Daylight Saving: Time To Fall Back, Bermuda

November 3, 2018

Bermuda’s sleep lovers will soon be able to enjoy an extra hour of sleep, with the end of Daylight Saving Time bringing a one-hour rollback on the clocks and a precious extra hour of slumber.

Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday [Nov 4] at 2.00am. As you set your clocks back one hour, the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service reminds Bermudians to also take the opportunity to make another change that could save lives, changing the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    This 9 to 5 stuff does not work any more.

    Walking around the country wearing a blue suit kissing the kids was ok 30 years ago but not today.

    Competition from other tourist destinations is unrelentingair travel makes it posible.

    Any sucessfull business to day has only made it by employing staff on flexi ~ time , or 9 to 9 or establishing shift work.

    Here is a hard one” Pease Work” you are paid for what you produce.

    There is a restaurant near colectors hill which is operated on the shift work principal and the only business I know of where you have to wait to pay.

    Other clasic example are B.E.L.Co ; K.E.M.H. and the Bermuda Police Service.

    If this island of ours is to make progress every body has to up their game .

    We have had it too good for too long, time to make the changeto encourage visitors all year round.


    I want our visitors to depart with tears in their eyes.

    Either this counrty is open for business or it is not.

    NO MORE STRIKES ! every body looses.

    The more hours you create the more people you will employ.

    • Optimism says:

      Trying to work out what your comments have to do with daylight saving time. Spell it out for me please.

  2. PANGAEA says:


    This is all about time, or to put it another way time is money.

    This so caledl daylight saving may be good for some places on the planet but not here in Bermuda .

    We are half way there with Harbour nights.

    If we are to succeed we have to make use of every every minute of the day and night,

    hey ! taxi drivers work at night, and so do alot of people who want to get a head.

    To take it one step futrher for example why can I not buy a car at 8.30 PM .

    Evening shopping can be alot of fun for the whole family.

    The definition of a true profesional is one who does not down tools a 4.45 PM.

  3. Me says:

    Hamilton evacuates at 5pm a joke shops need ro ooen and close later