Video: Football Team Gets $50,000 Donation

June 25, 2019

[Written by Don Burgess]

Bermuda’s football team struck a different kind of gold last night after its historic 2-0 victory over Nicaragua at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.

At the after party to celebrate the team’s accomplishment for making the Gold Cup, Tourism Minister and Island Construction owner Zane DeSilva stunned the crowd when he announced he was giving the Bermuda Football Association $50,000.

The Minister joked that he checked with his son to see if it was okay if he gave away part of his inheritance.

The announcement is made and players celebrate:

Speaking later, Minister DeSilva confirmed the donation was being made in his personal capacity, saying, “I think the guys have done really, really well. I personally appreciate the work the players and personnel have put in.”

“What they have done is really extraordinary,” he added, explaining he hopes the donation shows that hard work is valued, that the community supports our young Bermudians, and can also help assist the football team as they continue in their journey.

BFA President Mark Wade was appreciative of the gift. He told Bernews that the money “will be very useful. Anyone who knows the Association knows that $50,000 is one trip off the island. Every little bit helps.”

Bermuda’s history making team included Nahki Wells, Dante LeverockJonte Smith, Reggie Lambe, Dale Eve, Oliver Jalen Harvey, Calon Minors, Roger Lee, Kacy Milan Butterfield, Jaylon BatherLejaun SimmonsDonte Brangman, Chikosi Basden, Zeiko Lewis, Willie Clemons, Jahquil Hill, Osagi Bascome, Cecoy Robinson, Justin Donawa, Wendell Tre Ming, Liam Evans, Marco Warren, and Quinaceo Hunt.


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  1. McGinn says:

    Minister DeSilva made hundreds of thousands of dollars under Dr. Brown on the Port Royal project yet we have heard nothing about the Government court case. So this give back of $50,000 as a “personal” donation is a sick joke

    • wow says:

      YOU FOOLS IN THE oba AKA UBP are so sick you had to change the team name to OBA. Now that’s some sick @#%. You wonder why the voters don’t trust you look within.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Actually thats just a 1/3 off his annual pay for being a polititian, and thats his side hustle.

  2. Dready says:

    Thanks Zane, for giving some of our money back.Well done!

  3. JohnBoy says:

    Well played Sir. Election year coming soon??

  4. Safety says:

    Ahh, so at last the Port Royal money is being put to good use

  5. Gustav says:

    The government Must swim in Money

    • Tha queen says:

      It appears as if it was his personal money – must be an election coming up…..

    • Onion Juice says:

      Now he’s gotta get real good like SpongeBob who told seniors money dont grow on trees and turn around and pull $77 Million out off thin air for a sailboat race.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        That your still furious it returned 350 mill

      • Hmmm says:

        Lololololol. Sponge Bob pulled the money out of Jetgate.

  6. Dontworryboutathing says:

    One step closer to becoming our next Premier.

    • Yes says:

      If brother Zane becomes Premier the OBA will never get in again! I hope he does so!

    NO BELONGERS here!!!!
    The ridiculous activities of “them” for their own successes!!
    Sooo …. who truly discriminates and WHO is racist????

  8. Paul says:

    Outstanding Minister DeSilva for the gracious donation.

  9. Kevin says:

    Not a bad start Mr Desilva $11,950,000 to go

  10. Peeegy says:

    Good stuff Minister. Some people are so negative. We need to support each other as a country and stop playing politics which is destroying our country. This is about the players and not the Minster.

  11. Bermuda Mama says:

    Excellent job Bermuda!!! So proud of our young men! Well done! They represented us well. Thanks Minister DeSilva!!! Very kind of you. :-)

  12. me says:

    better 50 thou to the schools

  13. Real Deal says:

    We need to make sure we using them to the fullest to advertise Bermuda. many eyes from around the world was on them the Pink jersey was a good idea it makes them stand out. and standing up to those big team made them stand out too. if you check the internet you will find tons apon tons good comments from around world praising them for there performance. this is similar to the Boxing World heavy weight fight upset that stunned everyone the other day. what would they be saying if we won :)

  14. PBanks says:

    Could’ve left the inheritance joke out of his speech, but it’s a very nice gesture from DeSilva. Well done.