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PechaKucha Bermuda announced the lineup for its Volume 32 event scheduled for tonight [Dec 8] at the Bermuda Society of Arts.

A spokesperson said, “PechaKucha Bermuda is thrilled to unveil the dynamic lineup for its Volume 32 event, set to take place on Friday, December 8, 2023, at the Bermuda Society of Arts. This edition promises an engaging evening featuring a diverse group of presenters, each bringing their unique perspectives and stories to the stage using the popular PechaKucha format.

“Admission to this event is free and open to everyone. Mark your calendars and join us for an inspiring night of creativity and community.”

  • Event Details:
  • Date: Friday, December 8, 2023
  • Time: Doors open at 7:00 pm, talks commence at 7:30 pm
  • Location: Bermuda Society of Arts, City Hall 3rd Floor, 17 Church St, Hamilton


Presenters and Topics:

Aruna Dismont – As The World Turns: Astrology, the Soap Opera of the Sky:

“Aruna Dismont, a multifaceted individual and wearer of many hats, explores the captivating world of astrology in her presentation. She considers herself somewhere between a hobbyist and a novice professional astrologist, and uses astrology to understand, and sometimes predict, the ebbs and flow of everyday life. In her talk, she offers a crash course on astrology, delving into aspects often overlooked by pop culture.

Brock Noseworthy – Chairshots and Spandex: The Art of Storytelling Without Subtlety:

“Brock Noseworthy, a Newfoundlander, pharmacist, traveller, ocean swimmer, whisky lover, stargazer, improvisor, movie and wrestling nerd, takes the stage to unravel the art of storytelling within the dynamic context of professional wrestling. In “Chairshots and Spandex,” Brock argues that professional wrestling, often dismissed, provides a unique medium for exciting and engaging stories, pushing the boundaries of subtlety.

Charlotte Shreeve – 2023: The year I got back into drawing:

“Charlotte Shreeve, a Bermuda-based accountant, shares her personal journey of rediscovering drawing in 2023. In her presentation, Charlotte reflects on how pencil and charcoal drawing became not only a creative outlet but also a powerful tool to calm her ADHD brain. Join her in exploring the transformative nature of art and self-expression.

Eugene Dean – The Power of Personal Change:

“Eugene Dean, a lifelong community activist, founder of the Emperial Group, and Chairman of the Executive Board for environmental charity Greenrock, explores the transformative power of personal change. He challenges the notion that external forces dictate our quality of life and advocates for the transformative potential within ourselves. Eugene emphasizes the profound impact of personal growth and inner development, asserting that our journey toward positive change starts with individual empowerment.

Ligaya Sanchez-Wilson – A Tale of Two Whys:

“Ligaya Sanchez-Wilson, a professional problem-solver, neurodiversity advocate, and passionate amateur photographer, presents “A Tale of Two Whys.” In this captivating talk, Ligaya shares a personal narrative that highlights the contrast between societal measures of success and self-fulfillment. Ligaya unravels the concept of ‘your why’ as a cornerstone for true success. Don’t miss this thought-provoking exploration of success psychology.

PechaKucha Bermuda Dec 8 2023

Michael Watson – What is Compersion?:

“Michael Watson, a seasoned Structural Integration practitioner with almost two decades of experience, takes the audience on a journey to discover the profound concept of ‘Compersion.’ In his presentation, Michael unfolds a new, counter-culture perspective on relationships and personal dynamics in workplaces, as well as romantic and intimate settings. Michael’s international career in anatomy, movement, and energy work has shaped a unique philosophy that emphasizes the importance of touch and connection in healing.

Rajai Denbrook – Beyond Likeability: Racial Ideology, Self-Actualisation, and Black Masculinity:

“Rajai Denbrook, an educator, advocate, media personality, writer, actor, vocalist, and applied theatre practitioner, challenges perspectives in his presentation. Titled “Beyond Likeability,” Rajai embarks on a critical reflection on the ethical integrity and contemporary experience of racial ideology, including the limitations and illusions of the implicitly held expectations of public-presentation and embodiment as they pertain to the black masculine in particular. Rajai’s work often focuses on youth, racial justice, critical pedagogies, story-telling, inclusive tellings of history, agency, community building and healing. As an actor, he has most recently appeared in Troika Bermuda’s production of Sarafina in the role of Stimela.

“We invite everyone to join us on December 8th at the Bermuda Society of Arts for an unforgettable night of diverse narratives and inspiring conversations.


“PechaKucha Bermuda Volume 32 is made possible through the generous support of our valued sponsors and supporters. These organizations share our commitment to fostering creativity, community engagement, and the exchange of diverse ideas.

“Bermuda Society of Arts: A stalwart pillar of the arts, the Bermuda Society of Arts provides a vibrant space for cultural expression. We extend our gratitude to BSoA for being our host venue for PechaKucha Bermuda Volume 32.

“The Chewstick Foundation: As a cornerstone of Bermuda’s creative community, Chewstick champions cultural diversity and artistic expression. We are grateful for their ongoing partnership to provide A/V support for our events.

“BDA Spirits: Elevating the event experience, BDA Spirits adds a touch of sophistication. Their support is integral to creating a memorable atmosphere for our audience.

“Makim Ori: A beacon of innovation and creativity, graphic designer Makim Ori is a key contributor to the success of PechaKucha Bermuda Volume 32.

“These supporters embody the spirit of PechaKucha, enabling us to provide a platform where ideas flourish and connections are made. We express our sincere appreciation for their dedication to the arts and community enrichment.”

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