Road Sobriety Checkpoints From Jan 25th – 27th

January 16, 2019

According to today’s [Jan 16] official notices, the Bermuda Police Service will be conducting road sobriety checkpoints from Friday, 25 January to Sunday, 27 January; with the checkpoints set to take place in six parishes – Hamilton Parish, Devonshire, Paget, Pembroke, Warwick and Southampton.

The full Road Sobriety Checkpoint Notice 2019 follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Kathy Cervino says:

    PLP, please REMOVE this law from our books that the Police have to publish in advance where the road sobriety checkpoints will be. The police should be out every single night in different parts of the island doing checkpoints. The checkpoints should be a surprise and the punishment for traveling on the roads whilst intoxicated or under other forms of substance abuse should be severe.

    Why do we baby our criminals? Do we want more people killed on our roads? The idea should be to protect our citizens who respect the law with vigor and punish those heavily those citizens who take chances with their lives and other people’s lives and simply don’t respect the law.

    • Chris Nelson says:

      They are advertised as a deterrent. They are not specifically there to catch offenders.

      • sage says:

        Sounds like dereliction of duty but that is the oft-repeated mantra of “law enforcement” and others. Speed traps on the other hand…

        • question says:

          The idea is to reduce criminal acts by deterrence.
          And if the deterrence doesn’t work, they have the roadblocks.

  2. John says:

    PBS really won’t conduct checkpoints in every parish listed for those three days

  3. No sense says:

    Chris, if this approach is right then how come hiding in the bushes or bus stop with the radar gun is ok ? Telling people where the breath test is is BS. Sandys bars must be thriving as they seem afraid to have it up there !