Coinsquare Acquires Crypto Platform StellarX

February 17, 2019

Coinsquare — a cryptocurrency trading platform — announced it has acquired StellarX.

“StellarX will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Coinsquare, based in Bermuda and will look to apply with the regulators there to become licensed to operate and scale its offering under Coinsquare’s compliance leadership,” the company said.

“The acquisition of StellarX comes on the heels of Coinsquare’s December 2018 acquisition of BlockEQ, which will be rebranded to become the anchor wallet for the StellarX platform.”

“We are deeply committed to ensuring that the cryptocurrency market thrives, and adoption is key”, said Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare. “Stellar is the fastest payment network in the world and we see enormous potential to create industry leading services on StellarX to further broader adoption”.

StellarX is the first full-featured trading app for Stellar’s universal marketplace. It operates as a true decentralized exchange, meaning users retain sole custody of their funds, trades are executed against other users, and StellarX has no access to funds.

Megha Bambra, BlockEQ cofounder, will now lead StellarX. Megha and her new team of Toronto-based developers will continue to build out the product roadmap announced by Stellar last fall. As part of the acquisition, StellarX will continue to operate and grow under its own brand.

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  1. Red rose says:

    And this means what for bermuda?

  2. DeOnion says:

    Ok, most of this baffles me but as far as i can see both coinsquare and stellerX are basically apps that allow trading? So jobs-wise …..?

    • Really says:

      I’m really baffled at you all that’s pushing this where is the jobs agenda but where mouse quiet when it came to the OBA actually promising jobs and gave you a specific amount they would create and so far we ain’t seen one. Infact quite the opposite we have seen 2000 jobs lost under them so why we are not lighting the torches and raising the pitchforks at them for their lies? You alls hyprocrosy is in plain sight and we see it.

      • question says:

        So are jobs important to you or not?
        The only expansion in the economy going on right now is coming as a result of OBA initiatives. Suddenly, discussing job creation seems to offend PLP supporters. You seem fine with the fact that the PLP has not said it will create a single job, and it has succeeded in that. No economic expansion, higher taxes, higher cost of living, austerity, and no new jobs. And you all seem to be fine with that.