Video: Interview With OBA’s Nick Kempe

October 30, 2018

Shadow Finance Minister Nick Kempe is speaking with Bernews this afternoon [Oct 30], sitting down for a live interview with journalist Don Burgess, and you can tune in below.

In September of this year the OBA announced that Mr Kempe would rejoin the One Bermuda Alliance where he would serve the Party’s new Senate leader, and he was also later announced as the Shadow Finance Minister.

Nick Kempe FB Live Interview TC

Mr Kempe, who previously served as an OBA Senator and as Party Chairman, resigning as Chairman back in November 2017, rejoined the OBA after Craig Cannonier was re-appointed as Opposition Leader, saying, “After a year of apathy and silence from the Opposition, I was pleased to see Craig Cannonier lead the Parliamentary group in into action. This gave me hope all was not lost. I am rejoining the OBA now after a year away because Craig agrees we must change course.”

During this interview we plan to ask the Shadow Finance Minister about his views on the economy, taxation,  politics, the living wage and more, and you can tune in live below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 33-minute replay is below

If you want to listen ‘on the go’, you can also access the audio only version of this interview, and all our past interviews, in the podcast section of the Bernews app.

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Comments (10)

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  1. DeOnion says:

    Interesting interview – I like the way he did not set out just to bash the Government and took the high ground. Nice.

    • Wake up Bie says:

      Because he trying to attract the black swing voters back in the oba=UBP. It’s no secret which race decides who wins every election in Bermuda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Account for this says:

    Be wary of the Trojan horse approach. Be seen to be supportive but watch the other hand!

  3. Dready says:

    With Cannon man the leader, OBA is going no where!

    • question????? says:

      They trying to use the same tactic having a black leader to generate black votes. Makes you wonder why a party like the OBA that’s 98% white voters…………. after the last bashing election…….why would they place him there hmmmm.

    • JAYBIRD says:

      I love how we talk about political parties as if its a sporting contest. The bottom line is that the only winner or loser when its all said and done is Bermuda itself. I don’t think we’re winning at this point in time…

  4. Me says:

    When all the money is gone we will take anybody to save us

  5. PANGAEA says:

    Import duty and Payrol tax is ” Double Dip”

    Import Duty Paytrol Tax and Land Tax is ” Triple Dip”

    Do they think we are made of money ?

    Nobody said any thing about the banking and insurance industries ?

    The sugar tax is grossly unfair, over weight people should consult with their doctor.

    It was sheer luck we did not get a 10 million dollar Hurricane this year.

    Advice :
    Re negotiate the national debt.
    Free city parking.
    Who is over paid and under paid
    Cut wastefull Gov vehicle spending .
    Transporting cruise visitors to the beach does not help the over all economy.
    Tax only on a floating seasonal economy.