Police Update: Last Night’s Shooting In Warwick

January 17, 2013

The 27-year-old man who was shot last night [Jan 16] remains in the Intensive Care Unit in stable condition, the police confirmed today.

The police also confirmed that – as we reported last night — a dog was also shot, and said its owners face “significant costs” for the dog’s medical care. The animal was taken to a veterinarian and stabilized after sustaining a gunshot wound to the leg.

“The dog’s owners will now be faced with some critical decisions as apparently significant costs are associated with the necessary medical care,” the police said.

The dog pictured last night with his injuries before being taken away:

dog injured after being shot

The shooting in the Khyber Heights Lane area of Warwick was the second within a 20-minute time frame last night, following after a firearm incident in the Curving Avenue area in which two people rode up on a cycle and fired a gun, however no one was injured.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to either of these incidents to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or 247-1185, or the the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

The full police statement is below:

Investigations into the non-injury shooting that occurred around 9:30pm Wednesday, January 16th in the Curving Avenue, Pembroke area and the shooting resulting in injury that occurred around 9:45pm the same night in the Khyber Heights Lane, Warwick area are ongoing.

At last check the victim in the Warwick incident, now confirmed to be a 27 year old man, remains in the Intensive Care Unit at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

The dog involved in that particular incident was taken by the Government Dog Warden to a veterinarian where the animal was stabilized after sustaining a gunshot wound to the leg.

The dog’s owners will now be faced with some critical decisions as apparently significant costs are associated with the necessary medical care.

Detectives are appealing for any witnesses regarding either of these confirmed firearm incidents to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or 247-1185.

Alternatively, any persons that may have information that can assist in bringing these offenders to justice should contact the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. home time says:

    Too bad the dog was not able to take a chunk out the culprits!

  2. Blu_topaz says:

    Under the circumstances I think the vets could b a little more compassionate.

    • Family Man says:

      Yeah, give the (alleged) gangster boys a break. After all, being laid up and all, its not like he can continue to pursue pharmaceutical sales.

      • young black and educated says:

        An how do you know that he’s an “alleged gangster”? People can be so small minded, but I guess thats what happens when your’e born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Some individuals live in neighborhoods with gang violence, not because they want to but they cannot afford to move out the “hood”. Think twice before passing judgement. If I judged you based on your comment I would say that you’re a coward that sits back n points fingers but is terrified to stand up and do something yourself…

  3. how the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  4. .am says:

    Any idea what the costs are and if its possible to donate towards those expenses?

    • Bernews says:

      No idea on costs, but we just checked and the police said they will get back to us on how people can donate. Thanks for asking :-)

      • dog lover says:

        That is great as I would like to donate to the dogs expenses.
        i’m sure the vets could be a little more compassionate considering the circumstances though. Something could be worked like maybe a payment plan. The dog suffered enough. I hope to god they dont’ put him down because the owner can’t afford to pay for his care. That would be awful.

  5. Joanna Self says:

    I am happy to join in to donate if the poor dogs parents genuinely cannot afford the treatment but also as has been said i think vets need to show some compassion too. Maybe start a fund?

    • dog lover says:

      i agree. Hopefully the animal activists will read these posts and do something.

  6. Truth says:

    I support this, let’ see if we can come together and donate to the vet bill.

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    How’s the dog doing?

  8. fool says:

    family man your an a hole.

  9. fool says:

    check yout back ground is it all that good Mr Family man I don’t think so.

  10. How the hell says:

    Thanks to all the have been so very nice we still have some genuine people in Bermuda.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Fool n how the hell (same person)…..I agree with your comments…

  11. Ayisha says:

    Poor dog, it’s probably from one of those homes where it’s just tied up all day barking, or worse, in a cage.. But either way, this is a tragedy as the dog was innocent and deserves to survive. Vets, doctors dentists all make far too much money on this island the system is a fraud, looting off the insurance companies and everyone else… THEY should be the one’s donating money, GREEDY B**STARDS! 90 dollars every time before they’ve even done the work, and don’t talk about quickly signing papers etc. DISGUSTING HYPOCRITES. You spent how many years at school to serve and heal your people but all they really care about is $$$$$$$$$


    • Tee says:

      Next time you’re in emergency and need a Dr. Maybe they shall let you bleed to death, Ungrateful fool you are

    • Neighbor says:

      I pass the owner out walking his dog most mornings. That dog is not locked in a cage or restricted by a chain for too long. Regularly exercised. If you don’t know… Don’t comment Ayisha. You are probably one of those people who start rumors and carry gossip.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Now why would you just make something up? Have you seen the dog in a cage all day? Maybe you have a hidden talent for creative writing where you could make more than the doctors. I’m not being funny. What we call creating rumors could be an attempt to express creative narration. Now about the doctors you yourself said how many years they spend learning to heal people, don’t you think they deserve to get paid for that? Wouldn’t we be the greedy ungrateful hypocritical b@$t@rd$ if we let or doctors be poor and we expected to enjoy their expertise for no cost?

      • Ayisha says:

        Some people like humans, other people like animals, each to their own. You donate to the gangsters medical bills, and leave the animal lovers to donate to the dogs bill. HOWS THAT? Of course, your the one just running your mouth, cause you aren’t going to donate to either. I have to say though, If this dog belonged to the man who was shot, and the man who was shot was involved in a gang, then he indirectly caused the suffering to this animal and probably should never be allowed to have an animal again. As for the doctors and vets, whats the point in going into a profession thats for the care of humans or animals, if some people can’t afford to pay for the service. Seems very hypocritical to me.

  12. Ongoing says:

    Let’s go OBA you said you can stop this! I guess you know how to bring folk back from the dead! OBA is a joke! Dunkley and his puppet Craig! Said anything to obtain a vote! Wise up Bermuda! Vote for Change! Change to worse because now the shooting dogs smh! OBA frauds! 40 thieves!

    • Baltic Fury says:

      Yeah whatever mate. 14 years vs 31 days, you tell me who’s more to blame here. Go back to your weird rallies that no one attends.

    • Sour Eggnog says:

      You’re clearly an idiot!

  13. Hey Family man, now that ur so called pharmaceutist cannot sell any of his pharmaceuticals (according to you), may I ask, ‘where are u now gonna get ur next supply from. While u r picking up ur next supply of pharmaceuticals; get a heart as well. I also pray to GOD that no one in ur confines ever gets wounded by gun fire….then u would use that thing that is holding ur ears apart with a little more compassion n love. Damn Sam that was a disgusting hit from behind. Hope u get ur next supply…….without incident!!!!!!,

  14. Dhameer says:

    To the Family “man”; & I use the words very loosely; please be reminded that another family is grieving from the assault of a son & pet. Those like you who’ve no compassion may rest assured that divine karma is not blind. I can only pray that you & your family may never be subjected to the ignorance you feel compelled to share with rational, caring humans! Namaste…xo

  15. Buttons says:

    Lots here about how the dog is doing, with no comments about a man who is currently in ICU. I’ve no idea who the man is, what he did to get shot, but isn’t this a little bit odd? Get well soon eh?….everyone.

    • animal lover says:

      everyone is so tired of the shootings, thats its becoming the norm here. i’m sure the man will be fine as nothing gets done anyway with these so called gangstas.
      i’m for the dog at this time. sorry too.

      • Tee says:

        Yeah Im with the dog too because these guys get all the Hospital and Doctors att’n and when its times for arrest to be made they still are hiding info from the popo. To hell with it. They know the shooters, hell they are almost dead so why not give the info for arrests. Talking bout street gangsters, This is BDA fools, what street shit is this, 3 x 21….. Give me strength

    • Come Correct says:

      @ Family Man, so the dog chose his friends for him? I think not because even a dog can make a better choice.

      @ .am, I was going to ask the same thing, I ways thought you were a dick but I’m pleasantly surprised and I also would like to do what I can for the dog.

      @ Buttons, I’ve had one friend and their family affected by gun violence, because of what they are in to. My parents have never experienced it, I have never personally experienced it, none of my other friends have experienced it, no one else I know has experienced it. Now I’ll tell you why, we choose who we associate with. In life you are faced with a constant series of choices, some easy, some difficult, some with sacrifice, we all know what the consequences can be but how many of us consider how our actions will echo throughout the rest of our lives. The dog had no choice in the matter but his master has had many, so please forgive me and the rest if we have more compassion for the dog than the man who made informed decisions. That dog relies on him to do what’s best. He failed his dog, he failed his friend.

      Before anyone says it, I don’t want to hear it. Bullets are too expensive on this island to shoot someone for no reason. You make your bed, you lay in it, don’t sh!t where you sleep.

      • animal lover says:

        well said!

        • Ossie Ardiles says:

          You’re kidding right? I like dogs, I own a dog, but human life vs dog’s life…come on, be serious.

          • animal lover says:

            Nope not kidding! Consider the circumstances involved.

            • Ossie Ardiles says:

              I pity you.

              • animal lover says:

                and i pity you. look at the circumstance in this case. people are tired of these shootings on our island. enough is enough. i feel for the dog in this instance.

  16. animal lover says:

    Bernews thanks for the update on this poor dog. I have been wondering all day how he was doing. Thank you.
    I would like to donate toward his expenses as well.

    • Observant says:

      Me too. I’ve got many fur-babies and if anything like this happened to them, I’d be beside myself. I’m assuming that family man’s post has been removed because I’ve seen many comments against it…but I completely agree with Come Correct. Best post on here…logical but thoughtful.

  17. Observer says:

    First of all the person who was shot was not no gang member if you knew him he was far from it. Yes he may have did things from time to time to survive but who hasn’t but gang member he is not so please take that notion out of your head. I believe to the best of my abilities the financial situation with the dog will work out ASAP.

    • Truth says:

      Know the young man and he is NOT a gang member lol. Ready to take your own down all the time; that’s Bermuda and that’s why we have these problems. Try suporting each other and let’s see what a difference that makes…………just saying!

  18. Dats my boyyy der n all u c$%^% worryin bout is a f$%in dog lay dwn u dumb f*cks wat about prayers to my N&^%$! Get ReAl ppl

  19. Mel says:

    Just pray every single person that choose to ask about a damn dog over a fellow human being, regardless of your worthless assumptions and needless gossip, that your seemingly innocent family members and friends don’t find themselves in a similar SERIOUS situation. Just remember you asked about a dog before a person…and don’t wonder why karma deals you the hand it does. Regardless of how tired YOU are since these things don’t seem to affect you…a family is facing a stressful situation and you mindless heartless ppl ask about a dog. God bless you cause surely empathy sympathy and common sense weren’t things you did get. Anddd we wonder why our kinds don’t care about others? Lol amazing

  20. Nok says:

    Its there observer

  21. Gabbani says:

    I will also support this! poor dog did not ask for this.

  22. Judge Dredd says:

    I believe in treating all creatures with love and compassion. What I cannot understand is how I’ve never witnessed an outpouring of love and pity on a human being as I have for this dog. Imagine if we poured out this much compassion for an innocent life like we have for this fohkin dog. All this compassion for the dog but none for a human being. I want to vomit. True it is a great thing donating for the poor animal, it must be done but something seems wrong that I just haven’t witnessed the same for a person. There are so many innocent people who have been victims and nobody cares. Time for us to accept that the world is the way it is because we hate our own humanity.

    • BermudaGirl says:

      They don’t put people to sleep for not being able to pay their medical bills.

  23. Lance says:

    Does anybody know if this dog is actually lisenced?? It loooks like an illegal breed to me…

  24. TT says:

    Lance just shut up you trouble maker ! Guns are illegal breeds, they’re the real killers

    • Lance says:

      It was a legitimate question. It would make more sense for people to donate their money to a dear old lady with her sick old poodle than giving money to people that clearly can’t obide by the rules. Owners of illegal/dangerous dogs would find a quick buck soon enough if they wanted a new tattoo or a bag of smoke.

  25. tell the truth says:

    bees in the trap,, bees in the trap , bees in the trap !

  26. Xman says:

    The person or persons who done this have no regards for human life than what chance did the dog have.
    The question is – is something wrong with the way we are raising children in Bermuda ? Because the problem
    Is island wide.
    We probleby mess up years ago as we decided to take prayer out of school, removed much of the discipline out of school
    and let the so called experts remove the true power of child discipline from the home.
    If one looks at it we have challenged Gods laws ( spare the Rod spoil the child ) and now were paying for it.
    But who is Govt. going to listen to a old Grany who talks about what should be done from the Bible or an so called expert who
    has Graduated from Yale or Harvard.

  27. Kathi Bean says:

    Wow overwhelmed by some of these comments… Firstly he was not a gangster, let me inform all that he carried the kids with him swimming,riding,games,and scrambling. He is a very good young man. Always there when needed. So having said all of that I am asking for continuos prayers for him and his dog.

    The Dog, is friendly, and enjoys all in the hood. He was fed , bathed and taken on walks daily. So I need to say a big Thank You to all for your concerns and Prayers… If you would like to donate funds perhaps you can go to the Doggy hospital done the hill. The Kids in the hood and the owner would be grateful.

    Thanks again for the positive comments on this matter…….

  28. Kathi Bean says:

    Wow overwhelmed by some of these comments… Firstly he was not a gangster, let me inform all …

    that he carried the kids with him swimming,riding,games,and scrambling. He is a very good young man. Always there when needed. So having said all of that I am asking for continuos prayers for him and his dog.

    The Dog, is friendly, and enjoys all in the hood. He was fed , bathed and taken on walks daily. So I need to say a big Thank You to all for your concerns and Prayers… If you would like to donate funds perhaps you can go to the Doggy hospital down the hill. The kids in the hood and the owner would be most grateful.

    Thanks again for the positive comments on this matter…….

  29. Chanida Degraff says:

    Very nice Kathy every word you wrote are very true.

  30. BermudaGirl says:

    It would be very humanitarian indeed and very good Public Relations if the veterinarian would lighten up the bill, under the circumstances.

  31. If the bastards are caught n I truly hope they are; then it is their bill before sentencing n if they cannot pay up front, then give them a day in Westgate for every dollar those Vets are going to charge. ( without no mercy.). The dog or its owner had no clue. My prayers for the whole family n the tearful dog. That hurt so much to know that the poor dog literally shed tears. Fido u will be alright. Hope u remember those nasty suckers. Then take a huge chunk out of their posterior….@$$