Bermuda Pride 2019 Has ‘Officially’ Launched

July 22, 2019

Bermuda Pride 2019 has officially launched, with Bermuda’s first ever LGBTQI+ Pride celebration set to take place on Saturday, August 31st under a theme of ‘We Belong’.

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Pride 2019 has officially launched in Hamilton. Bermuda’s first ever LGBTQI+ Pride celebration will take place on Saturday, August 31st, 2019. Details of the events leading up to and following August 31st will be posted on our website:

“Bermuda Pride 2019 is timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Stubbs’ Bill, which amended the country’s Criminal Code and partially decriminalized homosexuality. A major aim of the celebration is to mark the work of those that campaigned for decriminalization, including leaders who are no longer with us, such as Dr. John Stubbs, Dame Lois Browne-Evans and Mr. L. Frederick [Freddie] Wade.

Bermuda Pride 2019 Logo July 2019

“The inspiration for Bermuda Pride 2019 came from the ‘Beyond Homophobia Conference’ [], hosted by the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, in Jamaica earlier this year.

“A key lesson learned from that conference is that while Bermuda has made progress in securing a number of legal protections for lesbian and gay people, the island lags behind many countries in the Caribbean in terms of promoting and protecting the rights of trans people, as well as in raising the visibility of LGBTQI+ community generally.

“The organizers of Bermuda Pride 2019 believe there is much that can be learned from the common experiences of LGBTQI+ people in current and former British territories, particularly in relation to how homophobic colonial era laws have shaped expressions of LGBTQI+ identities in the region.

“In keeping with the theme of celebrating 25 years since the Stubbs Bill, the organizers will host a panel discussion on the eve of Pride entitled ‘Free to be Me’, which explores the LGBTQI+ experience across the English-speaking Caribbean.

“The event is produced in partnership with the Hamilton Princess Hotel, and will take place at the hotel on the Friday evening. Guest speakers, who will also join the Bermuda Pride celebrations the next day, are:

  • Jaevion Nelson, Executive Director of J-FLAG, the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays;
  • Ro-Ann Mohommad, Co-founder of B-GLAD, Barbados – Gays, Lesbians and All-Sexuals against Discrimination, and organizer of Barbados’ LGBTQI Pride;
  • Rudolph [Rudy] Hanamji, Chair of Pride Trinidad & Tobago; and
  • Dr. Natassia Rambarran, Public Health Advocate at SASOD, the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Guyana.

“Pride in the Park takes place at Victoria Park on Saturday, August 31st, beginning at 10:30am. It is designed to be a fun, family friendly event, and is open to anyone who believes in the inherent worth of all people, and wishes to celebrate Bermuda’s LGBTQI+ people in a positive and affirming space.

“A parade through the City of Hamilton will depart from and return to the park in the afternoon.

“Details of the parade route, panel discussion and other official Pride events can be found on the website. We encourage people to check the website often, as it will be updated to include information on official Bermuda Pride 2019 events, as well as partnered events, as those details become available.

“You can also follow the Bermuda Pride Organizers’ pages on Facebook and Instagram.

The Theme

“This year’s theme is ‘We Belong’. It has been chosen to signify that it is time for Bermuda’s LGBTQI+ people to publicly and unapologetically assert their citizenship in their homeland. We encourage supporters to use the hashtag #webelong for social media posts.

About the Bermuda Pride 2019 Logo

“The logo started with the familiar Bermudian symbol of the moongate. This symbol which is associated with traditional union is then exploded, transformed – made more – and radiates the pride colours turning the symbol into something new, like dawn sunshine. The colours of the blocks [beams] take abstract forms that suggest both bold celebration and unity and Pride.

“It is also worth mentioning that the Bermuda Pride 2019 logo adopts colours from [what is often called] the Philadelphia 2017 Pride Flag. The flag includes an additional black and an additional brown stripe, which represents inclusion of people of colour within the Pride movement.

“In organizing Bermuda’s first ever Pride the organizers believe it is important to include the additional stripes in the rainbow, particularly since we as a country have both a majority black population but also a long history of racism. Specifically, the organizers wanted to include the stripes to bring attention to the need for the LGBTQI+ community as a whole to fight not only for specific LGBTQI+ rights such as equal marriage but to also campaign on other issues that affect LGBTQI+ people, including racism, sexism and economic inequality. Bermuda Pride 2019 is proud to embrace the fight against all forms of discrimination.

Volunteers & Sponsors

“Anyone interested in volunteering can click the ‘Volunteer’ button on the website which will take you to a Volunteer Signup Sheet. The organizers are grateful to those who have already registered their support as volunteers.

“The organizers are also indebted to the generosity of those individuals and companies that have stepped forward with offers of financial support or support in kind to make this event a reality. These include OUTBermuda, Butterfield Bank, the Bird Cage, the BTA, and the Hamilton Princess.


“We welcome participation of organized groups at the event. To help us with logistical preparation for the parade we will ask groups to register so that we have a better idea of the number of people participating in organised groups. This will also helps us with assembling all parade participants in a safe and efficient manner. Group leaders are asked to monitor the website for details about registration.”

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  1. Smh says:

    This is absolutely crazy….World gone crazy and Bermuda soon to follow. #sad

    • Be Realistic says:


    • BB says:

      Crazy that Bermuda is finally joining other first world countries?

      • Onion Juice says:

        And so called Third World countries have more common sense.

        • sandgrownan says:

          Don’t let the door hit your a$$ on the way out

        • Jt says:

          Our gov’t certainly operates like many third world regimes. More and more each week in fact. Maybe we’ll get there for you yet OJ!

        • bluenose says:

          You get that Third World Countries are so named because they are developmentally behind First and Second World Countries, right?

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          I agree, OJ. Both Angola and Botswana have removed discrimiation against gays from their laws earlier this year.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Ireland is a third world country… and have marriage equality AND Pride.

          You really have ZERO knowledge of this topic, don’t you…

    • Mike Hind says:

      What’s so crazy about it?
      It’s just people celebrating together…

      • BERMUDIAN TOO! says:

        No it is not simply people celebrating together. They are intolerant of those who do not see Homosexuality and Lesbianism as morally correct and or natural behavior.

        I wish the Commissioner of Police would have PUBLICLY STOOD UP AND MARCHED WITH BLACK MEN AND WOMEN IN THE REAL STRUGGLE! Oh no you will pepper spray us!

        • Mike Hind says:

          None of that is true.

          Your first paragraph is literally saying “How dare they be intolerant of those that are intolerant of them?”!
          It’s ridiculous and it isn’t a counter to “it’s just people celebrating”.

          Are you actually saying that people should tolerate the actions of those who try to harm them by removing access to rights for absolutely no reason? Seriously.

          And I didn’t pepper spray anyone. In fact, I spoke out rather vocally against the pepper spraying.

          But you keep lashing out, trying to denounce in any way you can… you’re on the wrong side of history,
          At least you won’t have to face up to this nonsense you’re spewing, safe behind your hood of anonymity…

      • Jevon Ray says:

        Sin shouldn’t be celebrated

        • bluenose says:

          Sin? In whose opinion and why?

        • question says:

          Don’t recall you saying anything about that during carnival weekend.

        • BB says:

          How many baby mommas do you have, Jevon? You god fearing good xtian?

          • PBanks says:

            Thats out of line though. Argue his points, don’t impugn his character.

        • Mark says:

          Nor should your stupidity.

        • someone says:

          if you love someone. you should be able to love them. love is a strong bond and if you feel love towards someone, it doesn’t matter what gender you are. Bermuda needs to learn to be more accepting towards others. Also, why does it matter to you if someone is getting married. it is another persons life and it is not your job to push your arbitrary values on another.

          Secondly, doesn’t god love and accept everyone for who they are?

          there is no reason why LGBTQ+ is wrong other than religious beliefs, which is a belief. Not a fact

      • Mike Hind says:

        That’s your religion. Things being against your religion means that YOU don’t get to do it.
        So, as you’re not allowed to celebrate sin, you aren’t allowed to go.

        That doesn’t apply to anyone else.

        Unless you think that we should all be forced to follow one religion?
        Is that it?

    • Um Um Like says:

      Similar words were said during the abolition of slavery. #sad

      • Befree says:

        This is nowhere near what happened with slavery!!!! Stop comparing!!! Over 100 million slaves killed… Stfu

      • Mark says:

        Bible says slavery is ok – misguided bigot!

        • jay-o says:

          You are biblically illiterate if you think the bible says slavery is OK. the punishment for kidnapping someone and selling them against their will was DEATH. (exodus 21:16) therefore the ‘slavery’ mentioned in the bible is nothing like the evil slavery we know of in the Americas.

          in fact, if you knew the history and culture of that time the ‘slavery’ was actually servitude whereby people sold themselves into slavery to pay off debts.

          • Mike Hind says:

            The point is that it’s irrelevant.

            The Bible and its rules only apply to those who follow that religion.
            It legally cannot be used to hurt people.

          • 2woke says:

            You’re just illiterate.

            The bible is for idiots like you who can’t think for themselves.

            Shove your bible, it’s a joke.

          • 2woke says:

            If you actually knew anything about history, you’d know that Africans started the slave trade by selling their own people to others….true entrepreneurs those Affricaans are!

          • Rhonnda Oliver says:

            I suggest you might wish to do more research on your topic. To suggest that all slavery mentioned in the bible is the equivalent of indentured workers is not looking at the bigger picture.

            The original circumstances, ie willingness to put oneself into servitude to pay off a debt (one that was rarely paid off before death and quite frequently was passed down generations) does not make it any more palatable. Nor does it mean that those in servitude were treated any better than if they were titled slaves.

          • Mark says:

            Yawn, and it was started in Africa by Africans.

          • bluenose says:

            Exodus 21 is pretty clear. Care to explain how that chapter does not condone slavery? I’ll wait.

    • Jevon Ray says:

      The celebration of sin….bermy finally catching up with Sodom and Gommorah….How can Bermuda celebrate with you when the majority didn’t want it. The way this came into law will always have a bad taste in MOST Bermudians mouths as it was manipulated into existence by Pettingail. By lying!!!

      • Mike Hind says:

        No one is asking you to celebrate with us, though you are welcome.

        And “the majority didn’t want it” is a lie.
        Weren’t you JUST denouncing this as happening because of a lie. Yet here you are spreading lies.

        That’s unfair and it’s hypocritical.

    • In Mark's Opinion says:

      I agree, world gone crazy.People hypnotize by their TV programming .

      • PBanks says:

        So people are blaming gay rights on television? Alrighty then.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Better by television than some American hate group like the one pushing this anti-equality nonsense on us through Preserve Marriage.

        • You know nothing says:

          You know nothing of what you’re talking about. PM had some early interaction with an organization which believes in traditional marriage, yes. Why wouldn’t they? But It is not nor ever has been a hate group. Furthermore, it’s no different than what has gone on with those who are supporting the SSM movement. It’s their right to communicate with and/or get advice and even get funding from outside groups, if they so choose. PM got VERY little support and virtually nothing financially from overseas. This idea that some foreign entity has funded or pushed the view of traditional marriage is ridiculous and demonstrates how ill-informed you actually are.

          • Mike Hind says:

            The Southern Poverty Law Center would beg to differ.

            I like how you set up a bunch of straw men, countering arguments I didn’t make.

            NOM was crucial to the formation of PM and the tactics PM uses are straight out of their playbook.

            The difference between them and Equality groups is that every argument PM and NOM use is based on a lie. Every single one of them.

            I also love how you admit that they DID get support from them, but then call me ill-informed for pointing out that they got support from them!

            Your entire post is ridiculous and desperate and false. Just like Preserve Marriage.

  2. Dumb says:

    Thank God I will be away at this time!

    • Be Realistic says:


    • BB says:

      Please don’t come back.

    • Um Um Like says:

      Wonderful! Don’t come back!

    • Mark says:

      Good, please don’t rush back anytime soon.

      • Right says:

        He is doing the right thing and staying away from these crazy confused people!

        • Mike Hind says:

          Yes. Please. That’s all folks are asking for. For those of you that think they’re ‘crazy confused people” to stay away.
          All they want is to be left alone.

          Why is that so hard?

        • bluenose says:

          In what way are they crazy and confused?

        • Mark says:

          Why don’t you join him?

    • Ignorance isn’t bliss says:

      The irony of your name.

    • sandgrownan says:


  3. Mike Hind says:

    See you there!

    • Onion Juice says:

      Thank God the Mother Land still has a Natural Moral Compass.

      • BB says:


        GOD …LOL



      • sandgrownan says:

        You could, you know, always move there.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          That would be great , except he’d probably find that he would be looked at the same way by the ‘indigenous people’ as he looks at people here who don’t look like him !

      • Double S says:

        Have you seen the atrocities carried out in the ‘Mother Land?’

        I bet you have never been.

      • question says:

        If there was any sort of moral compass we wouldn’t have the Hero’s / Carnival weekend. That’s where you get to do what you want, presumably. A great example to everyone.

      • Mike Hind says:

        What on earth are you talking about?

        Most of the homophobic laws in “the Motherland” were brought there and supported by white Americans.
        You rail against white oppression, yet celebrate it when it’s YOU that gets to be the one hurting people.

        It’s really bad for our country.

      • bluenose says:

        You know Homosexuality is natural, right?

        • You know nothing says:

          Let me guess- you’re going to use bunk science to support this right? Homosexual behavior supposedly being observed in other animals, right? Well overlooking the fact that that is NOT true and what is described as ‘homosexual’ behavior is, in fact, simply an animal asserting dominance over another animal, i’d Like to point out that those other animals also eat their own faeces and eat their offspring sometimes too. Not sure we want to start down that path too.

          • bluenose says:

            I don’t need bunk science. We are all animals and homosexuality is natural to many species, including humans. Obviously you have only read things that agree with your beliefs. Try reading around the subject critically. You may learn that you are in fact incorrect on this.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Again with this.

            None of that is true.

            And YoU lot brought up the “it’s unnatural” argument.

            Why do you folks have to be SO dishonest, all the time?

        • Ruth says:

          Natural in what way? Nature requires survival of the species and you can’t get that in a gay relationship! You people are making this all up as you go! Hopefully the highest court in the land will make this illegal!

          • Mike Hind says:

            It won’t. You know why?
            Because here has NEVER been a valid, honest, factual reason to do so.
            Not once.

            If there WAS a reason, you would be able to have an actual conversation about this.

            But you can’t, so you’ll run off without saying anything other than you wanting citizens of this country to be hurt for no reason.

            It’s bad for our country and it’s bad for our world.

            Shame on you.

          • PBanks says:

            If anything is “unnatural” it’s marriage.

            Billions of people on this planet and people are terrified that letting gay people get married is going to lead to humanity dying out.

          • BB says:

            “You people are making this all up as you go! Hopefully the highest court in the land will make this illegal!”

            YOU PEOPLE are bigots and hypocrites.
            YOU PEOPLE hate the UK, but want them to perpetuate your hatred.
            YOU PEOPLE make me sick.

          • Anbu says:

            Nope. Already lost 3 times. U lot just like licks

          • bluenose says:

            There are many natural things that do not allow for ‘survival of the species’. For example, infertile couples. Are they unnatural? You really should educate yourself on this subject.

            • PBanks says:

              One of the unfortunate things is that when the marriage doesn’t correlate to procreation argument is posed to those against marriage equality, there’s absolute silence in response.

          • 2woke says:

            Ruth…is angry that she has no one to love. I feel sorry for her as well.
            Poor Ruth.

      • Anbu says:

        Oh u mean like child soldiers drugged and brainwashed to kill their parents? Warlords cutting off womens mammaries? Slavery? Just to name a few. No wonder u all cant wait to get back there. Smh. Do u even think? Or just regurgitate what buch says?

      • Mark says:

        Forrest Gump had you spot on, stupid is as stupid does.

  4. Onyx says:

    How wonderful <3

    How wonderful it is for us all to gather and be joyous in this wonderful thing called freedom of love and expression.

  5. PBanks says:

    May this event serve to encourage those who feel scared or ashamed or perplexed, to recognize there are others who can offer support and guidance.

    • Right says:

      Yup it’s called their priest and Jesus! They need Jesus!

      • 2woke says:

        There’s no such thing as jesus, you’re showing your mental deficiencies.

      • PBanks says:

        While seeking solace through their faith may be of use, I’m referring to being able to open up to people they trust and not being condemned or dragged off to conversion therapy, etc. Anybody who sees themselves as gay or bi, etc., shouldn’t feel like they have to hide it and ‘fake it’ with regard to sexual orientation.

  6. Tony Brannon says:

    Fantastic News.

    Love, Equality, Human Rights have come a long way in Bermuda despite the best efforts of “some” to treat others as “less than”.

    Bermuda Pride Weekend will be amazing.

  7. Hannah says:

    It’s going to be fantastic, I know it! I’m so happy to celebrate pride, freedom, and belonging to and on this island. It’s a joy to celebrate our lives as full Bermuda citizens, worthy of all dignity and respect. It’s an honor to memorialize the lives of those LGBTQI+ Bermudians who we have lost. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole community out together, and reveling in all of the love I know we have for each other, amid all our differences. I’m proud to be a part of this family!

    • Right says:

      And how did you “lose them”? Think about it!

      • Mike Hind says:

        This is a truly disgusting thing to say.

        • Dont says:

          Aww take your banjo and go play a tune Mike! You will need thicker skin if you want to push your gay agenda!

          • Mike Hind says:

            Says the Internet tough guy hiding like a coward under his hook of anonymity.

            Why is it that you lot never seem to be able to actually have a conversation about this? It always degrades into this ridiculous trolling.

            Here’s what grown ups do… when someone points out a flaw in their thinking with facts, logic and data, they take that on board and, if they ARE wrong, admit it and change their position.

            You, however, are so desperate to hold on to some ridiculous unearned privilege, you don’t do that. You just ignore anything that is said or written and make ridiculous, pathetic personal attacks.

            As for my “banjo”, I’m doing more good for this island with this “banjo” that you probably have in your whole life.

            I say “probably” because we don’t know who you are, as you don’t even have the decency or integrity to talk garbage about someone to their face. You have to hide like a little worm.

            You’re a joke and you’re bad for our country.

            If this IS your country. You could be just yet another foreigner trying to influence Bermuda for the worse…

    • Smh says:


      • bluenose says:


      • PBanks says:

        Well that’s the most useless comment in this comments section, which takes a lot of skill to do all things considered

  8. Sarah says:

    I’m so so thankful that we have reached such a significant milestone in our history. Those with their ignorance and unkind words need to look within and contemplate the basis of their actions and thoughts. Love is love and am so proud to see BERMUDA finally step up and celebrate the true diversity and value of all of her people. Well done to those brave enough to show their support as allies and members of the LGBTQI+ community. This sends such an important message to our youth and about acceptance and love no matter who you are. This makes me proud to be Bermudian.

    It’s also excellent to see such the Free To Be Me panel. Hopefully it can be recorded or live streamed for those of us who presently live abroad? Would love to listen in! Enjoy Pride everyone! Wishing I was there!

    • sage says:

      I love ganja.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Did you ever get around to organizing and lobbying and trying to get the law changed?
        Or just more whining on Bernews?

  9. campervan says:

    Thanks so much Mike, Tony, Hannah for fighting for equal rights. All your hard work in getting the message out there is paying dividends. Many folks who previously took a dim view of the LGBTQ community are now seeing the light and becoming accepting of our differences. Its a great thing that you are doing for EVERYONE. Thank you so much.

  10. Connected Community says:

    We Belong

    Congratulations to all the people involved in creating this event and the powerful invitation to gather on August 31st.

    This is such wonderful news and a well thought out theme as we move into a deeper level of connecting all members of our community to our island home.

    Looking forward to this event and all the fringe events building up around August 31st.

    We All Belong to Bermuda – Forever.

    • Right says:

      There will be fringe events? OMG Bermuda is going to Hell in a basket!

      • bluenose says:

        How so?

      • PBanks says:

        What do think these ‘fringe events’ are going to comprise of, to lead you to believe Bermuda’s on its way to Hell?

      • Jt says:

        That’s what I thought when I saw photos and videos of Carnival.

      • CHRIS says:

        there is no hell. it exists in your tiny little corrupted mind. set yourself FREE mon!

      • Mike Hind says:

        I agree! August is WAY too hot to wear fringe!

      • Moo says:

        Girl, you been outside lately…we are already in hell. It’s hot.

  11. Joe says:

    Anything goes these days, no standards.

    • bluenose says:

      I know: diversity, equal rights and inclusivity. Awesome isn’t it?

    • Mike Hind says:

      No, we have standards, we’re just applying them to EVERYONE now, not just some.
      It’s weird that you have a problem with that.

      • FACT says:

        The oba aka UBP didn’t apply anything to the Black Bda voters for many years but funny how you and your family continued to support them during that time. So bad they hide and change their name to OBA. In the end they did nothing to support you.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Yep. And I’ve spoken out many times about the OBA’s cowardly stance, incompetent management and pathetic governance on this subject.

          You accuse me “and my family” of supporting the OBA, which is a lie, based on ignorance and desperation.

          If you have to lie in order to support your position, why keep supporting it?

          Grow up,

    • Mark says:

      If you’re that upset join the above posting narrow-minded zealots and take a one way trip out of here.

    • Question says:

      That’s what I thought during Heroes Weekend.

    • Double S says:

      Agreed. I mean look at the PLP’s majority in the House.

      No standards.

  12. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Bermuda Pride 2019 has officially launched in Hamilton”

    Um, I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade, but how can there be an “official” launch of a parade to celebrate something that the PLP Government wants to abolish?

    Discrimination AGAINST the LBGTQ+ community is to be entrenched in our laws later this year if the PLP Government has its way.

    • LaV says:

      “Discrimination AGAINST the LBGTQ+ community is to be entrenched in our laws later this year if the PLP Government has its way.”

      This makes bermudians proud…proud to loudly show the world that the island is full of bigots.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        I am Bermudian (straight) and I am NOT proud of our Government’s position on marriage. NOT proud at all.

    • PBanks says:

      Look at Jamaica or Barbados. Countries where certain acts are still illegal and could get a jail sentence. Yet there have been Pride parades there as certain residents look to enact changes. No reason Bermuda, which is two decades past the passing of the Stubbs Bill, can’t do likewise, regardless of the Government’s agenda.

  13. me says:

    awesome cant wait taking the whole family !!!

    • Smh says:

      To bad for your family…forced into crap lol

    • Real Bda says:

      Good your family might leave you after seeing 2 hair men kissing and trying to be majorettes.

      • bluenose says:

        You are ridiculous.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Really? THAT is what makes you hate?
        Two men kissing?

        Do you not see how pathetic that is.

      • PBanks says:

        Why does it always come to the men kissing ick yuk gross factor when it comes to why people are against LGBTQ rights?

    • Jevon Ray says:

      Freedom to do what you want, but the majority of Bermuda will never forget how we came to this day…..straight up manipulation of the truth

      • Mike Hind says:

        This post is a manipulation of the truth.

        • Jevon Ray says:

          You obviously don’t live in this country, and don’t want to accept the reality of this situation Mr. Hind….how do you recall this ssm coming to fruition….you don’t remember Pettingail making his comments in the House saying that the ammendment to the legislation will not bring about ssm….the rest of the world calls it LYING

          • Mike Hind says:

            Um. I’m born and bred Bermudian. I live here year round and, other than two years in school away, I’ve lived here my whole life. But a nice attempt at “othering”.

            I recall the fight for equality happening in stages.
            I recall the Stubb’s Bill and the brave people who fought for it,
            I recall Two Words and A Comma, a completely different group, looking to add needed protections to the HRA.
            And I recall yet another separate group getting us marriage equality. Three times.

            Do you really think that Mark Pettingill is the only person that fought?
            What he said didn’t change the course of this.
            The changes HAD to come because the restrictions and omissions are illegal and unconstitutional.

            What’s telling is that you denounce a “lie” about this, but you don’t denounce the lies spread against equality.

            And, finally, your entire point is irrelevant, as this is about Pride.
            You’re just desperately flinging mud, hoping it’ll stick.

            Pride is about community. It’s about support. It’s about celebrating who people are and their freedom to be who they are.

            They have the right to do so and to denounce them with some ridiculous smear campaign is hateful.
            (And it’s not hateful because you disagree, it’s hateful because you came here it’s the intent of defaming your fellow Bermudian citizens for absolutely no reason in an attempt to smear their right to get together as a group.)

            Shame on you. This kind of thing is bad for Bermuda.

          • Me says:

            Every politician in the house has fabricated or manipulated the truth at various stages

  14. Smh says:

    Hope no gombeys are dancing at this disgusting event :/

    • Ja says:

      Trust me the Gombeys will not be dancing here even if they offered MONEY!!

    • bluenose says:

      Your attitude is what is disgusting. You should be ashamed at the way you talk about your fellow human beings.

    • Mike Hind says:

      You know you don’t have to go, right?

  15. sandgrownan says:

    I think OJ thinks he’ll catch The Gay. He’s frightened.

  16. Jevon Ray says:

    Freedom to do what you want, but the majority of Bermuda will never forget how we came to this day…..straight up manipulation of the truth

    • Mike Hind says:

      The only ones manipulating the truth are Preserve Marriage and those supporting them.
      They have consistently and constantly lied and spread misinformation, spurred on by their foreign handlers, the NOM.

      • Mike’s method of argumentation says:

        Everything Mike Hind said is a complete lie.

  17. Syl Hayward-Harris says:

    Wonderful news! Congratulations to all who have worked so hard over the years since 1994 to bring us to this point where inclusivity and equality can be manifest.

    • Jevon Ray says:

      You were already included in the human rights act, where inclusivity and equality already manifest itself. Disagreement of ones lifestlye is not hate.

      • Mike Hind says:

        A position that a certain segment should be denied equal access to rights for absolutely no reason IS hate, though.

        Weird how you folks never address that and always frame it like it’s just a disagreement.

        A disagreement is “It’s not for me”.
        Anything that has a negative effect on someone’s life because of a simple “disagreement”? That’s hate.

        And they weren’t covered until just recently. To say the LGBT+ community was “already included” is a “…straight up manipulation of the truth”.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        People so stupid to continue to refer to it as ‘a lifestyle’ prove that they come saddled with an uneducated and prejudicial POV
        Best that you just remain silent IMO .

        • 2woke says:

          “uneducated and prejudicial POV”

          That described bermuda to a ‘t’