Roadside Sobriety Checkpoint Video Released

December 20, 2018

Officials released a roadside sobriety checkpoint educational video today, saying it “will serve as a tool to further inform the public about what to expect when going through a sobriety checkpoint and serves to aid in the overall effort to decrease drink driving in Bermuda.”

Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva and Police Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell held a press conference today in order to provide more information on the initiative.

Roadside Sobriety Checkpoint Video Premiere Bermuda Dec 2018

Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva said, “Thank you for joining us today as we premiere a new roadside sobriety checkpoint educational video. This video will serve as a tool to further inform the public about what to expect when going through a sobriety checkpoint and serves to aid in the overall effort to decrease drink driving in Bermuda.

“You will begin to see this video in various places around the island including The Transport Control Department, CITV, social media and more as we further roll out this piece.

“It was important to this Ministry that this video depict sobriety checkpoints using Bermuda scenery and Bermudian residents as actors – and actors only. We all know that some things hit closer to home when they are relatable.

“I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that we are partners in this work – to decrease drink driving – with many other great organizations, and we are proud to do our part.

“Education surrounding roadside sobriety checkpoints are increasingly important as we enter into this holiday season. If you intend to consume alcohol, do so responsibly. Have a strategy for getting home without driving impaired. Plan ahead this holiday and think before you drink.”

Police Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell said, “I have reviewed this video and can confirm it is a very accurate depiction of what you can expect when you arrive at a road side sobriety check point. Well done to all those that put this information video together.

“Since 23rd Sept when road side sobriety check points were initiated some 61 drivers have been arrested for impaired driving offences and have either already appeared in the Magistrates Court or are scheduled to appear. All will receive disqualifications and a hefty fine. Our roads policing unit consider these 61 arrests to be lives saved in our mission to create safer roads and save lives.

“It has been the Bermuda Police Service position since the inception of road side sobriety check points that we are not here to catch you. We hope that we act as a further deterrent to not take the chance and consume alcohol and then drive.

“This deterrence is anticipated to have the knock on effect of reducing the number of collisions on our roads, particularly the ones that end in fatality – we know most of these involve alcohol through our investigations.

“Over Christmas and New Year, commencing this coming weekend road side sobriety check operations will be launched across the island. Road side sobriety check points increase the chance of you being caught if you are going to take a chance.

“We all need to be committed to getting through the Christmas period without the further loss of life or serious injuries on the roads. The Bermuda Police Service wishes all a happy and safe Christmas.”

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  1. sage says:

    The “we are not here to catch you” mantra is so ridiculous, as law enforcement it is your job to catch criminals. Why are speed traps not conducted in plain sight with prior notification too? Cops sit off and target third lane riders in blitzes that are solely designed to catch as many offenders as possible, why treat drunk drivers differently when you claim you know most fatalities involve alcohol?

  2. Local Bermudian says:

    You lot are a joke
    ! You had to use a song that says mi nuh carry feelings mi carry mi gun dem .

  3. MM says:

    I think it is good that a video has been produced, it will help all of us to reali see what is likely to happen at a checkpo int. I have one question, how long a period is it from arrest to the court app erance ? The folks reading 67 persons arr ested since September might feel that is an average of 6 per weekend and may feel comfortable in taking a chance. Had the office said, all person’s arrested on suspicion of driving drunk appear in court within two weeks of the arrest that would be a rather sobering message , and would say all parties are working hard to address drunken driving.

  4. The kid says:

    how come they dont just breathalyze first through the window like civilized countries elsewhere….then if they are over toss them into the car… no need to give the stand on one foot test….. and cuffs !! what and why is that..