Bermuda Taekwondo Competes In Louisville

November 5, 2018

The Bermuda Taekwondo Association recently competed in Louisville, Kentucky at the 32rd annual HMA US Open Tae Kwon Do Championship, hosted by Grandmaster Jung Oh Hwang and attracting “approximately 800 competitors with just as many spectators.”

A spokesperson said, “Four members of the Bermuda Taekwondo Association, along with family members, accompanied Master Richard A. Smith and Senior Instructor Laurie Zuill to this event which was held on Saturday, October 20th, 2018. The competition events were Board Breaking, Forms, and Sparring [fighting].

“Red belt competitor 22 year old Eric O’Connor, in his first appearance at this competition, managed to achieve second place in both forms and board breaking. There were some very good competitors in this group, but Eric rose to the challenge and gave a good performance, much to the delight of his Mom who was there to see and support him.

“Red belt competitor eight year old Cody Cabral, in his third appearance competing at this competition, managed to achieve first places in sparring and board breaking and a second place in forms. With his excited Dad by his side, Cody has already indicated that he is looking forward to competing in next year’s event and doing even better.

“Green belt competitor 9 year old Torian Cann, in his first appearance at this competition, found the going a little more difficult than expected, but with a concentrated effort managed to achieve a first place in forms and a second place in board breaking. He was supported by his Mom, Papa and Nana, who were all very proud of his performance.”

The Bermuda group:

Bermuda Taekwondo Association November 2018

“Green belt competitor 7 year old James Lema, also in his first appearance at this competition managed to achieve a first place in forms and a second place in board breaking. Being the smallest and youngest competitor to compete from Bermuda this year, it did not stop James from giving a powerful performance, much to the delight of his Dad and Mom who were there to see it.

“Master Smith, who has been attending this competition for the last 17 years, was very proud of all of his students and their performances, and exceptionally honoured by how the students presented themselves as representatives of Bermuda.

“Overall the competition was a huge success and all of the competitors and their families enjoyed the spirit of the trip and the whole day of competition. Master Smith extended a well deserved ‘Thank you’ to Grandmaster Hwang and all of his students who helped to make the event another overwhelming success and for their hospitality towards the Bermuda group.

“Grandmaster Hwang has once again extended an open invitation to Master Smith and his school to attend next year’s competition which will take place once again in Louisville, Kentucky in October 2019.

“The Bermuda group returned to Bermuda a day after the competition to show off their trophies and metals to the students of the Bermuda Taekwondo Association that were unable to attend.”

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