Animal Cruelty Incident Being Investigated

April 5, 2019

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is aware of videos currently circulating on social media of persons committing acts of cruelty upon young sheep in the Somerset area, according to officials.

A spokesperson said, “We are saddened by the depraved actions that are depicted on the video, which is suspected to have been made within the last week or so.

“The Department has begun an investigation, and is working with the Bermuda Police Service which is also aware of this matter.

“We urge anyone who can provide any information on this matter, or help identify the persons on the video to contact Somerset Police Station 295-0011 or CrimeStoppers at 800-8477.”

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  1. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    sheepshaggers on the rock
    starring a cast of young Bermudians

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Break out those wellies and find a sheer cliff somewhere ! !

  2. Jennifer says:

    Disgusting behaviour that makes my heart sad. Why?

    • Reality Cheque says:

      Agree. What the hell is wrong with you people?
      Big tough guys torturing innocent animals. Couldn’t find any blind old ladies in wheelchairs that you could use to show how tough you are? You are sad, little men. I hope you rot in hell.

  3. JohnBoy says:

    The world is so cold.

  4. Pissant says:

    stuff a red hot branding iron up their a&&

  5. Concerned Bermuda says:

    Nothing will happened to them . The authorities like to make reports to inform the public but when it comes to the Reprocussions they are silent .

    Those individuals involved are Sick in their hands and need serious help . Something obviously is not functioning appropriately .

    They need more than a good cut a$$ .. They need to get Tortued.

  6. Jus sayin says:

    Seen the vid. Hope they are dealt with properly. Not no fine their momma gonna pay

  7. Real Deal says:

    Animal Cruelty is the first step to human Cruelty weird people down dat way

  8. Concerned defender of animals says:

    I believe these were goats being tortured in Southampton. If anyone sees the video and recognises the voices, report them asap to the police. Such bullies and show offs. Disgusting.

  9. Concerned Bermudian says:

    whatever they did to the sheep, do to them.

  10. Gabbs says:

    I really hope the courts burn these guys to the fullest

  11. Alfreda Bartley says:

    Disgusting.dispicable behaviour .
    These are murderers in the making .
    Most studies done on killers showed most tortured animals before moving onto people .

  12. Mark says:

    No one will speak up against them; just like no one reports on known gang members.

  13. Donna says:

    I will GLADLY help burn them at the stake

  14. Charlly X says:

    SMH all comments are Valid !!! Little bie can’t think for himself.. two demented people!!

  15. Moses says:

    Eye for an eye. Make it so, and may the public be allowed to hold them down as it is exacted upon them eye for an eye, every last stroke. Find these people and publicize who they are so their lives are ruined and they are shamed for the scum they are eternally. May they receive Hades for their lot.

  16. what's up? says:

    Such disgusting horrible behavior. These poor babies are helpless against these people. I hope they are not the owners. It is a fact that killers of people have often tortured animals first before they get the urge to kill others. We have too many cruel people on this island and it needs to stop. I’d love to catch the bastards doing something like this, could not watch the entire thing but I can just imagine. I hope the animals are now secured and placed up for adoption and the people who did this should NEVER OWN ANOTHER ANIMAL IN THEIR LIVES.

  17. Glad I left says:

    Nothing will happen. These are the real “born Bermudians” and they wont even receive a slap on the wrist.

    You’ve got a great gene pool there Bermuda.

  18. Toodle-oo says:

    Having now seen the video it was far worse than I had even imagined.
    Very recently a certain mixed up poster used the term ‘they walk amongst us’ in his usual misplaced context. I hope he’s aware how true it is, just not in the way he wishes.