PechaKucha Night To Take Place On Thursday

May 29, 2019

The  26th edition of PechaKucha Night will take place on Thursday evening [May 30] at Spinning Wheel, with presenters scheduled to include Kevina Lorae, Joanna Stapff, Calix Smith, Liana Hall, Frankie Bey and Martha Dismont.

A spokesperson said, “Join us for another exciting volume of PechaKucha #26 on Thursday, May 30th to kick off the summer. The presentations are given in the dynamic ‘PechaKucha 20×20′ format in which 20 slides are shown for just 20 seconds each while speakers connect with a diverse audience.

“Presenters will deliver interactive and powerful talks in the 20×20 fashion, allowing the attendees to gain insightful knowledge in a quick and impactful way. Let’s get our community conversing and create “chit chat” among its curious and open-minded people.

PKN Bermuda Vol 26 Bermda May 28 2019

“PechaKucha Nights in Bermuda are open to everyone and anyone – so bring a friend, colleague, or come to network with someone new. The talks are always free of charge and donations are greatly appreciated so that we can give back to those who helped make this event happen.

“Doors open at 6:00pm so come early and indulge in a healthy vegan dinner catered by Modern Temple. Refreshments are also available for purchase. Don’t forget to bring your own cutlery and reusable dishware so we can work together to reduce plastic waste.

“We are thrilled to introduce our six speakers for the evening. Each presenter will be sharing their passion and delivering bold and enlightening discussions for us to explore together.

“Kevina Lorae will be presenting on how to balance, awaken and channel the energy of our sacral chakra – or Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, while tuning into our spiritual bodies. Learn about self-love, creative expression, and the mindfulness of sensual healing uncensored.

“The creative Joanna Stapff, who is the owner of 1609 Design, is prepared to take us on a journey on how moving pictures can connect us through artistic inspiration and storytelling. Allow your imagination to run wild during this talk.

“Our next speaker brings to the stage the topic of social issues and their potential impacts on all of us. Six degrees of separation – these concerns may hit closer to home than we were once aware. Calix Smith will discuss how understanding and promoting change, with each other’s support, is where the power lies in overcoming obstacles in our community.

“Award winning blogger, Liana Hall, introduces her approach to tackling mental illness and finding hope through an unexpected quest of artistic expression, titled “Year A: The Year of Art”, which is only the beginning of a twenty six year resolution plan.

“Frankie Bey will be sharing his knowledge on life experiences and the influence of language. Based on his education in the Old Moorish Tradition, Frankie will unmask the meaning behind the motto of “Know Thyself” and show us that the potential for better is ever present through his words of wisdom.

“We are also welcoming Martha Dismont who works as the Executive Director of the Family Centre to give her insight on how to remain resilient through difficult situations in a smaller community. Some traits are more important than others in order to persevere and strive for the accomplishments we want.

“The event will be held on Thursday, May 30 at Spinning Wheel Entertainment Complex, 33 Court Street, Hamilton, upstairs. Presentations will start at 6.30pm.

“A special thanks to John Adcock and Hannah Collins for designing this 26th edition’s poster, featuring a portrait by ORA.”

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