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August 31, 2019

[Updating] Bermuda’s first ever Pride Parade and celebration is taking place today [Aug 31] under a theme of ‘We Belong’, with the day set to include a parade, live entertainment, food vendors and more.

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In describing the day’s plans, the official website states, “A community celebration will be held in Victoria Park on Saturday the 31st of August 2019 from 9:00am to 7:00pm. The park will open at 9:00am and the day will start with a 09:30 yoga session.

“At 10:15 Joy Barnum will provide a live vocal performance, followed by an opening speech and moment of silence for members of the community we have lost along the way.

“At 10:30, everyone will be asked to assemble for the parade through the City for an 11:00 start until 12:30. The celebrations will continue at Victoria Park from 12:30pm until 19:00.”

“The celebrations will continue at Victoria Park from 12:30pm until 19:00 where we will enjoy live entertainment from: Anomi Amaya Deveroux, Chrissy Dior, Denzel Amos, Eliza Olander, Joy Barnum, Padma Bermuda, Melodies and Mimosas, Mia Williams, Mike Hind, Nkosi, Roderick Ferguson, The Queen of Bermuda Ms Sybil Barrington, Tiffany Paynter, Wine Women & Song and Zebra Kidd.

“Our emcees for the day are father and son, Edward Christopher and Jonathan Christopher; and our deejays for the day are Dizzle the DJ, and DJ Felix.”

Bernews will be providing live updates and videos as the day progresses and if you have any photos and videos you can share, please email them to as any extra help with coverage is always appreciated!

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  1. Warwick West says:

    So sorry I cannot be there today due to caring for my senior mum but I send TOTAL and absolute support to all of you. Go RAINBOW!

    • Black Beard says:

      Looks like the UBP aka oba finally had a parade lololol. To bad they didnt give you support when they were Govt in power. Wonder if the UBP aka oba that got voted out supports SSM now. The PLP may not like them made it clear before the last election that they don’t. Which resulted in a 25 vs 11 beat down.

      So does Craig Cannoier UBP party support this or not the voters want to know????

      • PBanks says:

        LOL at the belief that the PLP trounced the OBA on the marriage equality issue.

        Newsflash: politics had nothing to do with how this event came about.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          haha , don;t you know that’s fabricated reason number 7,453 ?

      • Things a Gwan says:

        Pathetic you are..Blackbeard. student of the spindoctor it appears. We know how it works now…Divide and conquer. But we are wise to that now. Which means you are just week.

      • Catylyn says:

        Does everything have to be political ? One love for Bermuda PERIOD!

      • OBA supporter. says:

        Wow it does definitely reveals which segment of the population supports SSM.

      • imjustsaying says:

        Why does somebody always have to make everything political. Give it a break!

      • HAD ENOUGH OF THE S*** says:

        B B you are a poor daft misguide sole

      • Look in the mirror says:

        Lololololol so true, defenitly not a cross section of the real Bermuda that votes election time.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          There we go with “real” Bermudians again. What do you say a “real” Bermudian is please?

      • steve says:

        happy friendly parade celebrating acceptance. Put your typewriter away before you hurt yourself and others further

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Are you seriously suggesting that that 24/12 election result was because that many Bermudians want to discriminate against other Bermudians?

    • Purple headed munsta says:

      Its always nice to see moronic christians or those pretending to be Christians KICKED TO THE PROVERBIAL CURB

  2. Onion Peels says:

    What a wonderful day. Beautiful weather. Fantastic people. Lively atmosphere.

    And to think there’s no thunder and lightening, no fire and brimstone, no howling wind and rain. Is that a sign?

    • StantheMaintenanceMan says:

      Spoke a lil bit too soon inna. Definitely rained outside.

      • Hey says:

        There was a brief shower, it was hot, I and others hoped for some rain to cool it down, it came and brought a rainbow with it. Quite wonderful

        • StantheMaintenanceMan says:

          A brief show my God to show you it’s original intent

          • Gina Ingham says:

            Ummm……. no. It was a total relief!!!

          • Hey says:

            Huh? Your Sound confused. That’s OK. Your and my God, I.e. our God was in full support of the Parade and events. Perfect brief refreshment was appreciated by all.

          • PBanks says:

            So you’re saying that God’s intent was to produce something to encourage the people in the parade?

          • wa says:

            lol…you people with you gods. hilarious.

            • vortex says:

              Actually there is no God, nor Santa Claus.

              Much LOVE, the civilised world.

              • steve says:

                Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny would march in the parade, its god that i am not sure about!

  3. Trudy treeds says:

    I have a question on the police car whose window has been painted. Was that tax payer money?

    • Mitchell says:

      Hope so! Worth every penny.

    • Izzypop says:

      Private paid for. It’s a wrap and will be removed after the event

      • Catylyn says:

        Don’t worry it wasn’t your money,but it was yours and my money that paid the Corporation to remove the tape on the sidewalks from May 24th.Dont be a Debby downer.

        • 2woke says:

          It’s also our money that your government is using to suck up to the colonizers on the privey council…in their misguided and petty attempt to discriminate against some Bermudians.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Well you just know that LF is now going to demand that a union decorated police cruiser be at the Labour Day festivities on Monday !

      But what a wonderful turnout . Congratulations and thank you to all who took part and became a part of history .

      • canuck says:

        I’m so glad that Bermudians embrace the Canadian Labour day celebrations, in honour of Canadian workers who started labour day protests on April 15 1872 in Toronto, Canada.
        For all the vitriol directed at Canada from little Bermuda, its a pleasure to see you embrace this :)

    • Jerry says:

      I hope so
      Money well

    • HAD ENOUGH OF THE S*** says:

      TT i hope so finally some money WELL spent

  4. What a beautiful day.
    The day at 11a.m…..not many of the public there….hhmmmm…what does that imply?…disgust perhaps…fear…who knows!!!

    to onion peels::
    The thunder and lightning dwells in people’s hearts!!!!HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • Smh says:

      Not many public there? LOL. It’s a huge turnout, better than anyone expected. Why not join and be on the right side of history?

      • Chizzel says:

        Mostly non Bermudians there from what I see Sp was full.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          For you to say that “Mostly non Bermudians there from what I see” can only mean that (a) you were not there or (b) you are not Bermudian and so do not know what Bermudians look like (we can spot each other in foreign airports and even foreign cities)

          • wa says:

            “(we can spot each other in foreign airports and even foreign cities)”

            embarrassingly, yes.

    • Anbu says:

      And they r entitled to those feelings. We just couldnt give a rats @$$. Have fun marching in the rain on monday. Lmao.

    • Roger Sherratt says:

      Straightforward must be living on another planet! Victoria Park was packed to over capacity and there were thousands of people taking part in the parade. The atmosphere was happy and friendly and full of love and support.

      What shocked me though was the reception given to the parade as it wended its way through the streets of Hamilton – the crowds lining the streets were as enthusiastic as those taking part in the parade. I guarantee that the success of Bermuda’s first Pride Parade far exceeded all expectations.

      Love wins the day.

      • sage says:

        We love ganja. You marching on 420?

        • Mike Hind says:


          Did you organize it?
          Have you don’t ANYTHING?

        • PBanks says:

          The amount of people who’d support legalizing it, you’d probably get a big crowd if you or some team planned it. Don’t expect support from the religious lobby, though.

          • sage says:

            … or insurance companies, or the banks, or the business sector in general, or the cops, or the governor, or government, or the opposition, or the majority of today’s march.

            • Mike Hind says:

              That’s what they said about the LGBT community…

            • Question says:

              Or me. It’s a stupid idea and the only thing you ever talk about.

            • PBanks says:

              That’s because one is legal and one isn’t. It would have to be community/grassroots, but if such a group was formed, they could truly claim that they’re a ‘people’s movement’.

              So go for it.

      • Vince says:

        An amazing day in Bermuda….thousands of people showing support ….beautiful…..I hope it gets bigger every year..l

        • What says:

          Next year? Hell no! This was a one off until Privy Council kicks gays to the curb! No more parties!

          • wa says:

            “No more parties!”

            No more carnival? Aww

            “This was a one off until Privy Council kicks gays to the curb! ”

            that’s not going to happen, sorry pumpkin, you lose.

          • Mike Hind says:

            You do know… wait… no… you don’t know.

            So here’s the thing.

            The Privy Council case will invariably be lost, as no valid reason has ever been, nor will ever be, offered to discriminate against these folks.

            And… even if it DID go through, it STILL wouldn’t “kick gays to the curb”.
            If it DID go through, we’d still celebrate Pride next year.

            You’re so lost in your hate, your ignorance is showing…

    • Gina Ingham says:

      Ummm, what?! It was HUGE!!! Love all around ❤️

    • Vortex says:

      ‘Not many of the public there’ – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
      I’ve never seen crowds like them, 5,000 maybe?
      It stretched from the flag pole, up Queen St and to City Hall.
      Such fun, passion, a great feeling.

      If you weren’t there you genuinely missed out.

    • Mike Hind says:

      again, I have to ask…

      If your position is so strong, why do you have to resort to lying, and lying THIS blatantly, to support it?

      The entire parade was members of the public. Everyone was welcome.

      Why do you hate them so much?

      • What says:

        Because they cannot sustain the species and confuse our children as to the nature of things! Our kids should not be exposed to this!

        • PBanks says:

          Being gay isn’t a communicable disease or some hot fashion trend. People are going to reproduce regardless of whether gay people can get married or not. Do you honestly foresee a future where everybody on the planet is gay and somehow no children get born?

        • Mike Hind says:

          That is outright nonsense.

  5. wa says:

    “The thunder and lightning dwells in people’s hearts”

    That’s sad. Sad that you’re so proud to hate.

  6. Smh says:

    On Bermuda day the feds dont even put a Bermuda flag on a car but this crap gets a rainbow flag…. hmmm….this is a wierd place.

    • Smh says:

      Like they say, small minded people worry about small things.

    • Anbu says:

      Again i say. Jealous much? Lmao. God u lot are petty. “BUT HE GOT ONE!!! WHY CANT I HAVE ONE?!!!!” Lmfao. Grow up

      • Poh nehny says:

        Y’all hate and bash trump for him speaking ignorance but acting no different to other groups… make it make some sense at least…. also can we see how ppl pick and choose what aspects of religion is ‘a go’ like you know premarital interactions, tattoos, lying, materialism and having a false idol (just to name a few) are all major aspects of the Bible but no uproar… . be consistent with your beliefs cause y’all following a book written by a bunch of men who collectively came up with the rules… yikes

        • Anbu says:

          No god round my parts mate. Abt as real as unicorns and pixy dust. Id rather put my faith in a jelly donut as opposed to that book.

  7. wa says:

    “.this is a wierd place.”

    You got that right!
    The majority of the population are angry that they don’t get to legally discriminate against some people.
    How privileged do you have to be to deny others basic human rights?

    Very weird indeed.

    • Anbu says:

      Dont u know? Its cool for the “majority” to be absolute asshats for no reason. So long as it suits their agenda. Most of em only disagree because the plp told them to. Plain and simple. Couldnt find their way out of a wet paper bag without dreb or rolffes help. Smh

    • Mom Dad and Apple Pie says:

      A lot, probably most, have no interest in discrimination. And the vast majority of these, myself included, at the same time, do not wish to see the rainbow as the aspirational new normal lifestyle that activists would have us believe. Especially those of us with impressionable children.

      • Cara says:

        So you do understand your comment is discriminatory though right? No one is saying you or your children have to live any which way other than being who you are. It’s really that simple and we don’t celebrate as a way to say being lgbtq+ is better but rather as a celebration of triumph in surviving and overcoming discrimination and saying this is okay and normal too. And please don’t hide behind the tired line of impressionable children. Children understand acceptance until we adults teach them differently. And a majority of gay people have come from heterosexual parents so the idea that celebrating homosexuality will make them gay is no more accurate than celebrating heterosexuality will make them straight. Try harder not to let yourself off the hook by thinking you don’t discriminate and then contradicting yourself seconds later.

      • Impressionable Child who has the impression love is love says:

        Discrimination, by definition, is the prejudicial treatment of different people based on aspects of who they are. This does not mean you have to actively engage in hateful acts, just by treating or speaking of the ‘lifestyle’ as different you immediately DISCRIMINATE.

        Activists could not care less (trust me) whether this is the new ‘norm’- they, myself included, would appreciate being able to simply exist and to love whoever we choose without having this be impeded. I do not tell you how to live your life, how dare you tell me how to live mine?

        Does ‘love thy neighbour’ and the GOLDEN RULE of religions around the world ‘do unto others as you would have done unto yourself’ mean nothing?

      • wa says:

        It’s pathetic that you’re scared of a rainbow. It’s even more pathetic that you’re teaching your children to discriminate as well.
        You’re the problem, not the rainbow.

      • DMBDA says:

        Gee. Impressionable kids picking up on love, joy, humor and tolerance. Shucks.

        Probably getting in the way of all the crosswalk defacing you’re instilling in them.

      • Mitchell88 says:

        Yes, those impressionable children, being bombarded with heterosexuality day in, day out. Gotta protect them from that. Makes you wonder why they might ever want to be gay.

      • Vortex says:

        Its not about being gay. Very few of the people there were gay, me included.
        Its about equal rights, do you owe your impressionable children that?

      • BermieBorn says:

        Not. A. Lifestyle.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          When they (repeatedly) use that term no matter how many times they’ve been schooled you can just automatically ignore everything else they say.

      • PBanks says:


        Saw a lot of children of various ages at the parade. None of them looked bewildered or confused or scared.

      • Polly says:

        Do you think that you are going to influence the sexuality of your “impressionable children” by sheltering them from the parade??!!

        I don’t think so

        If they are straight they will always be straight, but might learn tolerance.
        If they are gay, the parade could be a lifesaver.

        • Purple headed munsta says:

          Im a straight male FYI
          Ill be teaching my kids ACCEPTANCE. NOT TOLERANCE. Think about IT.
          Imagine someone saying to you ; “IM TOLERATING YOU”
          My response would be to tell them to shove their TOLERATING back up their clacker.
          Just accept and move on with your life. I would assume gay people dont care what happenes in my bedroom..which isnt a whole lot BTW. I dont care what happens in theirs…its non of my business and it aint nunna yours

        • Purple headed munsta says:

          i think its time we separate church and state here in BDA. meaning lets take the political power from these so called christians (preserve marriage) and give it to Bermudas most powerful political STATES WOMAN the QUEEN OF BERMUDA

    • StantheMaintenanceMan says:

      If its about that I wonder how many people are going to march parade and strike over the discriminations of the Rastafarian religion when it comes to marijuana….

      • Mike Hind says:

        When you organize it, we will be there.
        The destruction of the lives of our young black men has gone on too long.
        Organize. Change the law. We will support you.

        • sage says:

          Oh, sure you will. Do you actually think that people have not previously organized, lobbied government and marched on parliament despite the very real threat of arrest and imprisonment? You and your crew were nowhere to be seen, no businesses, no governor or opposition ministers supported it and the police slunk around nose to the air, with telephoto lenses photographing the few crazy enough to attend. SSM is a done deal so I guess you can now assume the role of chief mouthpiece for legalizing ganja which is not only destroying the lives of young black men, it affects all walks of life.

          • Mike Hind says:

            I do remember previous marches. Organized isn’t a word I’d use to describe it.

            Try it now. Organize. Create lobbying groups.
            Educate people.
            Do the work.

            We will be there.

            And I am not the chief anything of anything.

            I’m just someone who is lucky enough to have the time to take on injustice where I see it.

            I keep asking you if you’ve done any sort of work towards legalizing marijuana.

            You never reply.

            You just complain that other people have done the work of getting themselves some equality.

            • sage says:

              Well of course they were not organized like how your parade was, which you did the work of organizing, creating lobbying groups, and educating people in your spare time. I only whine/complain on Bernews, just far less than yourself and not as effectively, and I have never done anything else towards legalizing ganja (marijuana is a racist term) that could ever compare to your superior methodology and execution.

              • wa says:

                ” I have never done anything else towards legalizing ganja (marijuana is a racist term) that could ever compare to your superior methodology and execution.”

                Bravo…this is the very first time you’ve posted any correct information.

                • Toodle-oo says:

                  *Bravo…this is the very first time you’ve posted any correct information.*

                  It is ? The very name of a plant is ‘racist’.
                  Can anyone show where I can have this confirmed ?
                  Are there other racist plant names that exist ?

              • Mike Hind says:

                And now you’re making a sarcastic personal attack.

                I guess we can take that as a “No. I haven’t done the work. I just want erb legalized. And I’m gonna imply you’re a racist for calling it marijuana”

                Go do the work. Stop whining that other people did.

                • sage says:

                  Sarcastic personal attacks are not illegal so dry your tears and retreat to your safe place. You can keep guessing because I am under no obligation to list what I have done towards the abolishment of unjust anti-cannabis laws to you and who are you to demand I go and ‘do the work’? Your incessant whining about marriage equality is certainly not work either and you don’t risk being singled out harassed and thrown in jail for defending gays. Ms. Edwards, thanks for educating Mikey and his pathetic band of ‘human rights’ cherry pickers.

                  • Mike Hind says:

                    You really don’t have anything to offer, do you?

                    Just attack attack attack.

                    And you wonder why people don’t back your play.


                  • Mike Hind says:

                    If you’re going to attack people that would be allies because they also support something you are very obviously against, then you aren’t going to get very far.

                    Why exactly are people going to support you when you attack anyone that says “8 got your back on this”?

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “The majority of the population are angry that they don’t get to legally discriminate against some people.”

      I do not believe that to be true. I believe that only a minority of Bermudians want to discriminate against others. The problem is that that minority is very vocal and few in Government are willing to stand up to them.

      • Purple headed munsta says:

        Its not like this preserve marriage crew has anything relevant to say other than spew their vile bile. JUS SAYIN’

        • PBanks says:

          Remember though that PM has many sympathizers and they still get funding for their cause. They may be quiet for now but it’s likely they’ll come out with a new offensive soon enough.

          It’s up to those who support marriage equality, etc., to continue their support and counter their misguided arguments appropriately.

  8. Keil Gunther says:

    Watching this wonderful coverage of this amazing day from Spain. With you all in spirit and keep the great footage coming!!!

  9. campervan says:

    Thank you so much for the coverage for those of us that are off Island Bernews. Fab job! I got quite emotional seeing all the celebrations. Bermuda really is making positive steps.

  10. Mitchell88 says:

    Yes, those impressionable children, being bombarded with heterosexuality day in, day out. Gotta protect them from that. Makes you wonder why they might ever want to be gay.

  11. Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

    Whites marching with blacks in disproportionate numbers? Will this happen on other marches?

  12. Proud says:

    Wow, what a big turn-out!

    • One Who Escaped says:

      No, no. We were told up above that not many of the public attended! LOL

  13. Madge says:

    Thank you Bernews,for being at this historic event,let’s hope this will change the minds in the P.L.P.regarding same sex marriage.

  14. Sparkle says:

    Amazing Day, loved it. And we’re all coming back to do it again on Monday for Labour Day parade aren’t we?
    Bring your rainbows and your happy faces.

    • Spam says:

      We should you know, The Labour Day parade isn’t much fun.
      Today was FUN!!!

  15. Tom says:

    Are you watching David Burt?
    L-O-V-E not hate!
    We are one.

  16. Roger says:

    I hope Wesley Methodist Church is packed tomorrow – good for you guys!

  17. Gustav says:

    it is so easy to make bermudians happy
    musik , Parade ( regardless which reason ) and People Dance on the street .

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Nothing like free turkeys just before an election though .

  18. Jerry says:

    History and cant wait until next year amazing day LOVE will
    Always win

  19. Trump supporter says:

    Where was the mps and Dr people’s campaign.

    Nevermind probably travelling looking for bitcoin, or gold.

    • Herbalist says:

      They already explained to you before the election that neither oba or plp supports SSM. Are you dump or stupid?….. Never mind if you support Mr. Trump by your blog name most likely you’re an idiot.

    • wa says:

      Where’s the guy from preserve marriage who got caught **********?

  20. Smh says:

    Mon to mon is so unjust… Bob Marley

  21. Jerry says:

    2020 will be massive cant wait

  22. B4 Premier says:

    The Police Commissioner demonstrated more statesmanship than our Premier and MP’s – they should hang their heads in shame. Corbishley for Premier!

    • What says:

      That’s the stupidest statement ever! Moron!

      • B4 Premier says:

        Oh Petal, seems I touched a nerve. Keep calm and carry on ignoring the fact that Comish Corbishley was BETTER than our leaders. If I’m a moron, then you are clearly a PLP Numpty. ROTFL!

    • Spam says:

      I agree, massive respect. Shows what can be achieved when you do something based on what is right, rather than what gets you elected.

    • steve says:

      I would vote for him…twice

      • swing voter says:

        Your vote didn’t make a difference last election (((((25 to 11)))))and the oba didn’t care about SSM when they had the chance.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          The OBA did not challenge the Supreme Court ruling that the LBGTQ+ community could marry the person of their choice and the OBA did not pass the Domestic Partnership Act.

          And by the way, the election result was 24 to 12, not 25 to 11.

          • Scientist says:






            • Question says:

              It’s the PLP,nd only the PLP, who spend taxpayer money to attempt to restrict legal human rights. The OBA did not do that.
              The law did not need changing under the OBA. The Bermuda Constitution already gives gay people the right to marry.
              No amount of capital letters and shouting will change the facts. The PLP will spend borrowed taxpayer money to restrict the rights of Bermudians.

  23. Bermudian says:

    Was there in support. The energy was amazing! So glad I was on the right side of history today. Peace and Love for all!

  24. imjustsaying says:

    I have one question. Does anyone in that parade support the Bermuda Day Parade. But they want support for their cause. I doubt there are many.

    • Mitchell88 says:

      Their cause? So sad you see this as a white issue. But such narrow thinking feeds the agenda of those who want division on the island to thrive. That way, ‘they’ can use this issue to push for Independence (once the Privy Council support Bermuda’s Supreme Court rulings). If you’re happy to exploit the rights of others for political gain, and to be a pawn in the game, that’s your shame, not mine. Me? I’m full of Pride.

    • wa says:

      stop playing coy, it’s boring and makes you look like a petty fool.
      You’re jealous that there are people or support equality for all. You got your rights, so you don’t care about anyone else. That’s childish and inhumane. It shows that ALL people are the same….

    • Mb says:

      You and a few others seem very confused
      Let me explain
      The parade was for pro gay rights.
      Bermuda Day is for fun and entertainment and last I went there were hundreds who come out – so many you got to mark a spot for your viewing group, gays and whites come out to watch and partake too, believe it or not so I don’t think it needs any more support
      Not everyone supports gay rights sadly still believing it’s a sin yet you same people who think that are out playing around on your significant others
      They don’t want your kind’s support – it’s not mandatory it was about sending a message that Bermuda is gay friendly

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        “The parade was for pro gay rights … Not everyone supports gay rights sadly …”

        Thank you for your support, but to my mind this is not about “gay” rights, this is about HUMAN rights. To call the right to marry the person of your choice a “gay” right is to suggest that gays are not human.

        I am firmly of the opinion that gays are human beings and deserving of the same rights that I enjoy, my children enjoy and my grandchildren enjoy in Bermuda.

  25. imjustsaying says:

    Why the H@ll does somebody have to always make everything political. Give it a break!

  26. imjustsaying says:

    The OOTC Parade? Out Of The Closet Parade.

  27. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    would be great if 5000 plus Voted NO CONFIDENCE in the plp government and Bermuda really did prove it’s show of Love for All.

    • Andrew says:

      Amen. Wont happen though. Too many sheep on this island i am afraid.

      What an awesome day. Power of positivity.

    • LA says:

      Those people were work permit holders and visitors.

      • wa says:

        “Those people were work permit holders and visitors.”

        Why would a bunch of Black Bermudians have work permits?

  28. Purple headed munsta says:

    I think its now clear that the BDA group called preserve marriage run by some absolute wack jobs has lost its footing.
    Im a straight man by the way, and i have this to say;MYOFB, if it aint happening in your bed room or you’re not invited to participate in someone elses sex life, then i would say to you MYOFB

    • sage says:

      Sodomy was legalized in 94′, so they (heterosexuals included) have been free to legally do as they please with consenting adults, marriage will be next, and soon. On the other hand the government notice still pops up on this sites sidebar that it is illegal to smoke cannabis in public and in private, people are still arrested and made into ‘criminals’, this is a human rights atrocity yet the throngs of SSM supporters and certainly those in authority, don’t care, do you?

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        What is a human rights atrocity? The fact that smoking weed is still illegal in Bermuda and most of the world? On what basis do you say that smoking weed is a human right?

        Is there some United Nations or European Declaration on Human Rights that I have missed that says that the right to smoke weed is a “human right” that no sector of society should be prevented from exerising?

        • Mike Hind says:

          Sorry, but I gotta side with him.

          The criminalization of cannabis was very much a targeted attack against people of colour, especially lower-class black folks, specifically young black men.
          It, along with otherr tactics like redlining, denial of mortgages, relocations etc. was an excuse to incarcerate them, exclude them from jobs and taking part in the economy, keep them poor and under-educated.

          It absolutely IS a human rights atrocity.

          • Question says:

            No it isn’t. Long term recreational use of cannabis has serious negative health effects. Whether it should be legalised is not a human rights issue. It’s a public health issue.

            • Mike Hind says:

              As is the long term recreational use of alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, and a bajillion other things that we’re allowed to do.
              As has been proven in many, many other jurisdictions, legalizing provides funding for alleviating the public health issues.

              • Question says:

                The funding issue has not been “proven” at all. In Bermuda if it raised an amount in proportion to other jurisdictions, it would amount to a couple of million dollars a year. Nowhere near enough to pay for the adverse health effects.
                And why should the rest of us pay more to take care of the people injured by recreational marijuana? The answer is we shouldn’t. The issues are much more serious and complicated.
                Amd to characterise as a human rights atrocity is, frankly, pathetic. Give it 20 years and you will be wringing you hands at the millions of people unaware of the long term health effects of marijuana, and suddenly that would be your ‘human rights’ concern.

                • sage says:

                  You should question your own baseless claims, you are absolutely clueless. You pay for cigarette smokers, alcoholics and people who abuse food already and cannabis is far safer. Neither you nor the government has any right to dictate to others what to put in their bodies, the law is unjust. Homosexuality has more health risks than cannabis so why should others pay for that? Jurisdictions who trampled all over peoples rights because of a plant have zero right to benefit financially when they are forced to right the wrongs they commit up to today, the massive savings is more than sufficient. Your issues are clearly serious and you should seek help.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Why should we pay? Because that is how society works. We take care of those that need to be taken care of.
                  Why should we pay for alcoholics or drug addicts? Or cancer patients? Or diabetics?

                  And, again, as has been shown in other jurisdictions, “we” wouldn’t be paying for it. The millions you talk about would pay for whatever adverse effects you’re talking about. And those would come from those partaking… including all the overseas folks that would come and partake.

                  The human rights atrocity that we’re talking about is how these laws have been targeting people of colour, the lower class and, specifically, young black men.
                  For you to ignore that in order to push an anti-legalization argument based on an assumption of what we’ll be doing in 20 years… a baseless assumption, as, again, other jurisdictions have invested in education as well as addiction services… is what is pathetic.

                  • Question says:

                    Alcoholics cancer patients and diabetics have no choice, Their condition is not a result of recreational drug use.

                    The economic case you make is flimsy, It will not work. The amount raised will be immaterial.

                    The case against legalization is nothing to do with young black men. It is about preventing the systematic injury of everyone.
                    And 20 yea s from now we will have to be dealing with the adverse health effects of marijuana, if we legalize it. That is axiomstic.

                    • Mike Hind says:

                      This is an amazing exercise in ignorance of the subject and misinformation.
                      Re: the first bit… lung cancer caused by smoking, recreational smoking, is covered by “us”. So… yeah.
                      “We” cover things that are caused by recreational stuff.

                      Calling the economic case “flimsy” shows a breathtaking ignorance of what is going on in other jurisdictions.
                      Colorado alone proves you wrong.

                      And to deny the effects of the criminalization of cannabis on POC and the black community is simply wrong and unjust.
                      Saying something is self-evident, especially when showing zero evidence, doesn’t make it true.

                      You are 100% wrong on this.

          • wa says:

            “The criminalization of cannabis was very much a targeted attack against people of colour, especially lower-class black folks, specifically young black men.”

            In Bermuda?
            The majority of the population are POC. The overwhelming majority of the police force are POC. The current government is 100% POC.
            I grew up with plenty of white people who have cannabis convictions… don’t get to play this card in Bermuda. it makes one look like they have an agenda.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Who do you think the criminalizing of cannabis, yes, in Bermuda, has affected?
              Do you not see that there in an incredibly disproportionate percentage of arrests of the black community versus the white community?

              And yes… many white folks have convictions… but many MANY more white users don’t.
              There is NO comparison.

              • sage says:

                See how fast even your own stooges turn on you when you defend cannabis? This is hilarious, gay rights supporters in-fighting. Can you see the level of ignorance and bigotry you face, from the very same folks who are running around bleating, love is love, promote diversity and respect people’s differences by siding with me? I dare you to do what is right and continue to educate your cohorts about cannabis, they don’t seem to have the love and acceptance for anyone other than the LGBT. If you need help just ask.

                • PBanks says:

                  Wait, you’re looking to get support for legalizing cannabis but you’re trying to trash people who are having a disagreement on it? Do you want supporters for your cause or not?

                • Mike Hind says:

                  You have a REALLY misguided view of reality.

                  Like you, these folks are hiding behind fake names, so they aren’t “my stooges”. I don’t even know who they are.
                  But that was a really good attempt at painting me as WAY more important than I am.

                  And I don’t need any help from you and don’t take dares from people who don’t have the courage or integrity to use their real names.

                  I will be continuing to educate folks, though. Something you don’t seem interested in doing.

                  It seems that all you want to do is whine and bleat and lie about how awful things are rather than actually getting off your ass and doing something about it.

                • wa says:


                  Your poor reading comprehension has you thinking that you’ve won…lol. You’re simply proving how utterly stupid you are.

              • Toodle-oo says:

                *And yes… many white folks have convictions… but many MANY more white users don’t.
                There is NO comparison.*

                Not that I want to get into this fight , but your implication is that every last POC in Bermuda that has smoked herb has been convicted in some way which is light years from reality .
                I wish (on this) you had chosen your words a little more carefully.

                • Mike Hind says:

                  It would be light years from reality, if that’s what I had said. But it’s not.
                  How about not putting words in my mouth?

      • Mike Hind says:

        You keep posting this stuff, but it’s full of misinformation.
        Marriage Equality is the law of the land. It’s not “next”.

        And we’ve discussed the legalization of cannabis. Many of us that support the LGBT+ community have offered our support to an organized movement of legalization.

        However, when asked what you, personally and others, have done to CREATE an organized movement, you either go silent or, as you did on this thread, lash out in a childish, passive-aggressive tantrum, then just go on the the next post where all you do is whine that erb isn’t legal.

        All of which is irrelevant to the topic of Pride and seems as though it’s just sour grapes that folks you disapprove of are getting equality.