Witness Appeal To Friday Night Paget Crash

May 19, 2019

Police are appealing for witnesses to a scooter crash that occurred around 10:30pm on Friday night [May 17] at the junction of Stowe Hill and The Lane in Paget, which resulted in a woman being injured.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 10:30pm Friday, May 17th police and fellow first responders were dispatched to a reported scooter crash at the junction of Stowe Hill and The Lane in Paget.

“The circumstances of this incident are unclear and details remain limited at this time.

“However the rider involved, said to be a 22 year old Pembroke woman, apparently sustained a head injury as well as injuries to her body.

“She was transported to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment and at last check she remained at the hospital for further medical care and assessment.

“Her injuries were not believed to be life threatening, but an update on her medical condition is anticipated in due course.

“Any witnesses or motorists that were traveling in the area of Stowe Hill, The Lane or Harbour Road, Paget around 10:30pm Friday are encouraged to call Constable Gregory White on 717-2226.”

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    HEADLIGHTS ***** The good bad and the ugly*****

    For the most part drivers in Bermuda are very capable . It is often said if you can drive in Bermuda you can drive any where . Unfortunately all that glitters is not Gold.

    THE GOOD………………

    Vehicle headlights over the years have under gone several improvements for many cars, further creating improved and wider visibility , some vehicles headlights have light censing automatic switch on , the light patch on most vehicles has also been designed to avoid or reduce glare to oncoming drivers .

    However there is an unfortunate catch here.

    Left hand corners….. DRIVER “A”
    This occurs on LEFT HAND CORNERS when a drive “A” employs high beams at the apex of the corner, this will temporally blind the coming driver “B” approaching in the opposite lane.

    This creates the potential for a catastrophic two vehicle head on night collision just waiting to happen, not withstanding rear end collisions caused by other following vehicles.

    Right hand corners……DRIVER “A”
    When a driver ” A” in the left lane employs high beams at the apex of a RIGHT HAND CORNER the driver of the oncoming vehicle is not necessarily subject to the full blast from the oncoming headlights .

    However driver “B” can impact drive “A” as stated above, with the same consequences.

    THE BAD………………..
    All corners, hills and straightaways.
    Unfortunately there are some drivers out there who either forget to dip their vehicles headlight or deliberately maintain high beams .
    How can Driver “A” know the capabilities of driver “B” of the oncoming vehicle to be able to deal with the situation of blinding headlights especially prior to the apex of a hill.

    Regarding the same situation the early morning and evening blinding SUN can contribute to an accident , even if the Sun comes through the drivers side window.

    Both drive “A ” and “B” are driving with full beams ? ………………………..

    THE UGLY……………….

    I have no comment here , as I have no desire to glamorize those drivers who do not choose to obey the international rules of the road.