Turks & Caicos Hotel Appoints Paul Telford

November 25, 2019

[Updated] The Shore Club Turks and Caicos announced the appointment of Bermudian Paul Telford as their new General Manager.

A spokesperson said, “The Shore Club Turks and Caicos, Travel + Leisure magazine’s #1 Resort in the Caribbean in 2019, is proud to announce the appointment of Paul Telford as the new General Manager.

“A Bermudian native, Telford brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the 106-room luxury resort, where he will oversee all functions of the property. Telford’s easy going and energetic spirit perfectly complements the resort’s playful and vibrant atmosphere.

“Telford’s extensive hospitality career encompasses a management progression starting in food and beverage at the age of 18 where he worked as a bus boy at the Elbow Beach Hotel in Bermuda, then evolving through a variety of other divisions including spa and wellness, activities and rooms, and eventually to operations as a General Manager.

Shore Club Bermuda Nov 2019

“Prior to joining The Shore Club Turks and Caicos, Telford was the Managing Director of Rosewood Bermuda. His international experience includes roles in Washington D.C., Hawaii, United Kingdom, Mexico and Bermuda, where he worked with brands like Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, as well as independently owned and operated properties.

“Throughout his career, Telford has managed everything from brand changes and re-flaggings to resort openings, renovations and relaunches. As a hospitality expert, Paul wields extensive hotel management experience that will prove to be essential to The Shore Club’s team and play a large part in fostering an energetic work environment and spirit to match the property.

Paul Telford Bermuda Nov 2019

“It is an honor to have Paul join The Hartling Group as the General Manager of The Shore Club,” said Stan Hartling, Owner and CEO of The Hartling Group. “Paul has a strong operations background and we’re confident he will produce results, contribute innovative ideas and challenge our team to be the best they can be.”

“Telford, a dual citizen of the U.S. and Bermuda, graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Hotel Management from the University of Buckingham, U.K. A Chairman of the Board of Bermuda Tourism Authority, Telford advocates for the Caribbean and is a member of YPO.”

Update 1.22pm: The BTA congratulated its Chairperson Paul Telford on this appointment, and noted that Mr Telford will “continue leading the BTA Board through end of year and remain a Director through fall 2020.”

“We commend Paul on this well-deserved executive appointment that underscores his impressive career journey to date,” said Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Kevin Dallas. “While we will miss him in Bermuda, we are proud to salute a Bermudian who represents a stellar example to young people looking to advance in the hospitality industry.

“One of the BTA’s core mandates is to support and encourage talent into tourism, and there can be no better example of home-grown talent who has risen through the ranks of the hotel business, and excelled every step of the way,” added Mr Dallas. “We thank him for his service to Bermuda tourism and look forward to continuing to benefit from his expertise at the BTA.”

“I’m excited and honoured to be moving on to this next stage of my career,” said Mr Telford, who has served as BTA Chair since October 2017 and will complete his term as a Board Director in September 2020.

“I’m so proud to have been part of our national effort to rebuild Bermuda’s tourism and to have witnessed the recent rejuvenation of the industry as a result of the BTA team’s innovative and pro-active approach. I will continue to serve the Authority and remain committed to supporting Bermuda’s efforts to ensuring our island’s tourism product grows and thrives.”

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  1. Cow Polly says:

    Another qualified Bermudian leaves our shores

  2. red rose says:

    Great for TCI, bad for Bermuda … Paul should be here, helping Bermuda.

    • Entre Manure says:

      He is doing the right thing by spreading his wings. Go get em young man. I hope that one day, when the time is right, you will bring your experience back home.

  3. swing voter says:

    go get it fella! ain’t nuffin’ goin on here!

  4. Stephen Thomson says:

    Well done Paul. The hospitality industry is so broad and so worldly. You are clearly excelling in it.
    Congrats and hope you’ll return to our shores one day again.
    We all look forward to that.

  5. so says:

    TCI is a much better tourist location.

    • mixitup says:


      • Lmao says:

        Wtf bermuda have to offer besides smiles/hospitality and a good morning. Nightlife is $%$# and closes early! Who wanna come here when guys can go south and do whatever for cheaper?!

        • dark star says:

          Get a clue———
          Nightlife in TCI will get you shot,
          TCI is as expensive as Bermuda (it is actually more expensive as a tourist but slightly cheaper if you live and work there)
          When it rains their ain’t nothing to do in TCI-no front st environment for shopping (wait there is Salt Mills in Grace Bay which will take up 20 min of your time, no aquarium, no National Museum, no historic towns, no nothing

          Say what you want but the reality all comes down to weather and the fact BDA now has a ton of competition all over the Caribbean and Central Mexico-our product/ branding is really………………wait what product and branding we ain’t got anything

  6. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    May Paul’s experiences encourage more Bermudians into the Hotel Industry, into its positions available through to ownership.
    UP SOMERSET :) :)!!

  7. Blame the PLP - Status Quo says:

    Blame the PLP, they only maintain the Status Quo so another talented Bermudian has left.

  8. mixitup says:

    Well done Paul, would love to see you back here in BDA someday! Nonetheless, TCI’s gain and our loss. :(

  9. David Petty says:

    Well done Paul! And good luck!

  10. Stan Ray says:

    Paul does not need to gain more overseas experience to embellish his career. As some of your readers have already stated he is smart enough to know that he needs take his valuable expertise where it will get results and appreciation. He will be properly rewarded and applauded as he was before he came back to Bermuda. He is not the first, and unfortunately nor will he be the last, to not receive the same for his efforts in hospitality in his own country.

  11. longtail says:

    I don’t agree with the fact that he still is at the BTA as a board Member director , while he now left Bermuda and work somewhere else. Give the opportunity to someone who live in Bermuda. There are many other candidate to cover the position. Also paying him for not be here is ridiculous.

  12. Eve says:

    Great that Paul continues to advance his career in hotel management with a prominent luxury resort in T & C. Paul is moving off the Island, will not be readily available to attend Board meetings and will have a conflict of interest if he continues to support Bermuda Tourism along with Turks & Caicos tourism. Paul should resign immediately from BTA Board so a replacement can be appointed ASAP. Yes or No; the BTA Board members are appointed by Minister of Tourism and paid through the government purse and not paid by BTA????? It really does look ridiculous too continue to pay Paul through end of October 2020.