someone has to do it, and I would say that the present Government need to continue to pay attention to the people of the Country, because as much as we might think that there are far to many swing voters that would fall for this interview, let me be the first to say on my own behalf, I do not follow any one political entity, but I wholly hold accountable, those in whom I put my trust in for my future and the future of my children and grandchildren.

    Mr. Cannonier has been were most have not been and has been given the opportunity to redeem himself, and if he will continue on his God given path, it may really shock some, of just how far god will take him, The Millennials of our day is not interested in those who are committed to our long history of die-hard supporters of the U.B.P or P.L.P, they are more interested in moving forward, so it pays to pay attention to who is coming behind, while still trying to balance the importance of were we have come from.

    This Country has suffered greatly mainly in the Black community and this can not go un-dealt with, White privilege has dealt a serious blow to us individually and collectively, and as much as we can pick on the P.L.P and talk about the debt ratio of what they supposedly created, it still does not deal with the real reason to why we live in an un-affordable country and why the cost of doing business is outrageous, and the affordability of just trying to survive is at it’s all time high.

    Mr. Cannonier Thank you for getting rid of the cancer in the arm of the O.B.A, but the real work is yet to be done, when it comes to dealing with the have’s and the have not’s in our society, and just don’t make the mistake of catering to those who think you owe them because they hold the wealth.

    The greatest challenge is to level the playing field, and one of the greatest areas for me, is dealing with Status Bermudians who now have the same rights as the born Bermudian, but deals with the born Bermudians in their work establishments, as we are beneath them and not equal to them, especially the Status Bermudians who have now become business owners, and then the many of them who exploit the Bermudian worker and do not pay their benefits, like social insurance and secondary pensions, and many cases have been reported, and these cases go un-dealt with by the former government administration, and now seemingly the same thing is still happening under the present government.

    So when will real justice be done, Mr. Cannonier you said a young man had stopped you and said he had to steal his lunch for that day, but yet if he got caught, we would have seen him before the courts, but we do not see any of the employers who are stealing from their employees before the courts at anytime, so this needs to be fixed and fixed now.

    Bermudians are tire of the rhetoric of just hearing what needs to be done, we want action of what has to be done, so P.L.P, take this as a enlightenment of what is to come should you lose your way, and O.B.A, take it as a reminder of why you are were you are.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Ya thanking him for getting rid of the cancer in the arm, but it’s spread through the body after he praised Michael Fahey.

    • Surprised says:

      Can’t believe you we’re allowed all the free press of hot air nonsense

      • Onion Juice says:

        Its called Democracy,but I guess he hit a nerve.

      • frank says:

        mr c is doomed to fail so is the deputy
        first thing he should do is tell the truth about jet gate
        I don’t know why educated people think they can some how make a difference by joining forces with the same folks that held you back
        and he knows that don’t be fooled

  2. Jus' Askin' says:


  3. me says:

    start with equality for all Bermudians to marry lets move forward

  4. Same Love says:

    #Bermuda The Referendum FAILED – yet the PLP used Trumpian lies to claim 68% of Bermudians opposed Same-Sex Marriage.
    That is a BOLD FACED LIE. Only 14,000 Bermudians out of 44,000 registered voters said NO.
    That is only 31%
    #DropTheAppeal #LoveWins

    Looking for LEADERSHIP for #Equality & #HumanRights

    • Stand For Truth says:

      Same Love: those of you promoting this lifestyle continue to say it is about love, first of all you and those of you who are promoting this lifestyle globally do not know every single person who partakes in this lifestyle.

      As if this group of individuals do not commit physical and verbal violence against each other. This is how you know if is propaganda because they want the people to believe is rooted in love and that’s it.

  5. watching says:

    this interview was not inspiring at all.

    • Bumbling bear says:


    • Tell the truth! says:

      Just a few weeks after he said he will tell all, he is now saying that it was JUST A JET RIDE!


    • Paul says:

      The interview wss a farce,but the truth is coming out.

  6. Angus says:

    Nothing of substance in this interview. Everyone knows what we need, been said and agreed over and over by all. Needs to be executed now, and without the “friends and family package” which both parties suffer from. The whole immigration issue is a red hearing. No way you going to bring in new people to add to the population with immigration changes. These changes may stop PRCs from leaving, but won’t bring new people to Bermuda. And to make changes in immigration to stop some from leaving while others are forced to leave does not set well socially.

    An immediate change of course requires an immediate new stream of jobs. Fintech won’t, if it survives the startup phase, and most startup fail, be an immediate stream of new jobs on the island. A small handful maybe, and maybe decades later, should we survive, a few more jobs.

    Get back to basics, tackle some of the low lying fruit in the CS, reduce the debt, nationalise healthcare and drive the profits down to reduce the overall cost. Drastic times require drastic measures. Think outside the box on new revenue streams – not just the IB model applied to a new sector. So much can be done so quickly if only the focus of the efforts was better targeted.

  7. kevin says:

    Can I please put it out there that after 15 years of plp governing this island that its time to give up blaming it on the white priviledge Fact living on an island is expensive Fact the plp failed miserably in power without a single initiative on economic growth. All of the failed ” Friends and Family ” deals led to 100 of millions of dollars over Budgets for projects …you want to cry “white priviledge I see only incompetence and you voted them in so accept much of the blame …yes you voted them in and they have no idea they will screw up education they will screw up our seniors and everyones pension….why …simply because they don’t know what to do

    • Onion Juice says:

      So are you saying white privilede dont exist and doesnt have an effect on our social,economic and political enviroment?
      And I have a bridge to sell you.

      • LocaliCartel says:

        There is undeniably a correlation between skin colour and socio-economic status, but no longer is there causality. There is no evidence to suggest that a black individual is at less of an advantage than a white individual with a comparable upbringing, and a white individual with a sub-par upbringing is certainly at more of a disadvantage than a black individual with a good one. It’s culture, not race.

  8. Surprised says:

    How does a fella whose ‘JetGate’ thing is under police investigation is leading her majesty’s loyal opposition. Dunkley and Gibbons what’s happening to your party?

  9. Tell the truth! says:

    Just a few weeks after he said he will tell all, he is now saying that it was JUST A JET RIDE!


  10. Say What? says:

    You tell him Leah. “Changing Course!” Not the overused term “Moving Forward.”

  11. PANGAEA says:

    Me first ! Me second ! if any thing left over, me again.

    If B.S. were music they would have a bras band.

    When you talk about politics why does peoples hair always stand on end ?

    You never listened to the people before, what makes you think you will listen next time round.

    Did you just say in so many words, you dont know !

    You can not give what you dont have.

    Do you need me to show you how to tie your shoe laces.

    Never treat people for fools.

  12. Robert N Marley says:

    If you are going to lie, you need to have a great memory. HE said in 2013 that they did indeed discuss gaming and yesterday he felt out denied that gaming was a topic. TELL THE TRUTH CRAIG AND LEAH.