Video: Premier Burt Speaks At ACE Conference

June 15, 2019

Premier David Burt addressed the Adverse Childhood Experiences [ACE] Conference this week, telling attendees that government will make funding available for community homes to assist in mental health treatment.

“In his speech the Premier has committed government support to addressing the treatment and prevention of ACEs, as it is known and studies show that Adverse Childhood Experiences drive up the cost of healthcare and drive down measures of productivity in the business arena,” a spokesperson said.

Premier Burt was applauded by conference attendees when he said, “There is one thing we have to note, that the support services that we offer in Bermuda are not enough and our system of social support is under stress, whether it to be to mental health, the care of our children and also making sure to put the resources in place to ensure that help can continue.”

Premier Burt committed “that the government will make funding available in the very near future, at the latest at the next budget session but possibly before, through the Social Development committee to fund community homes so there can be mental health treatment inside of communities because we know that is a significant gap right now inside of our helping agencies.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    He “says” a lot of things when you can find him.

  2. question says:

    Nothing there about funding litigation guardians. Nothing there about following through with the investigation that stopped with no action taken.
    It’s all a big joke for Burt isn’t it. An excuse to wear a suit, make a speech, and make empty promises that mean nothing.

    • Clueless leadership says:

      That’s how he got elected in the first place. Burt is nothing more than hot air with no substance, experience or ability to govern.

  3. At $600,000.00 dollars a day interest and counting just where is this money coming from?

  4. Infidelguy says:

    If David Burt is sincere about what he said, then why not pledge funding to ensure that at risk children are no longer sent to overseas institutions without first having legal representation? absent that, his words are hollow and meaningless. As usual, we continue to get nothing but hot air this government!!!